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Chapter 2151


Just when everyone’s nerves were strained to the extreme, a scream suddenly sounded.


Then blood spattered.

Many people were sprayed with hot blood.

At this moment, everyone was terrified.

Including Kyushu Xuanzun and his ilk.


Before everyone reacted, screams rang out again.

Blood splattered.

“turn on!!!”

The gambling king shouted.



They hurriedly turned on the lighting equipment, and it was all lit up in the processing plant for a while.

Not letting go of every corner.

Everything can be seen clearly now!

I also saw clearly what came out of the coffin…


After seeing it clearly, everyone’s scalp was numb and their heads burst.

what is this?

The figure in front of him was tall and straight.


A low and beastly roar.

Every breath has a pungent bloody smell…

Everyone finally saw the full picture of the terrifying creatures in the coffin!

Human body shape!

It’s just that there are blood scars all over the body, especially the criss-cross scars on the face, plus the hair.

Looks terrifying like a beast!

Especially the corners of his mouth are full of blood, which is even more terrifying!

“Are you a human?”

Everyone was scared and sweating profusely.

Say no.

It’s all human characteristics!

It can be said that it is, like wild beasts, it also sucks human blood.

What is this existence?

No matter what kind of creature it is, it presents the ultimate threat to everyone at this moment.

Even Xuanzun of Kyushu was also afraid.

The one in front of you seemed to be like a demon!

“What the hell is this???”

Everyone is very curious.

After carefully distinguishing, the gambling king couldn’t help saying: “Isn’t this the legendary Western blood clan? That very ancient race!”

“What? Western blood????”

After everyone heard it, their faces changed drastically.

Ancient mysterious race.

Many people have only heard of legends and records, but haven’t seen them.

What’s in front of you? ? ?

It’s too late for everyone to think.

The terrifying alien in front of him has already started killing.

In front of him, people kept falling, being torn apart, and blood being sucked dry.

His speed is too fast for everyone to react.

If he hadn’t killed directly by sucking blood, I’m afraid the loss would have been even greater.

“Everyone win it with me!”

Kyushu Xuanzun was anxious.

Quickly shot.

Other Lords also followed Kyushu Xuanzun’s efforts, and all kinds of attack methods came out!

“Boom boom boom…”

But soon everyone discovered that no matter how powerful the attack means, hitting this terrifying alien would not have any effect at all.

His body is unimaginably strong.

Xuanzun, as strong as Kyushu, couldn’t hurt the terrifying alien at all, and even said that he wouldn’t be able to move at all.


Everyone was terrified by the terrifying aliens in front of them.

Is this physique too strong? ? ?

The gambling king became more sure of his identity.

This alien physique is unprecedentedly strong.

Kyushu Xuanzun’s frantic attack completely angered the terrifying aliens.


He let out a low growl.

Unmatched adsorption power burst out on his body.



Many people’s bodies directly cracked their mouths, and the blood was sucked away by the volley.

Soon one after another corpses fell to the ground.

The blood was sucked away directly.

Who has seen this method? ? ?

Everyone started to fright…

This is no ordinary person.

They are all martial artists, Lords of spells.

There is no power to fight back in front of the terrifying aliens.

Fall down one by one.

All turned into corpses.

Realizing that it’s not good, it’s too late.

It is basically impossible to evacuate.

“I’ll stop him! You retreat!”

Kyushu Xuanzun was ready to fight to the death.

The others evacuated quickly.

Can’t stop this terrifying alien…

Chapter 2152

“Come on, beast!”

Kyushu Xuanzun is desperately determined.

He wanted to die with the similarities in front of him!



Kyushu Xuanzun’s all kinds of magic arts are all!

Punch out all your strongest tricks!

Swear to fight to the end with this alien…

A big battle continues…

Soon, blood stains were added to the glass of the processing plant.

Kyushu Xuanzun couldn’t stop it at all.

He died in battle!

The gamblers have fled outside, but everyone’s faces are pale and their nerves are tense.

What I saw today was enough to subvert their imagination.

The people outside immediately asked: “What’s the matter? What’s the matter?”

Everyone was shocked, just about to explain.

The apprentices of Xuanzun Kyushu made a sad voice.


Kyushu Xuanzun died in battle!

Everyone was dumbfounded now.

At present, Kyushu Xuanzun of Golden Pot Island is still the top combat power.

He is dead.

How do other people play?


The guardians were also panicked.

“The powerhouse of Tiance Mansion is already on the way here, but there is not enough time… Maybe they haven’t arrived yet, Golden Harbor Island will become a hell!”

Everyone felt a sense of despair and powerlessness.

“So we still have to rely on ourselves!!!”

The gambling king immediately ordered: “Blow up here! Raze to the ground, I don’t believe it!”

Before coming, the gambling king had someone set up a detonating device here.

Detonate now!


In the skyrocketing fire, the entire building collapsed and was razed to the ground.

A mushroom cloud rose up in the sky!

Amazing power!

All the Lords are also forced to retreat abruptly!

Not only that.

This destruction explosion even shakes the entire Golden Harbor Island.

There are earthquake-like effects everywhere.

This explosion is terrible!

This was purchased from the Blackwater Company by the gambling clan, which is the Lab of the Gods.

It’s even to look at the cards of the house!

At the time of purchase, the Blackwater Company introduced the power of this kind of thing.

As long as the gambling king’s dosage is enough, it will be instantaneous to blow up the Golden Pot Island.

The power is terrifying!

Specially for super-physical and super-hard materials.

To put it bluntly, powerful warriors and magic Lords are going to die.

Under this kind of power, nothing can be blown up.

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

Everyone’s complexion has also eased a lot.

But the next second, something was flashing in the thick smoke.

Everyone’s nerves tightened again.

Thousands of eyes stared at the dense fog!

I saw the dense fog gradually dispersed. A tall figure came out from inside.

He let out an angry roar, and a pair of blood-colored beast eyes stared at the Gambler and them.

It’s okay!

He has nothing to do!

This degree of explosion did not hurt him at all.

What is his physique level?

Unheard of!

“This, this…”

Everyone was going to be scared to cry.

Isn’t it horrible?

The Lords guarding the outside in front also saw clearly what this thing looked like.



Before everyone reacted, the blood aliens disappeared, leaving a faint afterimage.

He was already in the crowd when he reappeared.

Start killing.



Blood spattered and screams broke out.

This is exactly a killing machine.

All of a sudden, the crowd scattered, and the army was defeated.

What the fuck is this monster?

There is no way at all.

Hit him, let alone hurt, this thing doesn’t even hurt.

Hundreds of people fell in an instant, tragically dying.

Many were directly sucked up blood.

“Retreat! We can’t stop it!”

Someone wanted to evacuate immediately.

The gambling king immediately stopped them: “No, if we withdraw! This thing will definitely enter the center! At that time ordinary people will suffer! We must stop them!”

“Yes, we have to stop him!”

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