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Chapter 2087

Richard returned to the Lab of the Gods with a punished mentality.

As a result, the immediate boss comforted: “It’s okay! You can’t deal with them normally!”

“And this is your pure energy body?”

A word from his immediate boss made Richard unable to refute, and he was humiliated.

This was the first actual combat of a pure energy body, but it did not show its dominance at all.

“Please rest assured! Pure energy body is still in the experimental stage, I will create a perfect experimental product!”

The immediate boss helped his glasses and sneered: “Whatever you want to do! It’s a project that the laboratory is about to succeed! Something that can make countries surrender by then! Hahahaha…”

Richard was frightened and his body trembled.

It turns out that my plan of pure energy body is just a small mess in the eyes of the gods laboratory?

And what have they researched?

Make him so confident?

Seeing Richard’s thoughts, he said coldly: “This is the top-secret plan of the laboratory, and you are not eligible to participate! Unless you can solve the current sunstone problem!”

This sentence inspired Richard.

He must have access to the core of the Lab of the Gods!

Originally, people like Mike would be brought to the experiment next.

Now we still have to pause and continue to improve.

At this moment, Levi had joined Alton and the others.

“Finally did not disappoint me!”

Levi smiled.

When I brought people to war before, I didn’t do these things less.

It is even said to be familiar with the road.

But now the enemy has changed and there are more methods.

But everyone held on.

Levi touched his chin and said, “This can’t be done. How long can I hide?”

“Then what to do?”

Someone asked.

Alton and Suzaku said at the same time: “Consumption of Sun Stone!”

Levi nodded: “Yes, since it is an energy substance, we can use it directly!”

“It has a laboratory of the gods, and I also have a laboratory!”

This is Levi’s plan.

He wants to gather all resources to build a laboratory that can fight against the gods.

Just like Wen Lei’s original Shenlong Experimental Technology Base.

Just do it!

Even if Levi was hiding in the dark, it was easy to set up a laboratory.

Funding, resources, and technical staff are all arranged by Levi.

He will get the energy materials and resources.

As for the technical personnel, they mainly searched from all over Morendam.

And then cooperate with some large-scale technology companies.

Such as Wen Jia and so on.

The most important thing is to find a spokesperson to do everything on the surface.

This person, Levi, has already been found.

Commoner kills the gods!

The next day.

It’s calm.

On the one hand, Levi was preparing the laboratory, on the other hand, he was thinking of ways to deal with the pure energy body.

The laboratory was quickly prepared.

The literary family fully helped, and the King Kong Island Gambling King Family also helped.

In addition, Commoner Killing God is dealing with it, and all parties in Morendam are involved and confidential.

Committed to the research of modern weapons and technology.

Named “God of War Industry”.

In the early stage, he must be an unknown person, secretly developing.

When it is noticed by the Gods Laboratory, it is estimated that God of War Industry has developed to a certain scale.

After God of War Industry was established, the first major event was how to use the energy of Sunstone.

Under the research of many scientific and technical personnel, the sun stone was soon converted into energy.

Sure enough, it was terrifying.

It is much stronger than other energy materials.

It can greatly improve efficiency and speed up research.

God of War Industry was put into use in a month.

When God of War Industry was frantically researching, Richard’s pure energy body was also researching.

Very good results have been achieved.

Richard is no longer stuck on quantity, but on quality.

Today, the experimenter is Mike, and he succeeded.

When Mike succeeded, terrible coercion spread throughout the laboratory…

As if God had descended.

Chapter 2088

Looking at the successful Mike, Richard was quite satisfied.

A lot of pure energy bodies have been successful, and finally there is a decent one.

Wood Zhengjie’s idea is to turn himself into a god above all living beings!

One thought can annihilate the gods of all living beings!

But what Richard has created is actually super power besides the immortality.

Mike finally looks a little bit now.

It was far behind Wood Zhengjie, but after all, he felt that way.


Richard arranged a test again to see how strong Mike’s combat effectiveness is now.

After the test, Richard was satisfied.

Mike is terrible now.

And report to the immediate boss as soon as possible.

The result was a commendation.

“Yes, keep working hard!”

Just a word made Richard very excited.

Because this laboratory can be further improved!

In other words, he can be infinitely close to Wood Zhengjie!

In addition, with the core technical support of the Gods Laboratory, it provides particles similar to the super-energy particles discovered exclusively by Wood Zhengjie.

Richard didn’t believe that he couldn’t create something like Wood Zhengjie.

After Mike’s various tests, Richard did not deliberately control his thoughts.

Except at critical moments, he can completely control Mike, and at other times he is allowed to move freely.

“You go back to Morendam now! What about your mission…”

Richard actually let Mike return to Morendam.

“When all of your family’s experiments are completed, they will all return to Morendam!”

In addition, this month seemed calm, but it actually caused an uproar all over the world.

Especially for some ancient forces.

They are all crazy, searching for a person everywhere.

The scariest thing is in Morendam.

Tiance Mansion and Baolong clan have monitored that there are many ancient forces that have been silent for too long and are ready to move.

Even if so many things have happened in this era, these ancient forces have not been affected.

How old are these ancient forces and how terrible are they?

Can make Tiance Mansion such a sensation.

There is no other reason.

Some ancient forces existed longer than Tiance Mansion, and could even compare to the history of the Dragon Clan.

Even Tiance Mansion they are afraid of the ancient forces.

They are so quiet that they are forgotten.

At one time, Tiance Mansion thought that they no longer exist and disappeared in the long river of history.

But now they actually showed signs of being born.

It seems that some ancient forces have quietly sent people into the world, and they don’t know what they are looking for.

This made Tiance Mansion nervous.

Hurriedly sent someone to find out what was going on.

This happens all over the world.

There are faint signs of emergence from some ancient ethnic forces.

What are they looking for…

This has puzzled institutions in some countries.

Even the Sky Shield of the Eagle Nation was aware of this happening.

They are also wondering.

What is it that makes the world’s ancient powers ready to move?


That token dropped from Sun Levi’s body!

After seeing it that day, the evil god Huoyun made a strange move.

I don’t know that the tokens and ancient books were taken as photos and uploaded to an encrypted interface on the dark web.

This layer of encrypted interface, Tiance Mansion and Tiandeng Bureau, are inaccessible.

Only a handful of ancient forces can enter.

After seeing the token picture, they reacted the same as Huoyun Cthulhu.



It’s like discovering something unprecedented!

Apparently they recognized the token.

Know what this token means…

So these ancient forces are all about to move around, coming up one by one, looking for people frantically.

Go find someone who holds the token!

That is Levi!

Levi didn’t even know that he had become the focal point.

I don’t know how many people are looking for him…

This is the chain reaction caused by the black token.

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