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Chapter 2093

“What happened to Mike? What made him become so powerful from an ordinary person?”

This is the doubt of everyone.

“Check! Investigate quickly!”

“And where is Mike going next?”

“Going to Norterjen to deal with Levi’s mother!”

“What the h3ll is he going to do? His behavior is abnormal!”


Tiance Mansion and Bass Guard have already taken action.

Special personnel were also sent to Case York.

Little did they know that Mike was sent to test their hole cards.

The Lab of gods is strong enough to explode.

But no one knows the real core hole cards.

Even Richard didn’t know it himself.

Levi was digging and exploring step by step.

On the contrary, no one knows the true strength of Velador’s Trex clan and Tiance Mansion.

Need to be tested.

When the Tiance Mansion took action that day, it had already entered the game.

Mike didn’t hide it either, and swaggered to deal with Levi’s mother.

The news spread quickly.

In the past, Levi’s secret team all came out to protect Ollie.

Wenia and Regina went there as soon as they learned that Porter’s family was in trouble.

“The Dragon king died, and his mother must have nothing to do!”

More and more people went to Norterjen to protect Ollie.


A big battle will begin.

Mike swaggered to Norterjen, and encountered many masters’ blockade.

All came to stop him.

But Mike is too strong.

He is a pure energy body that satisfies Richard and the Lab of gods!

He is unmatched.

Stop him, k!ll as many of them come.

No one can stop it at all.

The masters who guarded Ollie were beginning to panic.

Mike is indestructible and cannot be defeated.

Can they hold it?

Shortly after.

Mike has arrived at Porter’s house.

Porter had already gathered countless Lords inside and outside this home.

The people arranged by Tiance Mansion Bass Guard and the others also arrived.

Mike looked at the dense crowd and sneered: “I’m here today only to k!ll Levi’s mother! If others stop me, come and die one by one!”



But it stems from strong strength!

“With us, don’t try to move Mr. Garrison’s mother at all!”

The guarding Lords regard death as home.


Mike started k!lling like a god of death from h3ll.

The pure energy body is really too powerful.

Don’t talk about k!lling.

Can’t even touch him.


Soon Mike’s bones became mountains and blood flowed into rivers.

No matter what kind of master is not an order of magnitude.

Mike is like a god like a devil.

“Want to escape? Impossible!”

Mike’s consciousness covered the entire area, and he found that someone was going to take Ollie to escape.


He disappeared instantly.

When he reappeared, he was already in the woods behind Porter’s house.

Directly block Ollie.

“You all go, he wants my life! Don’t make unnecessary sacrifices!”

Ollie tried her best to let the people protecting her leave.

She didn’t want to see anyone shed blood and sacrifice for her.

“No! There is something wrong with Mr. Garrison, you can’t do anything!”

A group of people are very firm.

“Come on, we are entangled, you take people away!”

A group of masters immediately attacked Mike.

It’s just that Mike passed through them in an instant.

Several people burst open instantly.

“Do you think you can escape from my hands? Wishful thinking!”

Mike sneered.

He appeared directly in front of Ollie and grabbed her.


But at this moment, someone suddenly appeared and forced Mike back with a blunt punch.

Wenia is here!

“Regina, take aunt with you! I’ll deal with him!”

Wenia said.

Regina didn’t talk nonsense, and immediately took Ollie away.

The corner of Mike’s mouth raised a sneer: “You have a bit of strength! You have plenty of strength!”

“But when you meet me, you have to die! You can’t protect her!”

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