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Chapter 2129

“The most terrifying thing is that these people are not the previous generations of their respective races, but they are also more than a dozen generations later!”

Logan Chengmin said in horror.

Levi understood what she meant: “In other words, these people are not the most powerful, or they are already very weak after the inheritance?”

“Yes, that’s right! The most powerful of their respective races should be the initial generation, so they are now trying to do all kinds of experiments to achieve rejuvenation!”

Logan Chengmin gasped.

“The Lab of the Gods is too strong, but as long as I live, they don’t want to make it easier!”

Levi will not stop just because they are strong.

“Your injury is too serious. It seems that you will have to cultivate for a while.”

Logan Chengmin is already healing Levi.

“This time I was in trouble! Using the taboo technique, I don’t know what the consequences will be!”

Levi was worried about this.

It’s not unreasonable for the Lord to warn him not to use it lightly.

But there is one advantage, that is, after this use, Levi doesn’t have to worry about it.

Let go of it later.

Whoever provokes him, just do it with taboo tricks and it’s over!

No need to hide and tuck.

He didn’t know that the ancient races had arrived…


In the laboratory of the gods, the four of Lucifer bowed their heads while being reprimanded by one.

This man is in a suit and leather shoes, wearing gold-rimmed glasses.

“What’s the use of you?”

“Until now, you don’t even know who it is, right?”

The four dared not even gasp.

I thought the four could win everything together.

But who can think that Levi is so strong!


The point is that they don’t even know who it is.

Richard has always been dealing with this matter.

They just ran to avenge Richard.

“Then I tell you, who is he!”

The man in a suit growled.

Hearing that, all four of them looked over and were very curious.

“Levi! He is still alive!”

“What? Levi? He…”

When everyone was about to doubt, the man in the suit scolded: “Are you trying to say that it is impossible? But Levi is indeed alive! He deceived all of you that day!”

“When Richard had an accident, I went to investigate this matter personally, and he was still alive!”

At first, all the people in the suit were still suspicious of this matter, but the man in the suit said that he checked it himself.

They immediately believed.

As if the person’s words are the same as the truth.

“I later received the conscious message from Richard before his death, that is Levi!”

This humane.

“It’s really him! I didn’t want to move him alive and did so many things!”

“We are all to blame, for not paying attention to him, it is Richard who is dealing with it!”

“Now I give you a chance to make up for it!”

Said the man in a suit.


All four of them were taken aback.

“what chance???”

The man in the suit finally showed a smile: “Not only do I know that he is Levi, I also know where he is now…”


The four were shocked.

Even know this.

But after thinking about it, this one shot himself and found out where Levi was, which is not surprising.

For the Lab of the Gods, it was not that Levi was so good.

But the real big man has no time to pay attention to him and deal with him.

If the real boss shot, Levi would be gone.

It’s like you are a god in the sky, and there is an ant on the ground, no matter how arrogant or powerful, you won’t be able to see you.

Not to mention going to shoot in person.


“He…where is he?”

Lucifer swallowed.

“Now Levi is in the territory of the Sanxing Group Group in Star City, and he is with Logan Chengmin of the Sanxing Group! She has long been a traitor!”

“You immediately went to the Star Country secretly! Levi was seriously injured! He must be killed!”

“I will send you some more people to prevent accidents!”

Chapter 2130

The man in the suit sent a Lord to Lucifer and them.

“Are you still injured?”

“Trash! A bunch of trash!”

The man in the suit scolded him, but in the end he took out a few tubes of special medicine to Lucifer and the others.

When several people saw this potion, their eyes lit up fiercely, and they were all shining.

It’s like a treasure like a potion.

That’s right!

This potion has a mysterious ability to restore and improve!

There are even unexpected effects!

Richard has no access to this level.

They won’t even get Lucifer easily.

So the four of them immediately thanked the man in front of them.

After they drank the potion, all the hidden injuries on their bodies as well as the injuries just now healed.

And the strength has also improved.

This surprised and delighted the four of them.

“Richard is very capable of doing things, I like it very much! It’s a pity that I’m a step late, otherwise I can find someone to save him!”

Said the man in a suit.


Lucifer gasped.

Know who he is talking about!

If it weren’t for Richard’s dead body, it could really be saved!

The scariest doctor in the Lab of the Gods!!!

Afterwards, Lucifer and the others set off quietly to the Star Country, shooting a carbine, so that no one would think of it.

No one wants this!

After being so embarrassed, the Lab of the Gods will kill it back.

At this time, everyone really thought that they would not take any action for the time being.

But who would have thought that someone in the Gods Lab knew the identity of Levi and knew where he was.

Lucifer and they turned back…

Not many people were sent this time, but each of them was a top power.

Especially the Lords sent to them by the men in suits, Lucifer, they dare not ignore.

They are all looking forward to this blitz!

In Logan Chengmin’s holiday villa in Star City, Levi is rehabilitating with peace of mind.

This place is the safest.

No one will find it.

His injury was too serious this time.

Even if he has the secret healing method and Logan Chengmin’s advanced modern therapy, he can only recover 50% for the time being.

It takes at least ten days and a half months to recover 100%.

Levi sighed, “It’s so cruel, if I hadn’t absorbed the flames, I’m afraid I’m hurting more severely now!”

“What’s your plan after recovering from the injury?”

Logan Chengmin asked.

“Let yourself continue to be strong! Explore the foundation of the Gods Laboratory as much as possible!”

Levi approached.

He chatted with Logan Chengmin, and never expected Lucifer to come back again.

When more than a dozen figures appeared here in Star City, it would herald the arrival of a massacre.

“Just got the news that Levi is in Logan Chengmin’s holiday villa! He is recovering from his injuries, but he has only recovered halfway! Now is his weakest time!”

“Okay, action! Be sure to catch or kill Levi alive!”

Lucifer said.

Playing cards, the clown said coldly: “I’m going to clean up the Sanxing Group after I get rid of Levi!”

Others nodded one after another: “Yes! Sanxing Group no longer accepts our surrender! What we want is absolute obedience!”

Soon fourteen Lucifer appeared around Logan Chengmin’s holiday villa.

Logan Chengmin is also a cautious person.

There are a lot of secret whistle and eyeliner arranged around.

Especially after Levi approached her, she was even more cautious, and she wanted to ensure her safety.

So more people scattered around the villa area.

But now Lucifer and others sneak in quietly.

In his eyes, these secret whistle and eyeliner were the same, and they were removed one by one.

A total of three hundred and seventeen people were all resolved.

Logan Chengmin didn’t receive any news at all.

There was no surprise at all, and in the end only the villa was left.

Although Lucifer had only fourteen people, it was enough to surround the villa, and every corner was strictly guarded.

“let’s start!”

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