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Chapter 2161

“Yes, that’s right!”

“What about others?”

Asked the marshal Tiance.

“Others have gone!”

“What? Already gone? I still want to see what kind of character can steal the limelight of my Tiance Mansion again and again? I want to see what kind of strong person can push back the blood ancestor?”

Marshal Tiance said.

“Marshal! There is a Fire Cloud Cthulhu beside Levi, it is not a rare thing for the two to join forces to force the blood ancestor to retreat!”

Other humane.

Marshal Tiance frowned: “No, you are wrong! More than two of them! I can smell a lot of people! One, two, three…18!”

“There are eighteen others!”

Everyone was stunned when he said this.

There are still eighteen people?

They don’t know.

As expected to be the young Lord of Tiance!

The handsome man of Tiance Mansion in the future!

Sure enough!

Even know this!

But after hearing this, everyone felt relieved.

It turned out that a total of twenty strong men forced the blood ancestors back together.

Levi is not alone!

In this way, everyone’s hearts are much more balanced.

If Levi were really alone, they would have to die of depression.

“They have gone far! Follow me to find where the blood ancestors ran!”

Marshal Tiance ordered.

“In addition, there is news that the blood ancestor has been repelled! If the news is released later, it is the Tiance Mansion that repulsed the blood ancestor!”

Marshal Tiance ordered again.

All the credit is blocked on themselves.

“Huh? Does the marshal mention Levi?”

Someone asked.

“What do you mention him for? Do you still want to shame Tiance Mansion? Isn’t it enough once or twice?”

“What’s more, Levi’s daughter is a member of Tiance Mansion, and he is half of it! It is reasonable that the credit is blocked on us!”

After Major Tiance said this, no one had any objections.

But Levi didn’t care about it.

After all, in the eyes of outsiders, he is dead.

It is not good to say that he repelled the blood ancestors.

Soon news of Golden Harbor Island spread.

The world is shocked!

It turns out that the raging alien is the ancestor of the blood race!!!

The empire couldn’t keep it from setting the sun this time, and came out to speak out, sure to be the ancestor of the blood race!

The catastrophe that claimed that the sun never sets will end soon!

But the world still shocked Morendam’s strength!

Solved the problem in such a short time?

This is too scary, right?

“What??? The danger of Golden Harbor Island is lifted?”

“Where did the blood ancestor go??”

When receiving the news, the man in the suit looked surprised.

I thought that the blood ancestor would become a disaster for Morendam.

Didn’t expect it to be solved so quickly?

Faster than the sun never sets in the empire?

In the end what happened?

“I don’t know! The blood ancestor just ran away! I’m still investigating what it was like! I never thought Morendam was the fastest to solve it!”

The man in the suit has a hint of anger. Such a good layout has been solved like this?

“How can the blood ancestor be forced back so easily? Unbelievable!”

“Mr. I got the news again! It was Tiance Mansion who repelled it! It was heard that Tiance Mansion, the son of the helm of the helm of Tiance Mansion, came directly to Jingang Island! Repulse the blood ancestors!”

After listening to the suit man, he was relieved: “Oh, okay, then it’s okay!”

“Tiance Mansion is really a hidden dragon and a crouching tiger. The female ancestor is unfathomable. Now a young Lord of Tiance with unknown strength has emerged! Normal, normal! Next, you only need to pay attention to who is in the Kangaroo country to know!”

Men in suits.

Besides, Levi came after the Huoyun Cthulhu left.

They joined the eighteen dark angels.

“You know our purpose is to join the Bible organization!”

The eighteen dark angels made a fighting pose.

Unexpectedly, Levi smiled: “Well, I promised. Let’s go and lead the way!”


Everyone looked shocked.

Chapter 2162

They even said they were dumbfounded!

He originally thought he would go back only after a fierce battle or something that threatened Levi.

But he didn’t expect Levi to agree with just one bite.


Everyone looked at him incredulously.

So happy to agree?

What’s going on here?


Absolutely not normal.

Seeing their doubts, Levi smiled and said: “To be honest, my wife is in your hands, can I not agree?”

“A person who knows the current affairs is a good man! Dealing with smart people is refreshing!”

When Levi said the real reason, everyone no longer doubted it.

Of course it is true.

Levi was dyed for plums.

“What about him?”

Everyone looked at the evil god of fire cloud.

“I am Mr.’s servant, where does he go, where do I go!”

Huo Yun Cthulhu answered.


“Go, go!”

The group rushed to the Bible Organization.

The other side.

The cruise ship that sailed on the sea for a long time finally arrived in Kangaroo Country.

No one knows about this cruise ship.

After drifting over, some people went straight up to check.

Who wants to have a blood ancestor inside!

The blood ancestor started killing.

From the cruise ship to the harbor, from the harbor all the way to the center of the city.

Numerous casualties.

There is no limit at all.

Kangaroo country quickly sent the strong to solve it.

But after going batch after batch, there is no way to solve it.

Kangaroo country itself is relatively weak in terms of warriors and superpowers.

So there is no way to get the blood ancestor for a while.

Their modern weapons and the major powerhouses have used them all.

It’s useless!

The blood ancestor’s physique is against the sky, no matter what tricks are of no use to him.

Moreover, his awakening time is longer and more terrifying.

Much better than Levi and what they saw on Golden Harbor Island.

Kangaroo country was at a loss for a while.

There is no way to deal with it!

At this time, the international community already knew about the disaster in Kangaroo Country.

Several neighboring countries and major forces that have good relations with the kangaroo will provide support.

After all, the lips are dead and the teeth are cold.

If the Kangaroo country falls completely, it will be their turn.

But the same is still useless!

To die as much as possible.

Can’t even fight a wave.

In despair.

The kangaroo country had no choice but to appeal to the world for help, begging the powerful from all over the world to come to rescue.

Once the prestige of the Kangaroo country is resolved, there must be a generous gift to send.

But after the call for help was sent, there was no response.

After all, everyone now knows that the blood ancestor is too strong.

Who is going to die?

Not a fool!

There are only a few places that really have the ability to deal with—Warhawk Nation, Morendam, etc.

Now the times are turbulent, and everyone is just taking care of their own affairs.

Originally, Colin intended to ask Tiance Mansion to support it.

But he was rejected by the marshal of Tiance.

The meaning of Young Lord Tiance is very simple-Tiance Mansion is only to protect Morendam, as for other messy things, they will not take care of it, not to mention that this is out of the country.

They can’t manage it anymore.

“Take care of your own affairs!”

Marshal Tiance warned Colin.

Morendam doesn’t care.

Other regions also have an attitude of managing their own affairs.

Wouldn’t care about it at all.

The negotiations of the sun never set empire reached the later stage. Although the situation was basically stable, there was absolutely no experience in helping others.

The Lab of the Gods.

They have been paying attention to the state of affairs in Kangaroo Country.

“Sir, the Kangaroo country is helpless now! No one is going to ask for help for a long time!”

Said the clown emperor.

The male code name of the suit is Mr. x.

He sneered: “I just want this effect!”

“Help me get through the phone of the principal of Kangaroo Country! I want to talk to them!”

Mr. X said.

The great clown smiled: “Sir, I understand, you are asking to help solve their crisis! But you need conditions!”

Mr. X nodded: “Yes, if I can fulfill my condition, I will help them solve it!”

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