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Chapter 2091

Mike’s terrifying aura was displayed, and it shocked the audience!

That is a god-like existence!

Everyone was dumbfounded.

How did Mike become so scary?

This terrible aura is going to cover the entire Jiangbei!

What has he experienced?

Isn’t it exiled?

This is also terrible!

In this era, everyone has seen any kind of strong.

But Mike is terribly strong!

The huge momentum shocked the super powers everywhere in Jiangbei.

Came here one after another!

Times have changed now.

Powerhouses are stationed everywhere in Morendam, in order to solve problems in time when emergencies occur.

They were arranged by Tiance Mansion and Colin.

They are collectively referred to as the guardians.

After knowing the change in Jiangbei, all the guardians of Jiangbei came in for a while.

“Who? Dare to come to Jiangbei presumptuously?”

The guardian came and scolded.

“What? I violated the ban to enter Morendam and killed so many people? Take it!”

After the guards learned about the situation, they shot directly to take Mike down.

Mike showed a cruel and violent smile: “Looking for death!!!”

Then it became a unilateral massacre.

No matter how strong the Guardian is, it can be in Mike’s hands like a weak chicken without the power to bind the chicken.


One by one!

Soon none of the hundreds of guardians in Jiangbei remained.

All killed by Mike!

His strength is too strong.

Crush everything!

“Who else is going to die?”

Mike looked at the thousands of people present.



Everyone knelt to the ground one by one.

“I’m waiting to make you king! Jiangbei is king!”

Everyone is not stupid.

Life-saving is important at this time.

Mike is too strong and too strong.

Not surrender is death!

Seeing all the thousands of strong men in Jiangbei fell to the ground, the old lady Doug was shocked like never before.

All their lives have been pursuing status, power, and wealth.

But it has never been as shocking as today.

Mike also smiled when he saw this: “Is this the feeling of the strong?”

He is really grateful to Richard now.

But he knew that his strength was more than that, a small Jiangbei finger crushed.

His goal is Morendam.

When others succeed in their experiments, if they return, isn’t Morendam in control?

Richard told him that now no one can kill him except the Lab of the Gods.

Even if you come to Morendam and meet a Lord he can’t beat, don’t be afraid, because he is immortal.

“From today, my Logan family is the king of Jiangbei! Understand?”

Mike said coldly.

Thousands of people present nodded in unison.

The Logan family became the king of Jiangbei in one fell swoop.

The big powers, as well as the celebrities and the rich, came to visit one by one.

Lined up for several kilometers at the entrance of Logan’s mansion, hundreds of luxury cars gathered.

Several warehouses were filled with gifts…

It is true that Mike killed a lot of people, including the Guardian.

But he is too strong.

Even Tiance Mansion will not necessarily blame it, or even solicit it.

None of these things can be discussed by everyone like ants.

All you have to do is surrender!

Save your life!

Doug and the old lady were very excited.

The things they dream of all their lives have happened.

They finally stood at the top of Jiangbei!

No need to depend on anyone!

As long as the surname is Logan!

All this was brought by their son!

I must be proud of being a parent!

The Logan and Mann family are looking forward to the return of the others one by one.

“At that time, I said that it was right for them to leave Morendam and go to War Eagle Nation, you must not believe it! Now? They went right? Everyone has transformed into a strong one!”

“Isn’t it? At that time, we also asked Levi to plead! Ask him to open the ban! It’s a shame!”

Everyone was discussing with excitement.

“By the way, what about Dale and his wife?”

Mike suddenly remembered.

Chapter 2092

“They are here! These two are the most unpromising!”

“Hurry up and call them!”

Doug said dissatisfied.

Soon Dale and his wife were called to Mike.

In fact, the two knew everything that happened, and they knew that Mike was now a strong one.

So the two of them kept avoiding for fear of trouble, but did not show up.

Unexpectedly, Mike remembered it.

“Does the youngest still know me?”

Mike smiled.

“Second brother is kidding, how can we not know you…”

Dale and his wife did not dare to look at Mike.

“Haha, second brother? Have you ever regarded me as your second brother? When we were exiled, when our parents wanted to take us back to Morendam, how about you?”

“This ban was made by your good son-in-law himself! Where were you when your parents begged him?”

Mike roared angrily.

“No, brother, we…”

Dale and his wife are incoherent, and the explanation is not clear at all.

Mike laughed and said: “What about now? Your son-in-law is dead! Your daughter is also missing! Your granddaughter also disappeared. Your retribution is here!”

“As for you, don’t worry, I won’t kill you! I want you to watch me conquer Morendam step by step!”

“Hey, what a pity! I wanted to kill Levi a long time ago, but it’s a pity that he is dead! But is his mother alive?”

Mike sneered bloodthirstly.

In fact, his feelings are gone now.

The main reason why he led the Logan family to be king was that he was enjoying this feeling of control.

“Yeah! Levi’s mother is still alive! But someone around him is protecting it! It’s a secret team built by Levi during his lifetime! Not moving!

The dog leg said immediately.

“Is anyone protected? Can you protect me when you meet me?”

Mike sneered.

Regarding Levi’s mother, it was Richard’s task.

Richard let Mike come to Morendam in order to destroy the troubles as much as possible, and the bigger the better, the better.

Forcing them to act as soon as possible from Tiance Mansion is the task complete.

In fact, Richard’s plan is deep…

For a true pure energy body, Richard only needs one.

A pure energy body that is infinitely close to and even surpassed by Wood Zhengjie.

It is enough to have such one.

This is his main plan next.

Concentrating all resources is to create a true pure energy body.

The reason for continuing to build a pure energy body like Mike is Richard’s major plan.

He will send all these people back to Morendam, creating chaos in Morendam and even developing into disaster.

But the main purpose is to test the real power of Morendam.

That is, the Baolong clan of Tiance Mansion!

Richard wanted to use these pure energy bodies like Mike to test the true power of the Baolong clan in Tiance Mansion.

Once Mike and the others return to Morendam, things are going to be a big deal.

After all, the Baolong clan of Tiance Mansion will come forward.

Regardless of whether the Baolong clan of Tiance Mansion can solve the people like Mike, it will be beneficial to Richard.

It can’t be solved better, he is naturally happy to use Mike to break Morendam.

If it can be solved, the true strength of the Baolong clan of Tiance Mansion can also be tested.

Facilitate the future conquest plan of the Gods Lab.

Now that Mike returns alone, he has already seen the effect.

Richard was very satisfied.

Then Mike continued to make trouble.

Later Alfred, Nick and others will return one by one.

A group of pure energy bodies in Morendam will become an absolute disaster.

After getting the task, Mike set off in Jianghai to find Ollie.

After the guardians of the rivers and seas and the strong from all sides got the news, they all avoided far.

I’m afraid to provoke this killer god!

Mike appeared in Jiangbei and made a big disturbance, Tiance Mansion Colin, they have already learned.

“Mike is stronger than ever! Our people didn’t even notice his arrival!”

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