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Chapter 2149

By the time the head of the gambling clan arrived here, the processing plant was already full of c0rpses.

But there is no trace of fighting…

These people had no blood and turned into c0rpses.

too frightening!

A coffin was placed in the field.

This surprised everyone.

“Stay away, there is a problem with the coffin! Immediately notify the gambler that they…”

These people reacted quickly.

But it’s still slow.

They inhaled the gas leaking from the coffin.

Soon there was a corresponding change.

To the final death.

The processing plant is reduced to h3ll…

Fortunately, the processing plants of the gambling kings are all automated production, with very few people.

Otherwise, something big will definitely happen!

The gambling king and Nichole also came as soon as they received the news.

The monitoring in the processing plant was also called.

After seeing the strange death, everyone was dumbfounded.


There is a problem with the coffin!

They suddenly thought of what happened in the Empire where sun never sets.

It seems to be because of the metal coffin!

Now the metal coffin has appeared on Golden Harbor Island…

“Grandpa, look!!!!”

Nichole suddenly exclaimed.

Because the metal coffin moved and shook sharply during the surveillance, the contents inside seemed to break free.


In an explosion, the coffin was torn apart.

The stuff inside came out!!!



But at this time, the sound of electric current burns out.

Snow flakes appeared on the monitoring screen, which was blurred.


In the end, it turned black directly.

Can’t see anything…

“No, the circuit in the processing plant is burned out! I don’t know why…”

At this time, news came and everyone was shocked.

The circuit is broken?

“It must have something to do with the things in the coffin! It may have affected the magnetic field and current…”

“Is there any news from the Empire where the sun never sets? What the h3ll is it?”

The gambler was anxious.

“No, the Empire where sun never sets blocked the news! Resolutely don’t let you tell what it is…”

The gambling king sighed: “Immediately summon all the Lords of Golden Harbor Island, including McHale! Hurry up! This may be a disaster for Golden Harbor Island!”

“We want to stop!!!”


For a time, all the Lords of Golden Harbor Island gathered in the processing plant.

They are determined not to let anything happen to Golden Harbor Island!

No matter what is in the coffin, it is locked in the processing plant.

Don’t let the contents cause disaster.

The gamblers are still very active.

All the people around the processing were evacuated for the first time…

Even within a radius of ten miles, no creatures can be seen.

Next, they will solve the contents.

The news of the appearance of the metal coffin also spread to Tiance Mansion, Bass Guard, and the others for the first time.

The guardians stationed on Golden Harbor Island also rushed to help them.

Colin and Tiance Mansion attached great importance to this.

While blocking the news, directly dispatched Lords.

Tiance Mansion is now different from before.

Don’t worry about issues such as exposure of cards.

Those who came were all direct disciples of the four great generals, extremely strong.

Golden Harbor Island became the site of the outbreak.

Levi and Cthulrun evil god are also coming to Golden Harbor Island.

After receiving the news that Levi was still alive, the Holy Tribe organization once again sent the eighteen dark angels to Golden Harbor Island.

They are bound to take Levi back this time.

All of a sudden, the little Golden Harbor Island will have such a big wave.

the other side.

The clown emperor has returned to the laboratory of the gods.

The man in the suit smiled: “It’s done well!”

“The three places have received feedback! The empire can’t control it if the sun doesn’t set!”

“Is there any news on Golden Harbor Island?”

The clown said.

“Just got the news that Velador has blocked the Golden Harbor Island! It is estimated that something has happened! Next we only need to watch a good show…Hahaha…”

The man in a suit laughed.

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