The Protector Novel Levi Garrison Chapter 2114

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Chapter 2114

This this this…

Who can bear it?

This is too scary, right?

The second female warrior of Tiance Mansion came out?

It actually k!lled the four pure energy bodies instantly!

Who can imagine this?

There are people who can do the same thing as the female warrior of Tiance Mansion!

Instantly k!ll the pure energy body!

This makes everyone in the Lab of gods crazy.

This this this…

The sky is falling!

The corner of Levi’s mouth rises!

In fact, his spike pure energy body is not the same as the female warrior of Tiance Mansion.

That one is really too fcuk!ng strong!

Strong enough to ignore everything!

She didn’t care who they were and just slapped them!

As for why Levi can k!ll the pure energy body in seconds?

That is the result of his retreat!

He transformed a taboo technique into his own thing!

What Levi has just shown is a taboo technique of finger concentrate, which emphasizes gathering all the power in one burst!

Instantly cause the most terrifying destructive power!

Destroy everything!

Even if it is as strong as a pure energy body, it can’t hold it!

Levi transformed into something that belonged to him, almost with the power comparable to the taboo technique.

The only price is that it consumes a lot of money to use this trick.

Once this taboo technique is used once, it takes ten and a half days to recover before it can be used a second time.

It instantly concentrates its whole body strength in a single burst, so it consumes too much.

Even if Levi has improved, he can’t use it too much.

After all, the consumed power can’t be made up instantly.


Richard and the others never expected it to be like this.

Levi is determined to k!ll Richard today.


He appeared in front of Richard in an instant.

Started everyone.

Richard instantly activated the armor.

Others also quickly tried to block Levi.




Levi bombarded the person who was blocking with a terrible punch.

Popped one by one!

If the pure energy body blocks, Levi should immediately use his own version of finger concentrate.

One pure energy body burst open!

In front of Levi, he couldn’t see enough and couldn’t stop it!

Now Richard is very annoyed by one thing-why not just build a pure energy body that is infinitely close to Roderick?

Rather than mass-produce a lot of low-profile versions, in the end, it will make people spike.


All of Richard’s men had taken Ecstasy, swearing to stop Levi to the death.

Even if you save your life, you will not hesitate!

But they met Levi who was too powerful.

Fall down one by one!


Blood splattered, bones flying!

Many people still burst into a cloud of learning fog!

The pure energy bodies also fell apart and all dissipated.


Fewer people!

Levi was getting closer and closer to Richard.

Richard is getting more and more panicked and has been asking for support.

It’s a pity that everyone within a hundred kilometers was dealt with by Levi.

All the air-supported aircraft arrived, but they were interfered with without any effect.

The hacker arranged by Mebel has been interfering.

“Hurry up, the support team must hurry up!”

Richard was nervous enough to sweat.

There are really fewer and fewer people in front of him.

He didn’t want to know who it was anymore.

He just wants to live!


The k!lling continues.

The blood is still flowing.

People fell one by one!


The last pure energy body was hit by Levi’s finger and disappeared on the spot.

The dozen people left beside Richard were frightened.

Including Caleb.

“Wow! Run!”

They let out a scream, and all ran away.

They left Richard and ran away.

These people are not stupid at the critical moment.

Levi ignored them.

It is Richard that he is going to k!ll.

Richard quickly pressed the extreme rescue button…

He depends on them for his life and death!

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