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Chapter 2245

Now everyone is leaving.

In everyone’s opinion, Levi will definitely not continue to pretend.

Secretly everyone is waiting to see!

A smile appeared at the corner of Levi’s mouth, and he sat on the mat, letting blood drip and drip.

In the eyes of others, Levi couldn’t do it anymore.

He could no longer stand.

Even if he can’t be strong anymore.

He has been holding on in front!

Now watching the people go, he finally couldn’t stand, and sat down on the ground.

He is the end of the battle.

“Is there any wine?”

Levi shouted.

After being detained for three years, I really miss this bite.


Someone brought spirits right away.

Levi gulped directly.

“See? Levi is no longer good! Now I want to use spirits to relieve the pain!”

“Yeah! The front is just pretending! To save face, I don’t want everyone to see him in embarrassment!”

“Now his brothers and apprentices are still there, he’s still pretending, when these people leave, I guess he will make a scream like a pig?”

Everyone in the dark was refreshed.

Tylera was the first to watch Levi drinking strong wine.

She immediately took out a lot of medicines with the Kunlun Industrial logo.

“Boss, take it immediately. This is Kunlun Industry’s painkiller, especially useful! And this is a hemostatic agent! There are healing agents! They have incredible effects!”

Tylera was so excited to give it to Levi.

In this era, ancient miraculous pill and modern medicine are favored.

For example, the medicine produced by Kunlun Industry may be exaggerated to come back to life, but the medicine can basically cure the disease.

“Yes, boss, take it quickly!”

Everyone began to urge.

They are very worried about Levi’s situation.

There was a saying, these brothers felt pain in their hearts when they saw Levi stabbing him with a stab.

But Levi shook his head: “No! I can’t use these!”

“Pretend! Start pretending again! In order to pretend to be tough guys for the apprentices! No potions are needed!”

“Should he let his blood drain to death, and see if he still pretends?”

Everyone in the dark began to say that Levi was pretending again.

Everyone has been persuading Levi to take medicine, the Sword Evil God and them are also persuading, even Sarah is also persuading.

“Sir, just take it! This is their heart!”

Huo Yun Cthulhu said.

He could see that if Levi didn’t take the medicine anymore, this group of people would have to use tough methods to get Levi to take it.

Levi had no choice but to take the medicine.

The medicine is still effective.

Soon the blood stopped, and the wound was slowly healing.

However, because of the special weapons of the Maya industry, the healing speed is not very fast.

But it eased.

But what they didn’t know was that it was the same for Levi.

He is fine at all!

It’s just a bit of blood.

“Hey! The biggest problem right now is that Master was injured by the special weapon of Maya Industry! The special elements have already worked in Master’s body, and it will soon corrode the body until it is completely ulcerated!”

Xiao Feng said a problem that caused everyone’s headaches.

Suddenly everyone’s faces collapsed.

I don’t want to face this problem, but we must face it all.

Once stabbed by a weapon of Maya Industry, he was declared dead and there was no way to save him.

Kunlun Industry has been studying solutions for a full year and invested a lot of resources, but no results have been achieved.

This is true of other major forces.

At present, being stabbed by a weapon of Maya Industry is totally unsolvable.

“No! I have to find a cure if I die!”

“Tylera, hurry up and study! You must work out a solution!”

“We are all over the world going to Zhao to solve the problem, I believe it will be possible!”

Levi’s apprentices and brothers all made up their minds.

Chapter 2246

A solution must be found to prevent Ye Jun from dying.

They give everything they can to protect Levi.

Everyone looked at each other and determined the next task.

“But everyone must first make sure that the matter of keeping the boss alive has not been resolved, or it is difficult!

However, we can delay the onset of the boss’s injury and buy more time to find a solution! “

Wesley was clear-headed and analyzed rationally.

Others agreed.

“Okay, let’s do this! First delay the onset of the boss’s injury! This is not difficult! Then find a solution!”

Everyone agreed.

Everyone in the dark laughed.

“Impossible! It was a wishful thinking! Because until now, no one except Maya Industry knows what this substance is…”

“Want to find a solution? Absolutely impossible!”

But at this moment Levi waved his hand suddenly: “No! I’m fine! I can’t be hurt by this point!”

“No, Master, we are talking about the special elements on this knife…”

Before Xiao Feng finished speaking, he was interrupted by Levi, “I know, this thing can’t hurt me, and even said there is no damage at all!”

Levi didn’t joking.

With his current physique, he didn’t even know what level he had reached.

In the past three years, his strength has reached a position above the gods.

A punch casually is the ultimate speed and strength.

But to pursue the ultimate speed and strength, can ordinary physique work?

can not!

Three years ago, Levi’s physique couldn’t bear such a punch.

It is estimated that his body exploded at the moment when the power was gathered, and he couldn’t bear it at all.

Because Levi’s physique became super powerful in the process of pursuing ultimate strength and speed.

It can even be said that there is no fear of everything!

The knife stabbed on the body and did not harm Levi in the slightest.

The weapons of Maya Industry could not cause any harm at all, and were dispelled after entering the body, and even said they could not penetrate at all.

Still want to corrode?

Less likely!

Levi’s physique was too strong to imagine, and it was definitely not something special elements could corrode.

So Levi is nothing at all!

It’s just that they don’t understand at all.

“Master, don’t hold on! You are all your own, so don’t pretend! You are already dying! You have to pretend to be indifferent!”

Xiao Feng couldn’t help but said directly.

Others hurriedly said: “Yes, there are no outsiders now! Don’t hold on! We know that in your heart you represent Velador, you must not fall, you must not show comfort!”

“But now there are no outsiders, they are all your own! Your brother, your apprentice, your family! You don’t have to face us with a strong side!”

“You don’t have to pretend, there are really no outsiders! I have driven away all the people who lurked around!”

Qilin and the others deliberately drove away the people hiding around one by one.

They always thought that Levi was bracing and pretending!

But Levi didn’t have it at all!

He’s okay!

Levi was helpless.

The Huoyun Cthulhu on the side couldn’t stand it anymore, he couldn’t help but said: “Okay, okay, to be honest, sir, there’s nothing wrong with it! You don’t need to use your medicine at all! You don’t need to find a solution, you should do it. Why go!”

Hearing the words of Huoyun Cthulhu, everyone was angry.

“You don’t know how much damage this knife has done, let alone the changes in this era! You should be with…”

Someone excitedly wanted to talk about Huoyun Cthulhu and Levi, but realized that they had missed their words.

Levi sneered: “You still want to say that this era has eliminated me, right?”

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