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Chapter 2225

It’s so funny!

This is the biggest joke Cthulrun has ever heard in his life!

Someone is telling Levi to work hard!

Even Wenia and his sister Regina agreed, looking at Levi with hope.

Although Levi is no longer a top powerhouse in this era, they believe that Levi’s hard work, if the goddess of luck comes and get some opportunities, it might not be impossible to become a top powerhouse again.

Although hope is slim.

But there are still some.

Once they get the opportunity, they believe that Levi can grasp it better than anyone else.

After all, Levi has a good foundation.

Everyone smiled and looked at him expectantly.

This made Levi dumbfounded.

Everything they have for themselves stayed three years ago.

In the past three years, you have made progress, and I have also made progress.

How do you think I am stagnant?

I won’t do anything for three years?

If I don’t do anything, how can I get out of the dark prison?

The Evil god Cthulrun was angered, and he shouted: “You don’t know what power is! You don’t know what power is!”

“People who go up the mountain laugh at the god who goes down the mountain? No! This is the god above the nine heavens! Not the god of the mountain!”

The image of the evil god Cthulrun tells the difference between Levi and them.

All of them are people going up the mountain, but Levi is a god above the nine heavens!

As soon as Cthulrun said this, everyone present looked at him.

The look was like looking at an ignorant idiot.

“We admit that the boss was the top powerhouse in the world three years ago! The power of one person is fighting against the entire laboratory of the gods!

But you can’t worship blindly! You have changed so much in the past three years! The strength of the boss is the most medium! You have been imprisoned for too long, hurry up and get a good understanding of this new era! “

“Do you think you are also a top-notch player? Should we try?”

Hearing Cthulrun’s words were uncomfortable, everyone relentlessly hit back.

Cthulrun’s retreat was not effective when he was locked up, so he made little progress, no different from three years ago.

They are not opponents at all against Alton Wesley.


Cthulrun was speechless for a while.

do not know what to say.

The blame is on himself, he has been decadent in the past three years, and his strength has not increased.

Otherwise, can you be bullied by these little boys?

Levi shook his head helplessly.

This group of brothers abandoned their own practice.

But they don’t blame them. If there is something “better”, more efficient, and faster, they will basically choose.

What’s more, the temperament of these brothers just refused to admit defeat!

Always thinking of becoming stronger, becoming themselves, or even surpassing themselves, they will protect Velador.

They can definitely choose when they encounter this kind of quick exercise method and cultivation method.

And they can endure more hardships than anyone else.

Therefore, in order to make progress so quickly, they are basically the strongest of the gods.

Levi doesn’t blame them.

Everyone has the right to choose.

Especially his brothers, he doesn’t ask too much.

But now he hoped that those apprentices and the secret team that he had trained by himself.

They shouldn’t abandon it, right?

They all grew up relying on this basic exercise and the method of not breaking or standing.

At the beginning, Levi heard that this was the oldest exercise method, but he thought it was the method that was not broken or established, and that it was the oldest exercise method.

Later he found out that he was wrong.

Not breaking or standing is just a practice method, and the oldest practice method is actually the basic practice method that has been neglected.

The foundation is always being laid, so it is easy to be overlooked.

But in fact, the most basic of this door is the oldest and most powerful…

Soon, Bellard and the others also came.

Levi’s eyes lit up.

Hopeful for my apprentice…

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