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Chapter 2100

The gathering of this group is a disaster.

One Mike turned the Great Velador upside down.

Even if the strong Tiance Mansion was sent out later, they couldn’t help but Mike withdrew by himself.

Now a group of pure energy bodies.

And one is better than the other.

What kind of disaster it will be together.

After Nick and others obtained such a strong power, they could not wait to show it.

They want to have control and high status more than ordinary people.

“According to Mr. Richard’s plan, those of us need to be king and hegemony everywhere in Velador!

Let’s do it in two groups, one area in each group!

Once you encounter an unmatched strong, send a signal, and immediately support you nearby! If the other party is too strong, we all gather together!”

Nick, the strongest among them, quickly arranged a plan.

Every two people set off to various places in Velador.

Soon, a few days later, something like this appeared in various places in Velador: A mysterious strong appeared! Start a massacre and suppress a strong person!

These mysterious powerhouses are too powerful.

No one can beat them at all.

They control one force after another, and all organizations are under control.

Anyone who does not surrender will be slaughtered.

The guards arranged by Tiance Mansion and Bass Guard were all destroyed.

None of them were left.

It seems that as soon as these mysterious powerhouses appear, they are directed at the guardians.

All over the place exploded for a while.

That is, the situation that occurred in Case York some time ago has been staged in various regions.

According to the news that came out, these mysterious powerhouses are very similar to Mike.

Their methods are almost the same.

Soon the conclusion came out-there were more than one weird powerhouse like Mike, but dozens of them!

And scattered all over Velador!

Dozens of powerhouses like Mike have a headache to think about!

One is enough!

It was Tiance Mansion who sent three top powerhouses to expel them!

Now dozens…

How to do?

Where did this group of people come from?


This investigation shocked all parties.

Because these dozens of people are related to the Logan and Mann family in Case York.

Among them are Mike’s brother, son, niece and so on.

They were all the people who fled from the Great Velador crisis and were finally exiled by the Eagle Nation.

Finally, they could not enter because of the ban.

But what have they experienced now?

How did they become so strong one by one?

There are also organized and premeditated riots all over Velador.

k!lled so many powerful…


This caused Colin and Tiance Mansion a headache.

A Mike let them know what the trouble is.

Dozens now…


They have been checking Mike during this period, but they couldn’t find anything.

After being expelled, Mike disappeared out of thin air and reappeared out of thin air.

It seems that no one is in control.

But now dozens of people appear.

It is obvious that someone is in charge behind it.

“How to do?”

Representatives of Tiance Mansion discussed countermeasures with representatives of Colin.

“Obviously they are doing this now, there must be a plan! If we directly suppress it by force! Then we need Tiance Mansion and Trex clan to send more and stronger people to suppress it!”

“And according to the information we got, Mike seems to be the weakest among these dozens of people! The strong is like a cloud! Not to mention dealing with all of them, just dealing with a few!”


“Then what should I do?”

The representative of Tiance Mansion asked.

“I think we should negotiate! First figure out their intentions and don’t go to war blindly!”

“Yes, a peaceful solution is the best! After all, they used to be Velador people! We try our best to satisfy what they want!”

“If these people are used by us, so much the better!”


In the end, Colin and Tiance Mansion sent envoys to negotiate with Nick.

Temporarily subdue them!

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