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Chapter 2131

In the villa.

Levi is closing his eyes and resting.

But at this time he felt restless, and his left eyelid jumped wildly, as if something was going to happen.

“No, something will happen!”

Levi’s hunch is very accurate.

Levi immediately told Logan Chengmin of his hunch.

“I was found out?”

Levi was very alert.

Logan Chengmin also immediately began to check.

Contact his secret whistle eyeliner scattered outside.

But no one responded at all!

not a single one!

It is equivalent to the complete breakdown of the peripheral defense system!

Only the villa’s defensive security system is still there.

“Something went wrong! The people I arranged have lost contact! Maybe they are all dead!”

Logan Chengmin said.

“Go, I’ll take you away first and go to the secret tunnel! Can’t stay long!”

Logan Chengmin was about to take Levi away immediately.



But at this moment, the huge floor-to-ceiling window was hit hard, and it burst open.

A silhouette stood in front of the two of them.


“Levi wants to escape? No way!”

Lucifer exclaimed.


The next moment, the other wall was directly blasted open.

The sea monster is here.


Accompanied by the fluttering Joker playing cards, the Joker Great and the Hell Witch appeared.



Either the top of the villa collapsed, or someone came underfoot.

The remaining ten people were all present.

They wore suits one after another, giving people a breath of suffocation.

Enclosed is complete!

“Levi is your death date today, you can’t escape our palm at all!”

All the defensive guards of the villa were killed, leaving only Logan Chengmin.

Levi was shocked.

His face has changed.

what happened?

Didn’t they leave?

How can it turn back in such a short time?

And how do they know that they are Levi? Still so sure?

And how did they know that they are here? ? ?

how can that be?

Know everything in such a short time?


Too many questions!

Lucifer saw Levi and Logan Chengmin’s doubts.

He sneered: “You are still too young and want to fight against the Lab of the Gods! You don’t know what you are facing!”

“Levi is here to catch you with all your hands, and go back with us obediently! Otherwise, you will die!”

The great clown laughed.

“Want me to surrender? Impossible!!!”

Levi suddenly killed the Hell Witch.

Logan Chengmin also hurriedly followed Levi to use his control superpowers.

Delusion to control Lucifer and others.

But after all, she underestimated these people in front of her.

It has no effect at all.

“Small bugs!”

Lucifer directly ignored Levi and killed Logan Chengmin.

The hell witch used all her flames to stop Levi.

After Logan Chengmin’s control ability was lost, he would be no different from ordinary people.

Seeing Lucifer who struck, Logan Chengmin was completely panicked.

Levi could only turn around abruptly to rescue Logan Chengmin.


Lucifer blasted out with one move.

Levi also blasted out.

“Boom boom…”

Levi couldn’t stop it at all, backing back again and again.

The clown emperor also joined the battle.

Suddenly Levi was in danger…

Become stronger!

Levi was surprised to find that these people were not only hurt, but also stronger!

Is this the magic of the Lab of the Gods?

The other top ten Lords also showed off one after another, pushing Levi and Logan Chengmin to a dead end.

Both Levi and Logan Chengmin were injured in an instant.

Levi’s injuries worsen…

“I’m afraid I can’t leave today!”

Levi felt a trace of despair.

If he is not hurt, there may be a glimmer of hope.

But he was seriously injured.

Can’t stop it at all!

“Don’t let him live!”

These people like Lucifer attacked Levi as if they were crazy!

Chapter 2132

“You guys are looking for death!!!”

Levi was also pressed into a hurry, and the taboo technique was immediately used!!!

The fighting power that Levi broke out at the critical moment also surprised Lucifer and the others.

With stronger combat effectiveness, Levi’s seriously injured body actually fought them back and forth.

This is incredible!

But all of this is supported by Levi!

Soon it was revealed that Levi was actually the last one.

If it is an opponent one level lower, Levi can explode and use the taboo technique to cut a blood path.

The probability of survival is very large.

But the fourteen Lucifers in front of him were too strong.

When Levi was in his heyday, he used the taboo technique to make a tie with these people.

Now they are more and stronger.

how to spell?

But in order to survive, Levi had to fight.

All the taboos that should be used are used.

Even if a forbidden technique like the forbidden technique of killing lives would be demonic, Levi didn’t care anymore.

As long as you can get out alive.

Why not become a murderous machine mad?


At this moment, Levi’s momentum rose wildly and domineeringly.

Swept the world.

He is the demon god who just returned from hell…

Lucifer and others were shocked.

He can still be so strong?

What freak?

This is how they didn’t expect it!

“Everyone, be careful, don’t let him escape!”

Lucifer reminded.

If it fails again this time, it will be hard for them to have the face to go back.

Must succeed!

Levi must be killed!


At this time, Levi spit out black blood.

This is obviously a sign of poisoning.

Logan Chengmin glanced at him and reacted immediately.

Someone moved the medicine Logan Chengmin brought.

These drugs have been replaced long ago. After Levi took it, instead of relieving the injury, it worsened.

Now Levi was lucky, and the effect of the medicine was evaporating.

That’s right!

The medicine Logan Chengmin brought to Levi’s treatment had already passed away!

This is arranged by the man in the suit.

It can be seen that his magical powers are so great that he has arranged so many in such a short time.



At this moment, Levi vomited black blood violently, and his whole body was like a punctured balloon, suddenly discouraged.

He was able to fight this group of people with one breath just now, but he can’t do it now.

He is so weak that he can’t even use taboo techniques.

Not to mention fighting against these top powerhouses.


Upon seeing this, Lucifer and others all laughed.

It turned out to be braced.

The end of the crossbow.

“Kill him!”

Just now Lucifer had passed through the man in the suit, and there was no need to bring Levi back.

Just kill it!

The more Levi wanted to kill him, but his body turned against him.

The more severe he was injured.

Now it can only be slaughtered.

He is desperate.

The great clown playing cards flicked, as if a sharp weapon slammed into Levi.

“No way!!!”

Logan Chengmin was crazy.


A figure appeared, blasting the playing cards.

“Boom boom…”

One after another, figures appeared.

Soon the group of young people called the devil in the Sanxing Group appeared.

“Save us out!”

Logan Chengmin shouted.

This is Logan Chengmin’s biggest trump card.

This group of people frantically killed Lucifer and them.

The two sides fought together.

Lucifer and they were entangled.

Logan Chengmin took the opportunity to take Levi away.

“Don’t worry, they can hold on enough, let’s leave first!”

Logan Chengmin is very confident of these men.

They have the strength and saved her time and time again.

“Okay, leave first!”

Levi felt that his health was getting worse, he was still in a daze, even going into a coma.

But can he really leave?

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