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Chapter 2205

Junjun shook his head stubbornly: “No! Mom can’t die! Junjun won’t let her die!”


The marshal Tiance became more and more embarrassed.

Do you really want to attackAubrey?

Will the ancestors behind her agree?

“Do you know how big a mistake your mother made? How many people did she kill? How much blood was on her hands?”

Asked the marshal Tiance.

Aubrey shook his head: “My mother must have been framed! She is not such a person! What’s more, I don’t care about everything else, I only know that I am here, and my mother can’t die!”

The ancestors in the dark were still worried.

The scene they expected still appeared-Aubrey will eventually make a move.

If there is chaos in the future, do they want to take action?

“Hahaha…I really laughed at me! Is the daughter of this female devil the number one genius in Tiance Mansion?”

“It turns out that Tiance Mansion is the demon training base! It really laughs me! The hypocritical and hypocritical Tiance Mansion!”

“Tiance Mansion, are you trying to shield this devil?”

For a while, everyone shouted, which made Tiance Mansion’s face lost.

Have something to do with the devil.

What a shame.

But in this way, Sarah will kill even more!

Use this to clean up the face of Tiance Mansion!

“Don’t bullshit! This child has been disconnected from the outside world since joining Tiance Mansion! How is her mother and what does it have to do with her? What does it have to do with my Tiance Mansion?”

“I declare it again! This female devil must die today! The Heavenly Sword in her hand must cut her head! No one can stop it!”

The Marshal Tiance immediately stated his position.

“Haha, this kid is stopping, do you dare?”

“Don’t dare! Don’t dare to do something to her, right?”

Everyone laughed.

“What can I not dare? Dare to stop me from killing Sarah, die!”

Marshal Tiance was angered.

He just took a step, Aubrey stopped in front of him: “If you want to kill my mother, first defeat me!”


A terrible breath swayed from Aubrey, covering the audience.

Everyone has a tight heart.

Marshal Tiance felt unprecedented pressure!

This kid seems to be better than plum dye!

No wonder several ancestors would let her go down the mountain to practice.

It turned out that she had enough strength to let her out.


The young commander Tiance looked solemn.

Before Aubrey appeared, he was the first genius in Tiance Mansion.

NowAubrey has snatched his reputation, if it weren’t for her to be a child, Tiance Marshal would have wanted to try.

It wasn’t until today that Marshal Ce realized that he had despised it before, thinking that it was because the child hadn’t taken it seriously.

But now I find that this kid is too strong!

“Marshal Tiance, dare you dare to kill her! Slay Li Zi again?”

Everyone began to encourage the marshal of Tiance.

But in the face ofAubrey, Tiance Marshal did not do anything.

Even the four great gods were silent.

If they were known to the ancestors for their action againstAubrey, they would not know how miserable they would end up!

Dare not!

There was no action at Tiance Mansion!

“Hahaha… Don’t you dare?”

Everyone laughed.

At this time, Ye Wudao signaled everyone to be quiet.

He said coldly: “Now this child is preventing the Marshal Tiance from killing the devil! After all, this child belongs to the Tiance Mansion! They are forgiven for not doing anything! Now we have to help!”

“I’ll help you! Give this child to me! It happened that her father violated my Garrison’s house rules! I will punish her too! You come to kill Sarah!”

Ye Wudao stood up.

Marshal Tiance smiled.

This crisis was finally lifted.

He can’t do anything toAubrey, but others can!

Ye Wudao directly killed Aubrey fiercely.

All of a sudden, he entangled Aubrey and thoroughly exposed Sarah to the marshal of Tiance.

Chapter 2206

The ancestors in the dark also became anxious, their hearts hanging in their throats.

They don’t want to care about the situation of plum dye, nor do they want to know.

ButAubrey’s every move affects their hearts.

Everyone was nervous to the extreme, watching the battle between Aubrey and Ye Wudao in horror.

Ye Wudao knows thatAubrey is powerful, so his shot is a fierce move, and he won’t have any reservations.

Aubrey can only come up with real things to parry.

And she wants to protect her mother, so she is fully capable of fighting.

Watching the super battle between Ye Wudao andAubrey.

Everyone was shocked.

This kid is so strong?

Hardly shake Ye Wudao this great god!

The whole world knows how strong Ye Wudao is.

But the child didn’t let the wind fall in the slightest, which surprised everyone.

When she was fighting Ye Wudao, she could still faintly consider Sarah, which was even more shocking.

Even the Marshal Tiance stared at him for a while.

As expected of several ancestral religions, so strong?

According to this posture, Aubrey can single him and Ye Wudao at the same time.

“Why are you still stunned? Go and kill Sarah?”

Ye Wudao reminded with dissatisfaction.

The marshal Tiance who reacted immediately killed Sarah.

ButAubrey went crazy, and after he forced Ye Wudao back, he blocked him in front of Marshal Tiance.

The terrible combat power is simply suffocating!



There is such a powerful force in this small body?

Worthy of being the unparalleled genius of Tiance Mansion!

Several old ancestors in the dark showed gratified smiles.

I finally saw the side ofAubrey’s growth.

“Don’t look at whose apprentice it is!”

The female ancestor looked proud.

For a while, Aubrey blocked the joint attack of Ye Wudao and Young Master Tiance.

Of course, the young marshal Tiance had restrained himself, and he didn’t dare to really attackAubrey.

He can’t bear the anger of several ancestors!

“Hurry up, you guys too! Get together!”

Ye Wudao shouted.

Lawrence, the powerful Ye Clan, reacted and all killedAubrey.

Lawrence understood everything in an instant.

Ye Wudao helped the young marshal Tiance stop Aubrey and let him kill Sarah.

But the main reason was that Ye Wudao wanted to captureAubrey in order to coerce Tiance Mansion into surrendering the Heavenly Sword.

Just now how importantAubrey is to Tiance Mansion, everyone sees it…

A madman as strong as Tiance Marshal, he didn’t put anyone in his eyes. When he saw this child, he didn’t dare to do anything, and the whole Tiance Mansion was dumb.

It can be seen how high is the status of this child in Tiance Mansion?

Once she is captured, then the Marshal Tiance will have to change, or if not, he will have to change.

This is the best opportunity!

Whoever gets this child is equivalent to getting a heavenly sword.

Lawrence sighed, as expected to be Ye Wudao, his mind turned so fast.

I’m afraid that even the Marshal Tiance didn’t react, right?

After the strong Ye Clan shot, he directly blockedAubrey.

The other major forces also saw clearly the purpose of the Tiance Major Commander one by one.

Understand the truth that the Heavenly Sword can be obtained by capturingAubrey.

“Let’s go too! We must catch this kid!”

The other masters were crazy, and began to join the battle group to attackAubrey.

They want to capture Aubrey.

At a time, thousands of people attacked one of you.

Now, no matter how strongAubrey is, there is no way to care about plum dyeing.

She cannot protect herself.

Ye Wudao and the others also became nervous.

Originally, he wanted to capture Aubrey by himself, but this kid was too strong and really couldn’t catch him for a while.

It’s all right now, everyone has reacted.

It was difficult to catch Aubrey now.

The Young Master Tiance also reacted, and the purpose of this group of people was to capture Aubrey and exchange the Heavenly Sword in his hand.

But he reacted slowly.

Forget it, kill Sarah first, right?

The marshal Tiance kills Sarah with a sword in his hand.

Stabbed with a sword!


There was a penetrating sound, and the audience was shocked.

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