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Chapter 2203

“Sarah’s husband, Levi, violated the house rules of my ancient Ye clan! When Levi disappeared, Sarah took over the house rules! I punish Sarah in the name of the ancient Ye clan and die!”

Ye Wudao shouted.

At this point, he is not in a hurry.

Although Major Tiance had control over this place, the strength of the others was greatly reduced.

But how could everyone give up the fight for the Heavenly Sword.

Marshal Tiance is invincible in this place.

But he can’t stay here all his life, right?

There is always time to leave, right?

As soon as he left, the Heavenly Sword could compete again!

It’s better to kill these people like Sarah at this time…

“I also support!”

The top ten forces of Velador expressed their attitudes one after another.

Even if some forces have something to do with Sarah, they all expressed their opinions.



All the major forces present expressed their opinions and killed Sarah first.

After all, the two purposes of coming here this time-Tianjian and Sarah.

“Kill Sarah!!!”

Thousands of people in the field shouted to punish Sarah.

“Well, in that case! I will sacrifice the Heavenly Sword with her blood!!!”

The marshal Tiance shouted.

The heavenly sword in his hand seemed to resonate with a humming sound.

A terrible atmosphere of destruction permeated the audience.

Make everyone feel tight.

Is this the Heavenly Sword?


Everyone is greedy!

Feeling the breath of the Heavenly Sword, Ye Wudao’s eyes were almost shining!

“Sarah! I killed you with the Heavenly Sword today! To wash away your charges!”

The Marshal Tiance raised the Heavenly Sword to kill Sarah.

At this moment, Sarah was only slightly injured, and she still had the strength to fight.

After all, she is eighth on the god list!

Facing the swift attack from the young marshal of Tiance, Sarah fought hard.

Show everything that the Dark God taught her.

The powerful strength made everyone present stunned, even Ye Wudao squinted his eyes and re-examined Sarah.

Obviously Sarah is more terrifying than everyone thought.

Most of the people present wanted to get rid of it quickly, and wanted to kill the eighth on the gods list to improve their reputation.

But now that Sarah’s true strength was revealed, everyone was dumbfounded.

Sarah was finally underestimated.

This woman broke out, she was invincible!

It is even stronger than holding a heavenly sword!

At that time, she just relied on the aura of the sky sword to oppress, her own strength did not show off.

Now it broke out completely.

“It’s hard to kill this woman…”

Ye Wudao finally knew why Sarah had been listed as a devil, but he was still alive.

She is too strong.

Few people can kill her!

Other people think the same way.

If it is one-on-one, it will be difficult for Tiance Young Master to kill Sarah in a short time.

But the problem is that the Marshal Tiance got the Heavenly Sword!

Moreover, he had been in retreat here for a long time before, nourished by the heavenly sword to the sun.

He has a certain connection with Tianjian.

It is easier to use the Heaven Sword than everyone present, and it is easier to use the power of the Heaven Sword.

Seeing that Sarah was so strong, the Marshal Tiance was resisting stubbornly.

He is also angry!

What he is practising is the Zhiyang technique, and his Zhiyang Zhenqi is surging like a sea.

Combined with the sword of the sun, it was like a god descending into the world for a while, killing all quarters.

One after another Zhiyang Jianqi swept Sarah.

As a disciple of the Dark God, Sarah practiced Zhiyin techniques and learned dark killing techniques.

But facing Tianjian and Tiance Marshal was restrained.


As soon as the Heavenly Sword came out, Sarah was immediately burned by Zhiyang Jianqi.

The marshals of Tiance used sturdy moves with big openings and closings.

Sarah was directly suppressed, vomiting blood one after another.


With another swift offensive, Sarah was directly blown out.

There were many scars all over his body.

“Everything should be over!”

Chapter 2204

Sarah was beaten until he lost his temper, and had no strength to defend and fight back.

Lying there, can only wait for the arrival of death.

She has given up.

There is no hope of survival.

All her companions have given up on her.

The moment the Marshal Tiance obtained the Heavenly Sword, the Dark God ordered everyone in the Bible organization to evacuate, no longer participate in the fight, and gave up Sarah alone.

Her value is gone.

Marshal Tiance laughed. After using the Heavenly Sword, he felt that he was an omnipotent killer!



Everyone also saw the true power of the Heavenly Sword!

This brought the combat effectiveness of the Tiance Marshal to an unprecedented height.

Ye Wudao began to look greedy.

Others are also greedy.

Fight for the Heavenly Sword even if you die!

Can not give up.

“Sarah go to death!!!”

Marshal Tiance waved his heavenly sword and slashed at Sarah.

Sarah has closed his eyes.

In addition to these hypocritical enemies, the enemies who really killed Levi were also wiped out.

The Lab of the Gods was also destroyed.

She can feel relieved to see Levi below.

Heavenly Sword’s edge is revealed!

To tear the plum dye.

Everyone started cheering.

The devil is finally dying.

The eighth of the god list has fallen.

Everyone is here to watch the excitement.

Wen Lei, Regina, and Qilin wanted to make a move.

But the four great gods will wait for the strong of Tiance Mansion to control them tightly.

Don’t give them a chance to save people.

“sister in law!!!”

Qilin and they are desperate!

I watched Sarah going to die…

However, due to the fact that Sarah is the devil, they are actually a bit hesitant.

It’s right to protect Levi and his family.

But Sarah are all sinners, and all are public enemies of Velador.

This is the root of their contradiction!

Tiance Mansion wants to finish everything today.

The Heaven Sword in his hand will never stop.

In despair.


Suddenly a majestic blast came and hit the sky sword.

“Da da da……”

The marshal Tiance stepped back again and again, and cracks came one after another under his feet.

His face was unbelievable.

There are people who can push him back?

The same goes for everyone else present.

I don’t believe that someone will save Sarah at this time…

Qilin and the others showed a smile of joy, but they were also looking for who made the shot.


The marshal Tiance shouted.

Even Sarah is looking for who saved him?

At this time, a small figure appeared in everyone’s eyes.

A child? ? ?

Everyone was dumbfounded when the child appeared.

Can children come out of this place?

Or is it the kid who forced the retreat of Tiance Marshal?


“Junjun? What are you doing here?”

The marshal Tiance recognizedAubrey at a glance, and he thought thatAubrey had gone to a distant place through practice.

I didn’t want to run here.

Aubrey glared at him, did not speak, and went straight to Sarah.


Sarah was taken aback for a moment, and then he huggedAubrey in his arms.


She was honed into a killing machine, yes, almost all emotions were wiped out.

But it’s not that the six relatives don’t recognize it, you know it naturally.

The audience was shocked when the Tiance Marshal said the identity ofAubrey.

“It turned out to be an unparalleled little genius in Tiance Mansion!”

“I heard that the young genius of Tiance Mansion had come out to practice! I didn’t expect it to be true!”

Ye Wudao looked at Aubrey carefully: “Is this Levi’s child?”

Lawrence and the others also looked different: “Are they all grown up like this?”

As soon asAubrey appeared, the marshal Tiance frowned: “What are you doing in this place? Go back quickly! This is not what you should be here!”

Junjun appeared, it was difficult for him to start.

He was also afraid of the ancestors behind Aubrey.

Even if he is now in charge of Tiance Mansion, these ancestors would not listen to him at all.

Maybe he came, and people will save face.

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