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Chapter 2228

Little does it know that this is true!

Cthulrun had already described it.

god above the nine heavens!

Levi suddenly thought of a question-Aubery.

Just pay attention to my apprentices and brothers.

Now go and see Aubery, whether she has been using the most basic exercises.

When he found Aubery, Levi was surprised and happy.

Because she is practicing martial arts.

And what he practiced is the most basic exercise he taught.

Levi glanced.

It can be seen that although Aubery has several ancestral religions.

It can almost be said to be the most orthodox practice of Velador, which is different from Bellard and the others.

But Aubery is still practicing with his basic exercises, and has been working diligently to lay the foundation.


Upon seeing Levi, Aubery stopped practicing martial arts and ran over excitedly.

“Aubery has been practicing the exercises his father taught?”

Levi asked excitedly.

After being disappointed for a long time, I finally found comfort in my daughter.

Aubery nodded fiercely: “Yes, Aubery has been practicing! Aubery believes that Dad will not lie to me, it is the best for me!”

“What’s more, the foundation of this exercise is the best. There is no one! The foundation of Aubery must be continued! Moreover, Aubery has discovered some of the wonders of this technique after practicing…”

Aubery began to explain to Levi the mystery of basic exercises, which was also Aubery’s new discovery.

Levi felt more frightened as she listened.

Aubery’s talent is too terrible, right?

Aubery realized it unexpectedly.

This daughter is better than him!

“However, several masters told me to give up this exercise! They said that Aubery’s foundation is good enough! I don’t need to continue practicing! And the level of this exercise is relatively low! They have more orthodox and stronger methods. Exercise! This exercise is unnecessary, and practicing it again is a waste of time!”

Aubery curled his lips and said.

Levi asked: “So you practice secretly?”

Aubery nodded: “Yes! Aubery has been practicing secretly, but in fact Aubery understands that several masters discovered that I was secretly practicing this technique. It’s just that although this technique was useless in a short time, But there is no harm or side effects, so let Aubery practice secretly, everyone opened one eye and closed another!”

The ancestors in the dark nodded in relief.

That’s right.

They had long discovered that Aubery was practicing secretly.

It’s just that there is no harm, so they let Aubery go to practice.

After all, everyone loves this child too much.

But at this time, Levi stared at Junjundao with a serious face: “Aubery, from now on you have to give up all the exercises taught to you by several masters! Concentrate on practicing this basic exercise!”

“Maybe it won’t be effective in a short time! But if you have to abandon everything and practice specifically, you will know my intentions.”


Aubery hesitated and was embarrassed.

Although she believed in Levi, she gave up all the master’s.

Is this a bit bad?

If you let the masters know, you will definitely be unhappy.

That’s right.

When the ancestors in the dark heard Levi’s suggestion, they were furious.

“Aubery believes in Dad, but some masters have practiced for so long. If they rashly abandon them, Master and others will be unhappy! Dad, Aubery, practice everything!”

Aubery said.

Levi smiled helplessly: “Aubery! I understand the friendship between you and the masters! But now you need to abandon everything and practice the basic exercises that dad gave you!”

“Well, Dad won’t force you! You think about it and give me an answer tomorrow! You can agree or disagree!”

Seeing Aubery embarrassed, Levi did not force her.

“Okay, Dad, I will think about it!”

Aubery nodded.

Levi had just left from here, and several ancestors greeted him.

“Levi, what are you talking nonsense??”

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