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Chapter 2079

The time until the encirclement of the army is about to count down.

Levi still couldn’t get rid of the pure energy body.

“Hurry up and find a way!”

Levi yelled at Logan Chengmin.

Logan Chengmin’s face changed.

In the next second, a group of young people rushed out of the crowd.

To be precise, they are boys and girls aged 13 or 4 years old.

That is, the young people of Sanxing Group who are afraid of fear, they are known as the “devil”.

They suddenly lost control, and even killed the Lords of the Gods Lab.

These young people had never had time to show their strength before.

Especially they only listened to Logan Chengmin’s words,

After Logan Chengmin was taken away, they have been standing still.

Of course, no one in Sanxing Group dared to order them.

Don’t dare to provoke.

Plus Richard didn’t pay attention at all, so they kept hiding in the corner.

But now after hearing Logan Chengmin’s order, this group of people actually killed the Lord of the Gods Laboratory.

This group of young girls is simply terrifying.

Some of the super Lords in the Lab of the Gods could not stop them at all.

They soon came to Levi in front of the two.

They separated six people and actually entangled two pure energy bodies.

This is the opportunity.

A chance to get out!

In ten seconds, Levi took Logan Chengmin away.

At this time, before the army of the Gods Lab was encircled, Levi still found a gap and rushed out.

The two pure energy bodies wanted to catch up, but they were tightly entangled.

These young boys and girls are all powerful and terrifying.

There were a total of 13 people, and the shots together were earth-shattering, and they suppressed the Lords of the Gods Lab, including the two pure energy bodies.

Of course, everyone did not react.

Attention was all on Levi.

Suddenly someone came out, so naturally they couldn’t care about it.

“Huh? This is…”

Richard was stunned.

He didn’t expect that Sanxing Group would still exist like this?

Logan Shiji said immediately: “Mr. Richard seems to be the finished product of the magic project developed by Sanxing Group and the laboratory together.”

The Gods Lab created the “God Creation” project thirty years ago.

Together with Sanxing Group, they developed the “Making Devil” plan.

In fact, it is almost the same as the God-making plan.

It’s just that the technology is a little more advanced, but Zhu Shane Lab only provides partial technical support, not all of them to Sanxing Group.

The Gods Lab estimated that the murderous weapons created by the Sanxing Group’s Demon-making Project were at best a little stronger than the Destroyer.

How do they know that Sanxing Group’s own technology is also advanced, although it has not reached the level of the Gods Laboratory, but it is close.

Therefore, the success rate of the Magic Project is very high, with 13 people succeeding.

And much better than Destroyer.

It’s just that Sanxing Group has concealed it itself, including data.

So the Lab of the Gods did not pay attention.

Only the insiders of Sanxing Group know what kind of demons this is.

Too strong, too violent and bloody.

After the initial success, no one can control it.

Almost overturned Sanxing Group.

Fortunately, Logan Chengmin can control them.

Therefore, Logan Chengmin also became the leader of the security team.

After knowing everything, Richard almost died of anger.

All are bad things about Sanxing Group.

Now Levi ran away.

“Chasing! Send everyone to chase!”

Richard was crazy.

All armies from all sides pursued the two Levi.

“What do they do?”

Logan Shiji asked.

“Let Sanxing Group solve it by itself, the two of them must go with me!”

Richard took away the two pure energy bodies and let Sanxing Group solve the 13 people by itself.

It’s just that these thirteen people don’t have the concept of enemy or me, and only obey Logan Chengmin’s orders.

They fought like crazy…

On the other side, Richard was in a cold mood.

In this way, I can’t catch up.

At this moment, the Evil God Huoyun came with a message: “Don’t worry, I will stop him!”

Chapter 2080

“Haha, good! I forgot about him!”

Richard was surprised and delighted.

I thought I couldn’t catch up with Levi.

Unexpectedly, the evil god Huoyun appeared.

Every time Huoyun Cthulhu shows his power at a critical moment!

This time he has done something again.

“I want to owe him a favor! Go catching up at full speed!”

Richard sighed.

After Levi led Logan Chengmin to break through the line of defense, he fled frantically.

Only then did Logan Chengmin understand.

It’s not that Levi can’t escape, he doesn’t want to escape!

He had escaped long ago if he wanted to.

In fact, he stayed to hold down Richard and part of the power of the Lab of the Gods.

To make it easier for others to escape.

Now his goal has been achieved, so he withdrew directly.

It turned out that Levi was so calm and laid back in her safe house. He was delaying time and was waiting for Richard and them.

Richard now understands Levi’s purpose.

Just to delay him.

So he couldn’t let Levi go.

Fortunately, there is Fire Cloud Cthulhu!

Levi ran away with Logan Chengmin, and asked: “Unexpectedly, you still kept one hand!”

Logan Chengmin understood that Levi meant that when she was captured, he let him lead her nose.

But in fact, she can control that group of demons to save her.

But she didn’t.

It was not until the end that she showed her hole cards.

“I just want to see what you are doing? I want to know who you are! I want to get rid of everything before Richard arrives!”

“But I underestimated you, and underestimated your people! I underestimated my position in Richard’s eyes! I never thought you were Levi! By the time I wanted to control everything, it was too late!”

After listening to Logan Chengmin’s explanation, Levi understood.

She wants to solve everything by herself.

Unexpectedly, the situation could not be controlled in the end…

But the thirteen young people she controlled were indeed terrifying.

Soon Levi and the two fled out of Star City.

It’s very close to the harbour.

As long as he enters the sea, Levi can definitely escape.

Along the way, the Lords of Zhushen Lab and Sanxing Group have met a lot.

But they couldn’t stop Levi’s footsteps.

Unless the collective encirclement.

Otherwise, if you stop him like this, gourd baby saves grandfather and sends them one by one.

But Levi, who was far away, noticed a powerful breath.

It seems to be waiting for him deliberately.

“I’m in big trouble!”

Levi said in a deep voice.

Logan Chengmin looked puzzled: “Trouble?”

“Maybe more difficult than pure energy bodies!”

Levi’s face became serious.

“Are we detouring?”

Logan Chengmin asked.

“It’s too late, he’s been eyeing us long ago! Going around to other places, you may be surrounded by front and back! You can only rush through from the front and solve the battle as quickly as possible!”

Levi’s face was cold.

When the two came to the beach.

I saw a person sitting on a big rock in front of him.

A black robe covered his face.

It’s a bit similar to Levi’s dress.

“This road is nowhere!”

An old but powerful voice came.

It seemed as if thunder exploded.

Logan Sungmin’s heart seems to burst…

The strong!

Super strong!

The deterrence given by this person in front of him is no less than two pure energy bodies…

Even more than.

Logan Chengmin finally knew why Levi said that this opponent was difficult.

Now it seems to be really difficult.


Levi faced such a powerful and mysterious opponent for the first time.

He stood there and brought too much pressure to Levi.

And there is a very familiar breath.

“You…you are the Fire Cloud Evil God…”

Levi finally found out where the familiar aura on this person came from.

He is the evil god of fire cloud!

Similar to the seven evil spirits!

Especially Levi can feel the same feeling!

It can only be him!


Levi shouted out the title directly, making Huo Yun Cthulhu amazed.

The other party actually recognized him.

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