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Chapter 2171

Among them is a woman.

Nicknamed Empress.

Killed mad after he was born!

Behead the strong one after another.

Among them, there are many from the Lab of Gods…

She is just like a madman, she dares to move anyone.

Anyone dare to kill!

I don’t know how many people have been shocked by the ferocious name of the Empress this year…

Everyone is timid to hear her!

The empress is not someone else, but Sarah.

In order to become stronger, to protect the one she loves, she keeps fighting and getting stronger.

Occupy a place in this era.

She is listed as one of the four fierce gods.

The rest are in Maya Industry and Kunlun Industry.

The last one is Lucifer from the Lab of the Gods.

In the same battle with Levi, not to mention that he was rescued by the terrorist doctor, his strength has greatly increased.

But become bloodthirsty and love to kill.

The Lab of the Gods also let him go out and kill.

So he also became one of the four fierce gods!

These four people have never been defeated since they were born.

There are also a series of lists sent by organizations with good deeds from all sides!

Used to redefine the strength of these powerhouses!

However, Sarah is on the list…

Sarah knew that Lucifer killed Levi, so she went to Lucifer several times.

But every time Lucifer avoided fighting.

Always avoid plum dyeing.

She even wanted to uproot the Lab of the Gods, but she also knew that she was not strong enough.

Need to continue fighting and continue to strengthen.

Now everything she did was to avenge Levi.

How did she know that Levi was locked in a dark cage by her master at this moment.

In fact, sometimes she was very close to Levi, but she just couldn’t feel it.

Because the dark cage isolates everything.

In the dark cage on the other side.

Levi has been in retreat.

Sitting cross-legged is a whole year.

Even the Dark God was stunned.

I thought that Levi would soon be unable to hold on and surrender to him.

But who would have thought that sitting in this group would last for one year.

But Levi woke up once.

It was a punch against the wall.

This punch was the ultimate, and it punched a big hole in the wall.

But it is not enough for the wall, the damage is too small.

Levi continued to retreat…

This surprised the Dark God.

But he smiled: “It’s still not enough! This is nowhere, at least ten years at your speed!”

In his opinion, Levi would not open it anyway.

It was just this time that Sarah followed him.

The power of Levi’s punch just now was terrible.

This area and even the forest in front were shaking.

“Who is the master shut in here? It’s terrible, right?”

Sarah is actually very curious about this dark prison.

I saw this horrible scene today.

The dark god smiled: “One of my enemies!”

“Master, your enemy?”

This time passed.

No one knows how terrifying the Dark God is better than Sarah.

It is no exaggeration to call it God.

Now his enemy appears…


“Then why lock him up?”

Sarah asked curiously.

“I want him to surrender to me… soon! Do it again, he has to surrender to me…”

The dark god has determined it.

Levi only needs to come again and still can’t get through.

Then he was in a hurry and surrendered to him.

Kunlun industry is now booming.

Relying on Kunlun Industry’s technology, Common Killer has now reached a fairly strong state.

Wesley and the others have also become super strong.

On the one hand, it benefits from Levi’s practice.

On the one hand is the technical support of Kunlun Industry…

Kunlun Industrial Research pure energy body also has a certain effect.

Basically, a pure energy body can be replicated.

But it is not recommended to try…

But on this day, the marshal of Tiance suddenly issued an order-requesting Kunlun Industry to belong to Tiance Mansion.

Chapter 2172

When Kunlun’s industry was just developing, Tiance Mansion was not regarded as the same thing at all.

Not just them, everyone should not pay attention.

When Tiance Mansion sent pure energy bodies to Kunlun Industry, they still didn’t understand.

But after the development of Kunlun industry, everyone was dumbfounded, and Tiance Mansion began to look greedy.

Especially the several advanced technologies of Kunlun Industry, even the laboratories of the gods do not have them,

In particular, it has been heard that Kunlun Industry has no real helm, and they are all under the joint control of several parties.

Tiance Mansion has long said that Kunlun Industry cannot be left alone.

Someone must control the development…

On this day, the marshal of Tiance finally started with Kunlun Industry.

Marshal Tiance went to Kunlun Industrial Headquarters in person.

Convened all the top executives of Kunlun Industry…

Several senior executives of Kunlun Industry soon gathered.

There are commoners to kill the gods, there are literary family, there are Wesley them…

After a round of glances, the Marshal Tiance said coldly: “For the stable development of Kunlun industry, for the sake of Kunlun industry being stronger and better able to protect Velador. I decided to take over Kunlun industry! Bring Kunlun industry under the command of Tiance Mansion!”

“Kunlun’s industrial group has no leader, and can’t be without a master for a day. With a helm, development will be better! It will be able to compete with the world’s top industries soon!”

“Secondly, this is the first time that Tiance Mansion has been brought into power. It should give you enough face! From then on, you are also equivalent to a member of Tiance Mansion!”

The meaning of Tiance Young Master is very simple.

I’m here to be your boss, to give you face.

You should kneel down and thank you.

No one in Velador can refuse, right?

How can ordinary people have the opportunity to join Tiance Mansion?

It’s impossible!

“I know that it is very troublesome for you to do things, and you have to sign contracts and agreements or something! I am ready here, I have signed them all, you only need to sign your own names!”

The Marshal Tiance waved his hand, and the people behind him immediately distributed all the contracts to the top executives.

“Sign it!”

Marshal Tiance said.

But his smile soon disappeared.

Because no one in the room moved.

Not to mention signing, there is no one who went to look through the contract.

what happened?

The Marshal Tiance was stunned.

“What’s the matter with you? Look at the contract and sign it!”

Marshal Tiance urged impatiently.

Several people in Common Killer smiled: “Sorry, I can’t sign it!”

“Yes, there is no way to sign! We don’t look at it either!”

Others also expressed their opinions.

This made them even more angry.

“What are you doing? Why don’t you sign?”

He wanted to know why.

“I’m sorry, the marshal! Kunlun Industry is not like you said that there is no leader! Kunlun Industry has always had a master! And the establishment of Kunlun Industry was also operated by that person!”

The Common Killer said.

Others also followed: “Yes! Kunlun Industry has always had someone at the helm! And we only recognize him!”

“One more thing, Kunlun Industry is personal and will not be brought into any influence! We also have no obligation!”

“Disappointed the young marshal! Let you do it yourself! Please go back!”

Everyone gave an order to chase off the marshal of Tiance.

This made the Tiance marshal dumbfounded.

He was actually ordered to evoke a guest.

Where does this put his face?

“Who are you coaxing? Do you think I don’t understand you?”

“Where is the master of Kunlun Industry?”

Marshal Tiance sneered.

“You don’t know what the young commander knows. Kunlun Industry has many secrets you don’t know! Our master’s identity is special, let alone expose it!”

Commoner Killing God smiled and said.

Marshal Tiance’s face changed slightly, and he forced him to ask: “Okay, then who do you think your master is? I can’t tell the answer, I won’t leave!”

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