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Chapter 2111

In fact, Levi was in a dangerous place.

Star Country’s Sanxing Group.

He is with Logan Chengmin.

No one thought of this.

Going around, Levi came back.

It’s still inside them.

Although Sanxing Group is the dog leg of the Gods Laboratory.

But this dog leg is also very powerful, and they will not obediently surrender to the laboratory of the gods.

They also secretly controlled a lot of things in the Gods Lab.

Levi used these three months to grasp the information of the Gods Laboratory as much as possible from the Sanxing Group.

After these three months, Levi summed up a lot.

The core layer of the Lab of the Gods is inaccessible at all and cannot be controlled.

But spokespersons like Richard and Levi, outsiders, have all Lorded.

Of course, there are doglegs like Sanxing Group, who also Lorded nine out of ten.

“Okay, I’m leaving!”

After taking control of everything, Levi was ready to leave.

Logan Chengmin asked anxiously: “Where are you going?”

“Go kill some people!”

Levi said calmly.

“Are you going to start? Do you need my help?”

“No need!”

Levi left.

Looked at the densely packed names on the list.

Who should kill first? ? ?

This is a problem.

But Levi quickly locked on a name——


Among the densely packed names, this one is the most dazzling.

“Richard has been your opponent for a long time! Even when I didn’t know you, you were already my opponent! Now I can’t keep you, kill!”

Because Richard’s use of Levi has come to an end.

Richard’s hole cards were all revealed.

He estimated that it would be difficult to dig out more of the Gods’ Laboratory.

So Levi wants to kill him!

Levi left the star country and went straight to the war eagle country.

According to the intelligence of Sanxing Group, Richard did not go out recently, but was in his own independent laboratory.

Studying a pure energy body experiment that can really be close to Wood Zhengjie!

In a secret base in the War Eagle Nation.

“The biggest problem at the moment is still super-energy particles! We still can’t create something comparable to Wood Zhengjie’s discovery in a short time!”

“There are other experimental groups who have never been able to find such natural super-energy particles. I really don’t know how Wood Zhengjie discovered and obtained it!”

“I all suspect that with our current technology, even if we find such super-energy particles, they will not be able to obtain them, and there will even be great danger!”

Listening to the report, Richard frowned.

Nothing has gone smoothly recently.

It is really difficult to create a unique one.

But Nick’s mass-produced low-profile version was completely destroyed by the female ancestor of Tiance Mansion.

“Go on, I’ll go back and rest!”

Richard drove back to his residence.

It is also not far from the base.

It is a private manor.

Richard is a cautious guy.

For one’s own residence, naturally build the safest fortress.

The sea, land and air have the top defensive system.

There are many escape and life-saving functions for houses and beds.

The guard of his residence was even more terrifying, and the remaining pure energy bodies were arranged by his side and followed closely.

Richard wanted to make sure that nothing happened to him.

He even put his residence within the range of the weapon of God’s scepter.

Set up barriers just to protect your own safety.

Before going to bed, Richard had not forgotten to give some advice.

Although he is confident that no one can find it here.

But still have to check.

He was too scared of death.

Around ten o’clock in the evening.

Levi came to this remote area of ​​War Eagle Nation.

He soon entered the restricted area of ​​the Gods Laboratory, and someone immediately stopped him.

“Show your pass or perform a facial recognition scan!”

Levi smiled: “I am here to kill, why do I need a pass?”

Chapter 2112

“What? Killing?”

Before the intercepting guards could react, they all fell down.

With one breath, all the guards at this outpost were killed.

Once the death god’s sickle was waved, it couldn’t be stopped.

Levi started the killing.

Whether it was an open or secret whistle, they disappeared one by one.

After the death of these people, not even a message can be sent out.

So no one knew that Levi was close to this secret base.

Because there is no abnormality at all.

This is the benefit of Sanxing Group.

They provide some raw materials, or test products, to the laboratories of the gods.

So I know more or less about the secret base.

So Levi had to come in a lot easier.

One hour passed.

The perimeter defense line of Richard’s secret base for hundreds of miles was all solved by Levi alone.

Thousands of people died.

But there was no movement at all.

No one knew about the entire base.

Looking at the base close at hand, Levi showed a sneer: “Richard, can you live tonight?”

He wants to destroy the base first, and then kill Richard.

Levi entered the base easily.

No one noticed it at all.

When they came to the core area, everyone discovered that a person dressed differently from everyone appeared.

After all, everyone in the laboratory is wearing protective clothing.

But Levi was wearing casual clothes, which was too eye-catching.

Hundreds of eyes glanced at Levi.

“Who are you? What are you doing?”

Someone immediately asked.

“Nothing, come to kill you!”

As soon as the voice fell, Levi killed him directly.

Soon the corpses all over the floor piled up.


He was killing and destroying, and the laboratory of the base was destroyed one after another.

Levi finally came to the main control room and after copying all the data, he destroyed the base.


The base instantly appeared in the flames.

Plus some super energy materials are also exploded together.

The terrifying power directly lifted the entire secret base to the sky!

The mushroom cloud formed instantly…

The terrible fire spread for dozens of miles, like the end of the world.

The Lab of the Gods does not refer to a laboratory, but a code name.

It has many such bases.

This base was given to Richard!

Richard’s status is very high, so this base can be regarded as one of the core bases.

This is a heavy blow.

The moment the base was blown up, Richard received the news not far away.


The harsh sirens rang through the manor.

Everyone including Richard was awakened.

After all, the manor and base systems are connected.

When Levi copied the data, he actually copied all the data of Richard’s residence.

He immediately sent the data to Logan Chengmin.

Under the control of the top hacker arranged by Logan Chengmin, the system of the entire manor was quickly paralyzed.

The defense systems, including the land, sea and air, were all paralyzed.

In the manor.

Richard woke up in shock: “What’s the situation? What’s the situation?”

“Well, someone invaded our base and destroyed it! There are currently no survivors in the base!”

“Also, the defense line involving hundreds of miles outside the base, as well as the open and dark posts are all out of control, I don’t know what happened…”

“The system of our manor is also paralyzed…”

The bad news came one after another.

Richard’s face turned pale with fright.

No blood.

“No, it’s a big deal this time! The other party is here for me! Evacuate! Evacuate quickly!”

Richard shouted.

“Mr. Richard, our aircraft are all paralyzed and cannot be started. Let’s take you away!”

Richard’s guards took him and left.

“Does Richard want to run? Impossible!”

A familiar voice came.

Richard was so scared.

This is a familiar voice!

Still Morendam!

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