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Chapter 2109

The pure energy body was solved in this way.

It was also taken by Tiance Mansion for research.

After the female ancestor returned, the great gods all hid far away.

Although the female ancestor broke too many rules by doing this, it caused too much sensation.

It may have changed the trajectory of some times.

But few great gods dare to say!

Don’t say it’s them, even the helm of Tiance Mansion can’t say it?

They can hide as far as they can!

This time directly established the position of Junjun.

The most unprovoked child!

But the people in Tiance Mansion knew that this kid could not be messed with.

What the world saw this time was an ancestor.

But know that there are more than ten ancestors standing behind this child!

That’s it for one.

If more than a dozen ancestors stand up together!

That would be unimaginable…

But these are not known outside.

I thought that Junjun only has this Lord!

It is the people of Tiance Mansion who suffer.

Not even a few great gods dared to provoke them, let alone other people.

They breathed a sigh of relief.

Now Levi can continue to retreat.

What surprised them was that Tiance Mansion secretly sent two pure energy bodies for them to study.

In fact, the members of Tiance Mansion who came to give it to God of War Industry didn’t know why it was given to God of War Industry.

What they didn’t understand was that this was given away by Tianji Pavilion.

In this way, God of War Industry can study the pure energy body from the source, so as to target defense.

Commoner Killing God even asked the representative of Tiance Mansion: “Is Mr. Garrison’s mother okay?”

Several representatives of Tiance Mansion were all dumbfounded: “What is Mr. Garrison’s mother? We don’t know.”

Commoner Killing God is anxious: “No, didn’t Tiance Mansion rescue the people?”

“Huh? Is there such a thing?”

“No! Absolutely nothing!”

“What’s more, do you think about Tiance Mansion’s resolute and vigorous solution to the problem this time, do you need to secretly save people?”

They were taken aback for a while.

That’s true.

There is no need to cover up to save people, the female ancestor came out and slapped to death.

Who was the one who rescued Levi’s mother?

Everyone is puzzled.

Besides Logan and Mann’s family, even though Mike and others were captured alive, their status has not diminished at all.


Just because they are Jun Jun’s family!

Everyone knows about the female ancestor protecting the calf. Who would dare to provoke Junjun’s family?

They are the number one giants.

“I really didn’t expect that in the end our wish would come true, and we would rely on Levi!”

Old man Logan and others sighed.

The female ancestor took this slap, as if the whole world was quiet.

The Lab of the Gods and Richard were all honest.

I was really afraid of being beaten.

All parties need to evaluate Morendam.

The various forces really did not move at all.

Except for those ancient racial forces, the others really didn’t move.

But this gave God of War industry time to grow wildly.

This industrial group supported by all parties is developing at a terrifying speed.

Develop advanced weapons and technology.

Three months passed in a blink of an eye.

All parties have changed a lot.

It’s really a race against time.

They all understand that the new era is coming soon, if anyone is slow, they are likely to be eliminated in the future.

The biggest change is plum dye.

These three months plus the time before, the God of Darkness used various methods to inspire Sarah.


Finally on this day, the palace of the Bible Organization made a muffled noise.

The clouds in the sky were dispersed, the earthquake trembled, and the birds and beasts ran away…

“Hahaha, it worked!”

From the sky, the laughter of the dark god came.

A brand new plum dye appeared.

“This, this…”

The eighteen dark angels showed incredible expressions.

Chapter 2110

How could she become so strong? ? ?

What happened during this time?

Did the dark god fully arouse her potential?

The Eighteenth Dark Angels and other members of the Bible Organization are already strong enough, but why do they show such an expression when they see Sarah?

That’s because they felt a sense of oppression similar to the dark god in Sarah…

It shows that even if Sarah is inferior to the Dark God, he is infinitely close.

This is also terrible!

They finally knew why the Dark God would directly choose Sarah as his disciple.

This is the answer.

Because she can be so strong!

“From today, you are the female emperor of the Bible Organization! Your status is second only to me!”

The Dark God directly canonized Sarah as the Empress…

Everyone was shocked but sighed.

the other side.

People in Common Killer were worried about Ollie’s safety and began to look for Levi.

Suzaku finally found Levi’s retreat with a lot of effort.

After repeated inquiries and no results, several people from Common Killer broke into Levi’s retreat.

It was discovered that Levi was missing.


“Isn’t Mr. Garrison in retreat? Why is he missing?”

Commoner Killing God and others were stunned.

After Alton looked around, he was surprised: “I have been away for at least three months!”

“Did you make a mistake about Suzaku, the boss is not here at all to retreat?”

Wesley asked.

Ron and Owen said at the same time: “Impossible! We helped Suzaku find this place, the boss retreat here before!”

“Yes, it can’t be wrong! The boss is here to retreat! You see, these are all left by the boss!”

Suzaku also said.

Alton thought and couldn’t help saying: “It is certain that the boss did retreat here and left about three months ago! Isn’t it the time when Nick’s pure energy bodies were rampant?”


Everyone gasped.

A terrible idea came up.

So at that time, Levi left the customs? ? ?

Doesn’t it mean that he can solve the pure energy body.

“It is estimated that the boss wanted to make a move at that time, but the female ancestor of Tiance Mansion appeared! It is estimated that the boss didn’t do it!”

Alton exclaimed.

Everyone smiled: “So the boss left early!”

Commoner Killing God frowned: “Where did the gentleman go in these three months? Why is there no news at all? It stands to reason that he should meet with us after he leaves customs?”

“I don’t know, there is no news!”

Everyone is shaking their heads.

Alton smiled: “According to the style of the boss, he must be doing something big! The reason why he didn’t contact us was probably because he was afraid of exposure! After all, God of War industry has developed to a certain scale, and we are not necessarily safe. It’s not necessarily eyeing.”

Wesley also nodded: “Yes, if the boss needs us, he will definitely contact us. What we have to do now is to develop God of War industry…”

Kylin is looking forward to it: “The boss has been out for three months, I think there will be some movement soon! It must be a big move, look forward to it!”

Everyone understands.

Levi had no news for three months after leaving the customs, so a big move is bound to be brewing.

That’s right.

Levi had already left the customs.

Three months ago.

When Nick and others raged, he left the barrier.

He had long wanted to catch all the clutter in one go.

But Nick and their dozens of people were too scattered.

Two people are in one area.

It is impossible to concentrate on one piece at all.

Levi was waiting for an opportunity for all of them to come together.

The opportunity came, it was time to negotiate with Tiance Mansion.

Just as he was about to shoot, the female ancestor ran out.

Levi could only give up.

Also feel the stunning combat power of the female ancestor!

Also knows Junjun’s condition.

He needn’t worry anymore.

Where is Levi now?

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