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Chapter 2077



Levi was strong enough, as strong as a pure energy body, flew out horizontally under his two punches.



The armor on their bodies burst apart every inch.

They backed up hundreds of meters and didn’t stop.

A look of hideous pain appeared on his face even more.

This is the first time everyone has seen a pure energy body like this.

Seeing everyone was frightened.

This is too strong, right?

At first, everyone thought that the pure energy body encountered anyone was a unilateral crush and slaughter.

Unexpectedly, this time the opponent is so strong, so that it can suppress the pure energy body.

After the pure energy body exited more than one hundred meters, it finally stabilized.

But they became weird in the next second.

“Boom boom…”

A burst of crackling like firecrackers came from their bodies.

Multiple strengths broke out!

Second strength!

“Boom boom…”

The third strength!

Five strengths!

One heavy force followed by another heavy force completely exploded in the body of the two pure energy bodies.

There were horrible sounds.

And their bodies were also blown through thousands of holes, torn apart, and extremely deformed.

This is the second display of Levi’s multiple strengths.

The first time it was to kill the Destroyer, no one knew.

This time it is equivalent to showing it to the world.

Is it amazing to everyone?

There is this kind of exercise?

what is this?

Everyone is unheard of!

Especially the pure energy body can be beaten without the power to fight back!

It’s terrible!

Seeing the embarrassed look of the pure energy body, the body is about to explode.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Could it be that Richard’s biggest killer was abused the first time it appeared?

That will become the biggest joke!

Even Logan Chengmin was excited.

As expected, Levi was able to beat Richard’s biggest killer.

She became more and more confident about surviving.

No way?

Is the pure energy body going to lose?

Logan Shiji looked at Richard.

They are also scared.

If you lose, it would be too shameful.

It’s just that Richard had a calm face and said coldly: “Let’s watch!”

He was surprised only because of the multiple strengths Levi had just used.

He even appeared in a trance in front of him. What if this person is really Levi?

But now the doubts are dispelled.

This man used a method he had never seen before.

Exclude Levi!


Multiple strengths broke out completely.

The bodies of the two have been severely deformed.

Just when Logan Chengmin thought he was going to win, Levi’s expression changed: “Not good.”

Sure enough, in the next second, the bodies of the two Lords deformed and returned to their original positions.

They are exactly the same as before.

There was no sign of injury at all.

This is the terrible thing about pure energy bodies!

They are energy bodies, not entities.

So the attack is useless.

Only temporarily can suppress them.

“I do not believe!”

This time, Levi took the initiative to attack.



There are multiple vigors again, this time six vigorous vigors!

The two were still as embarrassed as before, and their bodies were about to explode to pieces.

But it’s almost.

Finally they recovered.

There is no sign of injury.

“Come again!”

Levi exerted seven strengths this time.

The power continues to double, terrifying.

But it’s still useless.

In the end, the pure energy body can still recover, with no effect at all.


Levi finally saw the terrible pure energy body.

In a short time, it must be impossible to eliminate.

They are immortal.

Unless special methods are used.

But where can I think of a special way at a time.

If the entanglement continues, then the Lab of the Gods must be overwhelmed by an army, and more experts will come to support it.

Can’t run anymore.


“It’s time for us!”

Seeing Levi escape, the two pure energy bodies attacked.

Chapter 2078

Such is a rascal!

No matter what method you use, you can’t kill them.


It consumes all the energy to kill you!

What’s more, these two are extremely powerful.

Can completely threaten Levi!

And as it drags on for a long time, the army that Richard brings will all be overwhelmed.

Even the Lab of the Gods will send Lords.

At that time, Levi hadn’t talked about retreating all over his body, it was the same thing whether he was alive or not.

If it is dragged by the pure energy body, there will be constant danger.

Seeing that Levi was about to run, the two pure energy bodies tried their best to entangle him.

Richard sent more people to hinder Levi.

“Go, strengthen manpower, and take Logan Chengmin down!”

Richard wanted to test whether the person in front of him would leave Logan Chengmin and run away alone.

He sent more people to besiege Logan Chengmin.

There are also a few wizards among them.

Logan Chengmin can control others, so he does the opposite.

Use wizards to control or disturb Logan Chengmin.

Soon Logan Chengmin fell into a disadvantage.


She was beaten out.

Even Logan Chengmin felt that she was going to be abandoned by Levi.

After all, she is a burden in this situation.

“Mr. Richard and our people will arrive in three minutes!”

At this time, the returning army arrived immediately.

That’s all Richard’s power.

Although the two pure energy bodies are immortal.

But the main fighting power depends on these people.

When they came, Levi couldn’t escape anyway.

Unless everyone is killed.

But that is impossible.

“Two minutes!”

The clock is ticking.

Logan Chengmin seemed to be controlled.

Levi returned suddenly and rescued Logan Chengmin.

This woman can’t die.

Still useful!

“Hahaha… now it seems that he is not separating us. They are really a group! But now it’s fine, none of them can leave!”

In Richard’s view, Levi’s behavior in rescuing Logan Chengmin only shows that they are a group.

But this is a great opportunity for him.

Levi dragged a burden, absolutely unable to escape.

“Go on! Take him down!”

As soon as Richard waved his hand, everyone went crazy and besieged the two Levi.

At this moment, Logan Chengmin had been seriously injured and was almost useless.

Only slightly better than cumbersome.

“One minute! In one minute, our large forces will arrive! At that time they will never be able to escape!”

Listening to the sound in his ears, Richard was excited.

Finally able to catch an enemy.

Grasping one can definitely pull out the entire force.


Richard’s army is about to arrive, and the voice from a distance has been heard.

The aircraft team has arrived.

Form a blockade in the air.

The same advanced weapons all aimed at Levi.

“They are here! After a few tens of seconds, we will be surrounded! We can’t go out at that time, unless everyone is killed!”

Levi said solemnly.

Now he is not as strong as this laboratory of the gods, so he is not sure whether he can kill it once he is surrounded.

Really not sure.

So try to escape before Richard’s army encircles.

The time is only tens of seconds.

But the biggest problem today is the entanglement of two pure energy bodies.

They are simply death entanglement.

Although they couldn’t cause any harm to Levi, they could entangle Levi tightly.

Can’t get rid of it at all.

You can’t beat you to death at all. After a punch, they will immediately get entangled.

There are countless experts on the periphery to obstruct harassment.

It’s so annoying.

But the chance is only a few tens of seconds.

After dozens of seconds, Levi will fall into an unprecedented predicament.

How to do?

How to do?

Levi was anxious and looked at Logan Chengmin.

The two looked at each other.

Time is passing by a little bit.

“Thirty seconds!”

“Twenty seconds!”

Time is really coming…

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