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Chapter 2163

Soon the Gods Lab contacted the Kangaroo Country.

At first, it is the laboratory of the gods, and the Kangaroo country attaches great importance to it.

“We can help with the blood ancestors! But we have the conditions!”

Mr. X directly expressed his attitude.

“Okay! We can agree to any conditions!”

The Kangaroo country immediately agreed happily.

Mr. X smiled: “Don’t promise so quickly! Listen to me first what the conditions are…”


“I will help you resolve the crisis, you need to open the doomsday seed bank to us!”

When Mr. X raised this question, the other side apparently fell silent.

Kangaroo Nation’s doomsday seed bank is notorious.

All kinds of seeds are stored in it, both past and present.

There are hundreds of thousands of years old, millions of years old, and even millions of years old.

According to the grapevine, there are blood vessels of ancient seeds, gene banks and so on.

There are many very rich resources.

Many countries do not have the unique resources of Kangaroo Country.

There are even many leftover civilization products…

The Doomsday Seed Bank is the cornerstone of the future of Kangaroo Country.

In fact, the Kangaroo country is considered middle among many countries.

It is impossible to enter the magic eye of the war eagle country.

Because the kangaroo country’s doomsday seed bank is too rich.

The value is too high.

Therefore, many national forces are coveting it.

But the Doomsday Seed Bank is the most important thing in Kangaroo Country, and it is guarded by the whole nation.

Even if it is as strong as the laboratory of the gods, it dare not collide easily.

The Doomsday Seed Bank of Kangaroo Country has been given by the Lab of the Gods for a long, long time.

Over the years, they have obtained resources from many national forces such as the Doomsday Seed Bank.

Now focus on Kangaroo Country.

But Kangaroo Nation regards this thing as more important than fate, and there is no chance at all.

Now there is finally a chance to negotiate.

“It’s okay, I will give you time to think about it slowly! As long as you can afford it!”

Mr. X smiled and hung up the phone.

Now is not the time for him to be anxious, it is the time for Kangaroo Country to be anxious.

The longer the time, the greater the harm of the blood ancestor.

The most unwilling situation in Kangaroo Country…

“Wait! They will call!”

Soon after, the Kangaroo country called and started negotiations with Mr. X.

The Doomsday Seed Bank can be opened, but there is a time limit.

In the end, the two sides negotiated for three months.

“Three months is enough for us. With our technology, the entire seed bank can be replicated!”

Mr. X agreed.

Ready to go to Kangaroo Country.

Mr. X brought the Great Clown and a wizard.

“No, let’s go to Kangaroo Country slowly! Let them bear the pressure again!”

Mr. X didn’t want to solve the blood ancestor early.

It is slowly consuming.

The Kangaroo Nation has sent a message that the Lab of the Gods will solve the problem for them.

Many people were surprised.

They all understand that there is a high probability that the Lab of the Gods has reached an agreement with the Kangaroo Country.

There must be some kind of benefit.

The Tiance Mansion was unbalanced.

Several representatives of Colin directly blamed the Marshal Tiance.

“Marshal, now the times have changed! You are not only thinking about taking action when the Great Xia is in crisis, you also have to intervene in some affairs, you have to make arrangements in advance! In this way can you adapt to the changes of the times!”

“For example, the laboratory of the gods and the kingdom of kangaroos, there is a high probability that the doomsday seed bank of the kingdom of kangaroos is opened to the laboratory of the gods. If it is opened to us, it will definitely be a huge help to us!”

A few words, the marshal Tiance listened.

“These words are correct! But now it’s too late to say anything! I can only watch the Gods Lab come!”

But he sighed.

On the other side, Levi followed the eighteen dark angels on the way to the Bible organization.

It just so happens that the Bible organization is also in Southern Continent.

They passed by in Kangaroo Country.

Chapter 2164

“Huh? What happened to Kangaroo Country?”

Seeing the devastated scene, everyone was shocked.

“Let me check…”

Huoyun Cthulhu checked, and soon learned all the news.

“The blood ancestors are raging here, and the Kangaroo Nation has no strong people and can’t be suppressed. I don’t know why the Gods Laboratory agreed to take the shot!”

Huoyun evil divine way.

The Underworld God smiled: “Your news is not complete. The Gods Laboratory agreed to take the shot because it got the Doomsday Seed Bank of Kangaroo Kingdom!”


Levi was used to the quarrels between the two former Lords and apprentices.

“It doesn’t matter to us, let’s go ours anyway!”

Levi was anxious to see Sarah.

No interest in these things at all.

If Morendam’s he would take care of it.

Kangaroo country, his ass.

Levi’s idea more catered to the idea of ​​the Eighteen Dark Angels.

They only wanted to take Levi back, so as not to have many dreams in the night.

“Go straight through here!”


Everyone interspersed directly from this city.

But the more I went, the more secluded, and the last area in the center of the city, there was no sound at all.

Not to mention someone is there.

An inexplicable fear is spreading.

“The busy people wait to evacuate…”

At this time, the helicopter hovered in mid-air and issued a warning sound.

It turned out that this area was a dangerous closed area, and everyone was evacuated.

As for the evacuation, the reason is simple.

The blood ancestor is here!

The helicopter quickly left after warning Levi and others to fail.

“Should we not be so unlucky, have we run into blood ancestors again?”

The evil god is surprised.

“What’s up to us, let’s go ours…”

Levi and the others continued to walk without paying any attention to them.


The next moment, a bloody smell surged into the sky.

Overwhelmed here.

At the entrance of the street not far away, the figure of the blood ancestor appeared.

Seeing Levi’s group, his eyes were shining.

Due to the evacuation of Kangaroo Country, after a long time, the blood ancestors have not seen anyone, let alone suck blood.

Seeing Levi these big living people now, the blood ancestor was immediately excited.

With a proud cry, he rushed over immediately.

He wants to suck up Levi’s blood.

Levi looked at each other and sighed: “Hey!”

“We don’t bother you, do you still want to drink our blood?”

“What should I do? Brothers!”

“Beat him! What else can I do?”

The blood ancestors happily killed.

But the popularity in front of them changed suddenly.

They are not ordinary people.

But one powerful warrior.

This time, even the blood ancestors were dumbfounded.

None of the Lords who came to stop him from the Kangaroo Nation is so strong.


The blood ancestor was too late to react.

Levi fisted and flew away.

Others also bullied themselves and did not give the blood ancestor a chance to breathe.

The blood ancestor was quickly beaten back.

Although he is stronger than Golden Harbor Island.

It doesn’t make much sense!

In the face of Levi’s lunatics, there was only one who was beaten.

After a while, the blood ancestor was beaten and was going crazy.

The blood ancestor is very smart, knowing that these people are not easy to provoke, and immediately retreat.

“Want to run? It’s not that easy!”

Before, the two sides could well water without violating the river water.

But now you provoke us and want to run? That’s impossible!

A group of people all chased up, and it was bound to discuss an argument with the blood ancestor.

All parties in Kangaroo Country were dumbfounded.

The first time I met someone who didn’t run away from the blood ancestor, the first time I saw someone who could beat the blood ancestor away.

“Is this from the Lab of the Gods?”

Someone from the kangaroo country asked.

“No! I don’t know my current identity! The Lab of the Gods hasn’t come yet!”

“Okay, temporarily block the news! Let’s see what the blood ancestor was chased into…”

The blood ancestor has never been so miserable…

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