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Chapter 2089

Currently, only Huoyun Cthulhu knows who the token holder is.

I know his specific identity even more.

The Fire Cloud Cthulhu also knows the big moves of ancient forces all over the world.

“I didn’t expect him to be alive! He still has descendants!”

Huoyun Cthulhu’s eyes filled with tears.

As if he could hear this news, he would be content in this life.

“This is really going to change!!!”

Huoyun Cthulhu sighed.

Only he understood what the token meant when it came out.

As soon as the token came out, the ancient racial forces everywhere would really come out.

In fact, it is these ancient ethnic forces that really guard and control this world.

They are the true source of inheritance in this world.

Such as exercises, such as magic and so on.

They are the real source.

As for the powerhouses restrained by the covenant of the gods before, they were nothing more than terracotta dogs.

Most of these people were ancestors who got some broken pieces of work and used them as holy methods and magical skills to practice.

Little did they know that they were just the fur of some ancient racial forces.

Or abandon unnecessary debris.

Huoyun Cthulhu sneered.

He is looking forward to the appearance of these ancient forces, which will be very interesting then.

Somewhere in the base of the Gods Laboratory.

There are four people in total.

One of them was playing a hand of playing cards with the Joker’s mark printed on the cards.

He laughed fiercely from time to time, which was very penetrating.

Another person is Richard’s immediate boss.

They are discussing one thing.

It is the recent changes of the ancient forces and races from all sides.

Naturally, such a huge force in the Lab of the Gods has also discovered it.

“What is the reason?”

One of them asked.

“I don’t know at the moment, but it seems that something has been released on the dark web. But we can’t enter the specific encryption section of the dark web!”

“So many hackers in our lab can’t do it? Can’t you still get in?”

“Do you know? The creator of the dark web is a guy known as the hacker god! With him, no hackers can break it, even we can’t!”

“Strange, how come so many ancient races come out at this time?”

“The covenant of the gods established by our laboratory at the beginning! None of these ancient race forces emerged!”

It turns out that the covenant of the gods was established by the gods laboratory.

The Lab of the Gods has actually existed for a long time, and it has existed before the beginning of industrial technology in the world.

In order to develop faster and more effectively, the Lab of the Gods has specially set up a covenant of the gods to restrict the strong from all over the world.

In this way, the Lab of the Gods has fewer obstacles, allowing them to develop rapidly.

Therefore, the laboratory of the gods has the current strength and is inseparable from the covenant of the gods.

He stopped laughing while playing the Joker playing cards, and said coldly: “That’s because the covenant of the gods did not touch the interests of the ancient race forces! Otherwise they would have jumped out to deal with us early!

Richard’s immediate boss nodded: “Yes, that’s right. The covenant of the gods does not involve their interests after all! It is far from qualified! Now these ancient racial forces are ready to move, for fear that something will attract their attention, or Threatening them!”

Everyone sighed: “Only we don’t know what’s going on!”

“The control of our laboratory is still not enough, we have to continue to strengthen it!”

“Yes, the dark web actually knows about this, but we don’t.”

Boss Richard said with a solemn expression: “Next, we still have to stare at these forces a little bit. We will definitely know the clues!”

“In fact, we can cooperate or negotiate with these ancient races, so we won’t know this secret?”

Women who have been silent make suggestions.

Everyone’s eyes lit up.

“Good way, I will arrange for someone to communicate!”

Chapter 2090

As Levi sought by the ancient racial forces in the world.

At this moment he is retreating, how to deal with pure energy body.

Not to mention the core of the Lab of the Gods.

The pure energy body is now a mountain that lies ahead.

Levi must be killed.

I have to say that Levi loves research and is very talented.

He began to study the taboo technique that the Lord left him.

Since the taboo technique cannot be used.

He tried his best to study variants.

Relying on the taboo technique, create your own things.

The Lord said that the taboo technique cannot be used, but his own things are okay.

No one knows where Levi is now.

They didn’t even know Wesley.

Levi gave them the task of developing God of War industry, staring at the laboratories of the gods.

The other side.

Mike has returned to Morendam.

Standing on the land of Jiangbei, Mike opened his arms, and a terrifying atmosphere spread.

As if the king is coming.

Step into the door of Logan’s house.

Caused a huge sensation.

Today, the Logan family is still mixed with the original Xishu clan.

The Logan family, who was originally invincible, has to be a man with its tail between its tails after the times have changed.

After all, the strong are like a cloud, and the level of the Western Shu gate clan has become an ant.

If anyone offends someone, they will be destroyed directly.

There is no news about Sarah and Junjun, especially when he entered Tiance Mansion, which is the top secret among top secrets.

They don’t touch it, don’t say it, don’t even know the news.

“What? Wen Hai is back?”

Doug and the old lady rushed out immediately after hearing this.

Others also came out one by one.

Even Boyd Xuelan and Mann Jianguo were here.

When I heard Mike came back, I thought everyone else had come back.

For the group of Mike, everyone is just dead.

After all, he was exiled by the War Eagle Nation, and he did not belong to any country or region in this world.

They are like savages.

It’s no different from being dead.

Come back now, everyone is naturally surprised.

Seeing Mike, everyone felt that Mike was different.

More like a ruthless machine.

It’s too strange.

“Mike, are you back? Where are Alfred and others? Where are Nick Katie and the others?”

Doug and the old lady are still looking at the back.

They also want to see other children and grandchildren.

“Yes, where is our Mann family?”

Boyd Xuelan asked anxiously.

Mike sneered: “Don’t worry, they will come back one after another!”

Mike knew about Richard’s plan.

Then those people will succeed in the experiment one by one, and then they will be sent to Morendam.

“Really? Where are they now?”

Everyone asked anxiously.

Mike smiled: “They are encountering the greatest gift in life! They are transforming their lives! Once they succeed, Morendam will change!”

Mike enjoys this feeling of controlling everything.

“You came back without authorization? I remember Morendam still has a ban. People like you can’t enter Morendam?”

The Western Shu emperor couldn’t help but scolded.

“Yes, there is a ban, you can’t come to Morendam without a ban, maybe it will kill us all!”

Others of the Western Shumen clan also echoed.

This reminded the old lady and others that there was a ban.

Mike’s complexion slowly changed.

Become hideous and terrifying.

“Really? A ban? Ha ha…”

Mike sneered and sucked with his right hand. The Emperor Xishu, who was a dozen meters away, was sucked in front of him out of control.


Twist his neck directly.

The Western Shu Emperor died.


The next one is Tang Beidao, the number one Lord of Xishu.

Mike began to kill indiscriminately.

The Lords of the Xishu clan were killed by her one by one.

In the compound, everyone was frightened.

“Once you guys pointed at me, I wanted to kill you a long time ago.”

Mike’s momentum is like a rainbow, like a devil descending: “Who can do anything to me in the entire Morendam?”

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