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Chapter 2231


Let’s talk about actual results!

Since Marshal took charge of Kunlun Industry, Kunlun Industry has indeed taken off.

Without him, there would be absolutely no Kunlun Industry today.

If anyone is in charge, Kunlun Industry will not be as strong as it is now.

Be able to become the world’s top power, with the same reputation as Maya Industry and so on.

The main reason is that Tiance’s young commander has strong ability, hard wrists, big background and high status…

No one will have this effect…

Therefore, everyone in Kunlun Industry is convinced by Marshal!


Even if the thorns of the unicorns were unwilling at first, they were not easy to be sent under the fence.

Later, they were all convinced by Marshal of Tiance.

This man is really scary!

Even the unicorns can grow to where they are now, and Marshal of Tiance accounts for half of the credit.

Marshal has never been stingy, giving Alton their top-notch exercises and all the highest medicines.

Will not mind the previous contradiction.

Until now, everyone believes that the boss of Kunlun Industry is the young commander of Tiance.

And Levi is just the founder.

The two have absolutely different concepts.

“Yes, the boss has one thing to say, Kunlun Industry can now become the world’s top power, it depends on the young commander of the sky!”

Everyone said together.

Levi sneered: “So now Kunlun Industry is the young master of Tiance?”

As soon as these words came out, the atmosphere in the court suddenly became cold.

Everyone was silent all at once.

I dare not say one more word.

The Common Killer didn’t speak anymore.


A long silence.

But Levi had already got the answer.

Silence is the answer.

“It’s okay, everyone doesn’t need to be so serious! I just want to ask!”

Levi smiled and said, “I will ask you one more question-Marshal of Tiance is in charge of Kunlun Industry! Do you serve it? Tell the truth! I don’t want to see your silence!”


When Levi’s problem came up, everyone looked at each other.

The Common Killer came out first.

“Sir, I am convinced of him! I am convinced!”

Soon, Alton and Wesley stood up one by one.

“I also take it!”

“Me too!”

Wenia also stood up: “It can be said that Velador had you in the past, but now Velador has a young strategy! We are convinced by him!”

Everyone was convinced of the young master of Tiance.

“Well, if you are convinced, it’s fine! I’m still worried that you don’t accept him, and then work under him again, that’s how aggrieved!”

Levi smiled.

Kunlun’s industry is developing well, and he is also happy.

It’s no problem for Marshal to take charge.

After all, it was Velador’s power.

The stronger, the better for Velador.

He would not care, but would clap his hands in applause.

But his question fell in the ears of everyone but it changed.

Everyone felt that Levi lost his position as the helm of Kunlun Industry and was angry, but he was powerless.

After all, it is impossible to fight back from the hands of the young master of Tiance.

“Sir, in fact, as long as Kunlun’s industry develops well, it doesn’t matter who is the owner! It is said that the owner of Kunlun industry is the entire Velador!”

Common K!lling god also took the initiative to comfort.

“Yes, boss, you have always been tired, it’s time to rest!”

Everyone didn’t want to see Levi work so hard again.

“I heard someone wants to take Kunlun Industry back?”

At this moment, a shout came.

Next second.

The figure of Marshal appeared on the court.

Behind them are the capable officers of the young commander of Tiance, and the four great gods will come personally.

Alton and the others immediately explained: “Young marshal, the boss didn’t mean that, he just asked!”

They were afraid of a conflict between Marshal and Levi.

After all, there has been before.

“Really? I don’t feel like it? Does anyone want to take it back?”

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