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Chapter 2173

Several people hesitated to ask this question.

Say or not?

Seeing the affection of a few people, the Marshal Tiance thought of something, and couldn’t help saying: “Could it be Levi?”

It’s actually not difficult.

It’s easy to think of.

These high-levels of Kunlun Industry in front of them all have a close relationship with Levi.

There is someone behind them, it can only be Levi.

Everything makes sense.

Hearing what Tiance Marshal said, everyone’s complexion changed abruptly.

Seeing the looks of everyone, the marshal Tiance smiled.

Ye Jun is definitely here now.

“Who am I supposed to be after doing it for a long time? It turned out to be Levi! I have to say that Levi has a foresight! He actually created Kunlun Industry! It’s not ordinary!”

After the Marshal Tiance praised two sentences, the conversation turned: “Unfortunately, it has been a year since Levi has disappeared, and there is no sign at all! You know better than anyone what it means for Levi to disappear for one year, right?”


Hearing this, everyone’s face changed drastically.

This sentence pierced their hearts deeply.

There is one saying, if Ye Jun is dying, everyone is not worried.

After all, every time Ye Jun dies in the past, he is actually not dead.

Has been silently protecting Da Family in secret.

He is dead, but everyone will feel more relaxed after hearing this.

But now Levi disappeared…

It’s still a full year…

This is more terrifying than he is dead!

One year of disappearance is too variable.

Levi had never done this before…

Disappearing for so long, it will really be gone.

Not showing up for a year, this is not his style.

It shows that something happened to him…

Kunlun Industry has secretly sent someone to find it this year, and it has been searched almost all over the world.

There is no trace of Levi…

Although they didn’t admit it, they knew from the bottom of their hearts that Levi might really not exist this time…

“Levi has disappeared…it means he doesn’t exist anymore…the master of Kunlun Industry is just nameless!”

Marshal Tiance continued.

No one is going to refute!

“Since Levi has disappeared, why do you keep it? So I directly abolished Levi’s identity as the helm of Kunlun Industry!”

Everyone was dissatisfied as soon as the words of Major Tiance came out.

“No! Why do you abolish Mr. Ye’s identity? He created it by himself!”

“Yes! No one is qualified to abolish Mr. Ye’s identity! We only recognize Mr. Ye as the head of Kunlun Industry!”

All senior executives spoke with a firm attitude.

Marshal Tiance smiled: “Then what if I insist?”

“The big deal is that you will all be abolished, and I will take control of Kunlun Industry!”

Marshal Tiance would not give up Kunlun Industry just because of the words of the people in front of him.

He came to negotiate only out of courtesy.

In a hurry, they directly used force to wipe down these high-levels.

Take Kunlun Industry back directly.

“We won’t agree to it! It’s a big deal!”

“Yes, who is afraid of whom?”

“No wonder your Tiance Mansion is inferior to Mr. Ye… now it seems like that!”

After a group of people expressed their views.

Marshal Tiance was already angry.

He sneered: “Okay, you found this yourself!”

The rattling atmosphere is on the verge.

In the end, Commoner Killing God hurriedly stood up and said, “Everyone, calm down! Don’t conflict! No matter what state Mr. Ye is in, he doesn’t want to see us fighting in the nest!”

“It’s no good for us to have a conflict! Especially we will be the ones who suffer!”

“It doesn’t matter! No matter what the Tiance Mansion is, it is Velador! No matter who we are under, we are doing things for Velador! It is not in the hands of other people!”

After commoner’s persuasion, everyone calmed down.

never mind.

Promise that Tiance is the marshal.

But they have conditions.

Tiance Mansion cannot be closed all the time, what do they want or do.

Marshal Tiance agreed.

His goal was achieved, and Kunlun Industry got it…

Chapter 2174

“What a villain, taking advantage of Mr. Ye’s absence! Forcibly took Kunlun Industry away!”

“Don’t be sad, everyone! If Mr. Ye is still alive! He will be back sooner or later! Then we will seize Kunlun Industry!”

Everyone dared not speak.

After all, in terms of strength, Tiance Marshal is too strong.

It is easy to kill these people like Commoner Killing God.

So everyone can only endure it first.

Fortunately, it’s all for Velador…

But everyone found out later.

Kunlun Industry does not belong to Tiance Mansion.

It belongs to the individual of Tiance Marshal!

This involves the rules of the Tiance Mansion and Baolong clan.

This is a rule set for centuries and thousands of years.

They will never allow any forces to come in…

So everyone is fooled by the word game of the young master of Tiance.

Kunlun Industry can only go to his name, not Tiance Mansion.

In the future, it cannot be said that Kunlun Industry belongs to Tiance Mansion, it can only be said to be related to Tiance Mansion!

This made them extremely angry.

Feeling deceived.

But Tiance Marshal is already at the helm of Kunlun Industry.

There is no way.

However, after the Tiance Marshal joined, there are certain benefits.

At least resources have improved a lot.

The era of coexistence.

All parties are thinking about the enhancement of the law.

These are no exceptions in the Lab of the Gods, and they are also absorbing and annexing more forces to join.

The imperial organization and Maya industry are not vegetarians.

Crazy plunder.

Even start with some small countries.

Wars are everywhere.

The cruel war allowed ordinary people to join the ranks of martial artists one by one.

To survive, you must become stronger!

time flies.

Soon, another year passed.

This year.

The world has discovered earth-shaking changes.

Even more terrifying than in previous years!

It can even be said that a qualitative leap has taken place!

Basically, it can be said that everyone has become a martial artist with supernatural powers…

In addition to the previous homework, the children either practice martial arts, or practice magic skills, awakening super powers and so on.

If you don’t learn this, there is no way. This is the development of the times.

If you want to survive, you must fit this era.

People’s physique has been greatly improved, and diseases have been reduced a lot.

The current Institute of Medicine and Biology studies how to make people stronger.

Even changing the gene, changing the bloodline, etc…

Corresponding to various ancient martial arts schools, the Super Academy was born in response to the times.

Some ancient cultivation methods, etc. have also become popular, or they can be learned in special places.

Modern technology has also improved rapidly…

Some products that were only used in major laboratories are now popular…

There are also some new energy materials appearing, even comparable to the resources of Sun Stone.

Attracted everyone’s berserk.

There are wars everywhere.

Chaos is everywhere…

But the most frightening thing is that some ancient ruins have been excavated.

These ancient relics are from the ancient martial arts of the East, as well as civilized and technological…

Many big powers, such as the laboratories of the gods and the Maya industry.

Too many good things have been obtained in these ruins.

There are future technology and ancient martial arts…

Velador also participated a lot.

There are gains and losses.

There are no small collisions with the laboratories of the gods, the Maya industry, and the imperial organization.

Hundreds of times.

The loss is not small, but overall there is no threat to Velador.

But this year more powerhouses emerged.

The mysterious dark web is even more powerful.

It is the most authoritative among the major lists.

This list is called God List.

There are a hundred people on the list.

It records all the strong players that have been shot in the past two years!

Sarah is on the list and ranks eighth!

Qilin and White Tiger are also on the list.

A forty-seventh.

A seventy-ninth.

There is another unexpected person…

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