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Chapter 2229

“You actually letAubrey abandon everything we teach?”

Several ancestors approached Ye Jun aggressively.

“Give up what we taught and practice the most basic thing you taught her?”

“Levi, are you sick?”

The female ancestor roared.

Levi nodded: “Yes, Junjun has realized it now! You must abandon the exercises you taught! The best way for her is to study what I teach!”

“Let’s put it this way, she can be very strong when you practice what you teach! But she can practice me wholeheartedly! She can be the strongest!”


The ancestors laughed immediately.

Everyone looked at Levi like a fool.

Can you become the strongest by practicing what he teaches?

Isn’t it funny?

It was so laughable.

Several ancestors knew and studied the most basic exercisesAubrey practiced.

It is very good to lay the foundation.

Even the best.

Aubrey had just been sent, and when they checked Aubrey, they also praised Levi for handing over Aubrey’s foundation so well.

Did not take any detours, did not wasteAubrey’s talent.

But that is just a basic and easy-to-use exercise method.

The road behind Aubrey is still long, and a corresponding higher-level exercise technique is needed later.

Laying the foundation is just the beginning.

It is the most useless thing for a genius likeAubrey.

“I heard that this kid has been locked up for three years, is he locked up stupid?”

“Do you think it was three years ago? Think you are a strong one?”

“Who gave you the courage to makeAubrey give up our practice?”

Several ancestors were very dissatisfied with Levi’s behavior.

“Levi is telling you the truth! In this era you are nothing! Your strength in this era is very weak! It can only be regarded as medium! Your apprentice brothers are better than you! This is a fact, you have to accept it!”

“The magical exercises you consider as magical can only be used for the basics, and it is not worth mentioning in this era! To put it bluntly, it is just like the roadside stalls! There are as many as you want!”

“Yeah, isn’t it a basic exercise technique? Three years ago, how much was required, not to mention now?”

“I have heard that many technology companies directly transform your body, so that you instantly have the best foundation and the best physique!”

“Levi doesn’t talk about this era, just three years ago you thought you were a top powerhouse! But in our eyes you are very weak! Your technique is not worth mentioning!”

“Look at the new era, you have become a weak chicken! But we are still at the top! Just like this, you wantAubrey to give up our practice?”

“You are not helping her! You are harming her!”

“I don’t want to hear this again!”

Several old ancestors are indeed angry.

Angry at Levi.

At this time, the evil god Huoyun appeared, and he said to several ancestors: “I admit that you are very strong! But you are not Mr. Ye’s opponent!”

“Yes, here’s another lunatic! The two lunatics have been shut down for silly! They don’t have a clear understanding of their own strength!”

“There is no need for us to help him recognize themselves, there will be other people coming to help them recognize themselves!”

Several ancestors refer to the strong who gathered immediately.

There are many enemies of Levi, who will definitely let Levi understand how weak he is.

No need for them to take action.

“Don’t let us see you persecutingAubrey again…”

After several ancestors finished their warnings, they disappeared from here.

Levi thought for a while.

He will not forceAubrey on this matter and let her choose freely.

He won’t blame it for what he chooses.

He never mentioned this to Aubrey again…

“Look, the warning is still effective! It is estimated that Levi is scared, so he won’t mention it to Aubrey…”

Several ancestors only regarded him as scared.

Chapter 2230

This is actually a father’s love for his daughter.

No matter what his daughter chooses, he will support it.

“Dad, don’t forceAubrey for now, Junjun will consider it carefully!”

Aubrey said.

“No, I will support you whatever you choose!”

Levi touchedAubrey’s head.

The ancestors in the dark were happy when they saw it.

“Junjun, this child is really good. He clearly has a choice in his heart. For fear of hurting his father’s face, he deliberately said to consider it.”

“Well, this child wants a bowl of water to be smooth! I don’t want Levi to be sad! The child is a good boy, so he has such a father!”

Several ancestors sighed.

In their opinion, Junjun will definitely rely on their practice.

After all, what they teach ignores the development of the times.

No matter how the times change, they are the strongest.

Next, Levi saw old friends.

Three years have passed.

Things are wrong.

These people have all changed and become strong.

In addition to these people, there are many, many people.

They are all people who came to fight against Sarah and see Levi…

All over Velador and even the whole world, the voice of punishing Sarah is getting louder and louder.

The tragic killings caused by Sarah in the past three years have been revealed one by one.

Video, picture, text…

A complete description of Sarah’s killings.

Some people also made a list of deaths.

The number of people is shocking.

The situation is getting worse.

Sarah aroused public anger.

Become a public enemy of the world.

Everyone can’t wait to kill and then hurry up, can’t wait to dye plums and peel off the skin cramps and drink up her blood.

The anger is hardest to quell!

The situation got worse, and countless people petitioned Li Zi to die.

Sarah is immortal, and the anger is hard to calm…

Seeing the development of the situation, Levi looked solemn and frowned.

He understood that all of this was deliberately instigated by the dark God behind the scenes that caused the current state of affairs.

Although Li Zi killed everyone, everything he did was instigated by the dark god behind him.

But Sarah killed someone after all!

She did kill the humans, and she couldn’t get away.

Must give an explanation!

“Have you seen? This is how your master plans everything behind the scenes and incites the masses to kill you!”

Levi said to Sarah.

Sarah shook his head: “Impossible! Besides! I did all this for you! How could I kill so many people if it weren’t for your revenge? Are you talking coldly at this time? You even made up Master’s. lie!”


Levi sighed.


There are hundreds of thousands of strong people gathered in Case York, and the number is still increasing.

It is estimated that hundreds of thousands of people will come in the end.

Everyone formed an alliance of exterminating demons.

To hold a demon extermination conference in Case York.

We want to dye plums and kill them!

Levi has been with Qilin and the others.

“Boss, it may be difficult for us to keep you and sister-in-law at that time! But we should be able to open a passage! Let you and sister-in-law escape! At that time you will stay away from Velador and find a place where there is no one to avoid the limelight!”

“Yes, boss, we all desperately protect you from leaving! You believe in our strength!”

Everyone expressed their opinions.

Huo Yun Cthulhu looked at everyone with disdain.

This one needs your protection?

Levi interrupted: “By the way, Kunlun Industry is developing well now! But how did I hear that Kunlun Industry has changed owners? It belongs to the young master of Tiance?”


As soon as this problem came out, everyone’s expressions changed.

Commoner Killing God said: “Sir, let me explain this matter… It is actually the best for Tiance to become a Kunlun Industry! The effect of his leadership of Kunlun Industry is obvious to all! Kunlun Industry has become a top power, and each of us has become a top powerhouse. !”

Everyone nodded.

I’m still very convinced by Tiance Marshal!

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