The Protector Novel Levi Garrison Chapter 2134

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Chapter 2134

Seeing Levi’s appearance, Lucifer was already smiling.

Levi gave up!

Beating such a person to give up and despair is a matter of accomplishment for everyone.

Lucifer he did it.

But when he was about to k!ll Levi with one move, suddenly Levi opened his eyes with a hideous expression.

Lucifer’s smile disappeared, and his face froze even more.

not good!

By the time he realized it was not good, it was too late.

How could someone like Levi give up?

He will never give up in his life!

Just thought that the mother, the child, and the wife were real, but it was fake that he gave up resistance and waited for death.

Because he wants to play his value at the last moment, the last game before death.

He will desperately want to die with Lucifer.

This was the only thing he could do before he died.

Levi, this man will never give up simply!

Lucifer saw Levi’s intentions, but it was too late.

Levi was about to fight his life and die with him.

This is a vicious technique of taboo art, a move for forcibly changing one’s life.

Levi is crazy!

Everyone saw that he was crazy, but they were helpless.



Levi suddenly stuck to Lucifer.

Lucifer couldn’t avoid it at all, and slammed Levi’s body with a blow. Levi’s blood splashed, but he just didn’t let go.




Levi suddenly exploded blood holes one after another, but Lucifer would also have one more blood hole correspondingly.

Life for life!!!

Levi tried his last breath to change Lucifer…

“Boom boom…”

Everything happened between the sparks, and no one had time to react.

Levi and Lucifer have fallen.

Blood holes appeared in their bodies.

A smile appeared at the corner of Levi’s mouth, and he succeeded.

Lucifer was replaced at the end of his life.

Worth it!!!

This is the last thing he can do!



Mebel and the clown emperor shouted.

Levi did not wake up after falling to the ground, and Lucifer was the same.

Levi desperately used the taboo technique to be so terrifying!

“Levi is dead, Lucifer also…”

The clown emperor reports the news to the man in the suit.

“Trash! A bunch of trash! Levi is like that, can he still k!ll Lucifer? What did you eat??”

Opposite Thunder was furious.

“Wait, let me see how far Lucifer is? Huh? There is hope! Hurry up and bring Lucifer back, he can be saved! Levi is dying!”

Said the man in a suit.

The Great Clown and the others took Lucifer and left without even looking at Levi and the others.

“Orion Group will wait until later! Save Lucifer first!”


The ruins are all over.

Only Mebel, who was crying, and Levi, who couldn’t wake up anymore, were left.

Levi closed his eyes and raised the corners of his mouth.

At the last moment, he was smiling.

But he didn’t expect it anyway.

After Lucifer was brought back to the laboratory of the gods, the man in a suit directly handed him over to the most terrifying doctor in the laboratory.

After the inspection, which one sneered: “For you, he is indeed dead, but for me, he is still alive! Even if he is dead, I can transform him back! Let him live in another way!”

This is how the man in the suit said that if Richard’s body were there, he could really save him.

Even if it can’t be saved, it will let him live in another way.

This is the doctor who personally created the god-making plan!

He is horrible!

too strong!

This was something Levi could not predict.

Lucifer, who was desperately k!lled, is rescued.

As for Levi, Mebel hurriedly let people check to make sure he was not breathless.

Unlike the suspended animation on Golden Harbor Island, this time he went to die for sure…

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