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Chapter 2243

The blade was completely submerged in Levi’s chest!

Splashing blood!


Everyone has a numb scalp.


When Levi pulled out the knife, the blade had completely changed from black to faint green.

Obviously, the special element of this weapon had been left in Levi’s body, and it had reacted with the blood.


Many people smiled cruelly when they saw this.

In this way, Levi’s solution was announced.

Once this vicious weapon of Maya Industry pierces the body, if the special element acts, it will undoubtedly die.

Watching the body corroded day by day, but there was nothing to do.

You can only die in pain.

Qilin and they were unwilling to watch it anymore.

They deeply understand what this knife penetration means…

All of them were full of chagrin and blamed themselves.

They are getting stronger!

But what’s the use?

The boss who they say they want to protect is suffering from such extreme pain,

“Keep going!”

Everyone urged.


Levi picked up the knife and dropped it, and the second knife pierced his chest, splashing blood.

Everyone found that the color of the weapon was darker.

It shows that more special elements have invaded Levi’s body.


At this moment, Sarah felt heartache, a feeling he hadn’t had in three years.

She seemed to have recovered from the hatred.




Qilin and they both yelled distressedly.

But Levi wouldn’t let them take care of it!

At this time they also understood Levi’s intentions, he wanted to bear everything for his wife.

Huoyun Cthulhu understands everything better.

It’s not that Levi can’t solve it, but he is responsible!


The third cut!


Fourth knife!

Sixty knives have been inserted!

Levi’s wounds were already covered with blood, and he became a blood man.

Hundreds of thousands of people present witnessed the whole process.


They all felt the extreme pain and torment, and they all imagined the feeling of so many stabbings on their body in a row.

Can’t bear it!

Maybe it hurts alive!

Not to mention that this knife is still a special weapon of Maya Industry, which is more painful and terrifying.

Everyone is thinking about the fact-if it is not possible to remove the pain nerve, few people can hold it!

But Levi’s complexion was unwavering, and he didn’t even blink his brows.

As if it wasn’t him who stabbed!


“It’s a guy!”

“Although he is medium in strength! Few people can compare in this respect!”

Levi also conquered many people.


There are wounds all over, and there is no place to puncture, what should I do?


I saw Levi stabbed in the other wounds.


Levi gritted his teeth, but he didn’t make a sound.

But other people looked uncomfortable and felt like they were tingling all over.

Isn’t it too cruel?

A stab at the wound!

Can’t stand it.

Even Ye Wudao Zhiliu gasped.

Obviously they couldn’t make Levi hate so much.

But I feel refreshed!

They were really comfortable seeing Levi being tortured like this!

Seeing the former king suffer so much pain, no one is excited.

Levi continued to pierce the knife into the body again and again.

Seventy dollars!

One hundred dollars!

Levi stabbed a hundred knives!

“Da da da……”

After stabbing a hundred knives, Levi was already a little unsteady.

After all, this is a real one hundred stabbings on the body.

Someone hurriedly went to Fu Levi.

Levi waved his hand, and he stood firm again.

Spit out a mouthful of congestion, and looked at everyone with a smile.

The smile seemed to be mocking.

It seems to be saying that another thousand dollars will be fine!

“I’ll go, this guy’s life is too hard, right?”

Everyone was shocked.

“But Levi is holding on!”

Chapter 2244

“After everyone is gone, I bet that Levi will immediately fall down and roll and cry for pain!”

Someone immediately agreed: “Yes, I also think that Levi is holding on! The former kings are more worthy of face than anyone else?”

“Yes, hundreds of thousands of people watch, he won’t cry out in pain! Let alone fall down! He wants to pretend to be shown to us!”

“I am looking forward to Levi’s miserable appearance in private! And the special element of this knife has already invaded his body, Levi will surely be gradually corroded until his death!”

Everyone laughed at the thought of Levi’s miserable look next.

At this time, Levi glanced at the audience: “I, Levi, have already stabbed himself a hundred times! Should you let my wife go as agreed?”

If someone says no word.

Levi will really get angry.

Charged up and slapped to death.


Although some people want to say something wrong, it’s not easy to say it in front of so many people.

“Now that you have done it! We have also fulfilled our promise! Let go of your wife!”

Marshal Tiance took the initiative to speak.

“Okay, we agree! This account has been written off!”

Everyone agreed.

“Wait! Let me say a few words!”

Ye Wudao stood up at this time.

“Levi now we are talking about the hatred between Sarah and Da Family, and the hatred with the whole world is resolved! You know what I mean?”

Ye Wudao asked.

“Yes, I know!”

Levi nodded.

Already knew what he was going to say.

“Listen to me, this is Sarah’s hatred with the whole world! We let him go! Don’t kill her today!

But the personal enmity between one of us and Sarah is still counted! If you want revenge, you still have to report! You can’t stop Tiance Mansion either! “

Ye Wudao said.

His meaning is very simple.

It is the public who kills plums today, everyone, and the whole world.

This is the hatred of the whole world, and it has nothing to do with private hatred.

Marshal Tiance nodded: “Well, I understand! We don’t care about private enmity!”

This is the word game Ye Wudao played.

For example, the hatred between Ye Clan and Levi, he has to continue.

But Levi didn’t care about it.

Today, I stabbed myself a hundred knives and gave the whole world an explanation.

Levi sneered: “Okay, it’s okay! But I have already paid off for my wife! As for personal enmity, you are welcome to report it! I wait!”

Those who come to avenge private revenge, Levi will do it.


Everyone laughed.

Just like Levi, you are welcome to take revenge?

I don’t know how to die.

You can hardly protect yourself, and want to keep Sarah?

Dream it!

What’s more, you don’t have that strength!

“Next abolish Sarah’s skill! For justice, let Tiance Mansion execute it!”

Naturally, Ye Wudao and the others would not forget to abolish the plum dyeing skills.

“I come!”

In the end, the marshal Tiance personally abolished Sarah’s skills!

But seeing Li Zi spit out blood, Levi felt relieved instead.

It is more likely that the plums will be dyed back.

“Well, everyone’s goals have been achieved! The punishment for Sarah and Levi is enough!”

The marshal Tiance shouted.

Hundreds of thousands of people slowly dispersed, half an hour.

Almost all disappeared.

But Levi and the others knew that many people looked like they had left, but in fact they were hiding in the dark, observing Levi all the time.

Among them are Levi’s enemies and deceased people.

They wanted to see how long Levi could last, and even more wanted to see his miserable appearance.

However, young marshal Tiance and Ye Wudao really left.

Staying here to watch jokes is detrimental to your reputation.

They have been in control of Levi’s news anyway, and there are more opportunities to humiliate and torture.

“Haha… Levi is going to make a prototype, right?”

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