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Chapter 2247

“No! We didn’t mean it! Boss just you don’t know how powerful Maya Industries is!”

“Yes, we don’t mean it at all! What’s more, the boss, your strength is medium enough in this era! Eliminating the impossible!”

Everyone began to explain.

“Master, just listen to our arrangements! With us, you will be fine!”

Xiao Feng promised.

Levi’s expression changed: “You all leave first, I want to be quiet!”

“Boss (Master)…”

Everyone has to explain.

“Everyone! Can I be alone?”

Levi scolded loudly.

But everyone still stood hesitantly.

At this time, Commoner Killing God stood up.

“Everyone should leave first, let the gentleman be quiet! What’s more, just after taking the medicine, the injury has stabilized, and there will be no life-threatening for the time being!”

I heard Commoner Killing God say so.

Everyone left one after another.

“You guys leave too!”

Levi ordered.

Sword Evil God and they also left together.

After coming outside.

The God of Common Killer glanced at the people and said, “Do you think your husband doesn’t know how powerful Maya Industry’s weapons are? He is such a clever person who knew Ye Wudao when they chose this weapon!

“And do you think he doesn’t know the current situation? What is his physical condition, he knows better than anyone!”

Commoner’s words to kill the gods are simply initiating.

“So the boss is now in a serious situation! It’s just that he doesn’t want us to worry, he deliberately insisted on it! He kept saying that he was okay!”

Qilin reacted and said in surprise.

“Yes, it must be so!”

“I just don’t want us to worry!”

“He shouldn’t be able to hold it now, so he will drive us away!”

Qilin sighed: “The boss in my memory is the one who broke the bones, and the bones are going to the sky! He doesn’t want us to see his miserable side! However, the boss can rest assured! We will do our best to make you survive. !”

“Yes! Let’s arrange the division of labor! Let’s act from now on!”

Wesley gave these people a task.

Everyone worked hard for Levi to survive.

But after everyone leaves.

Levi smiled and stood up, like a okay person.

The wounds on his body also healed at a speed visible to the naked eye.


An air current burst out of his body, dispelling all the black matter.

This is a special element of Mayan industrial weapons.

He was forced out by Levi.

This is his horror!

The special element in Mayan industrial weapons is pervasive, once invaded, it will spread all over the body.

Even the strong of the gods can’t do it, once they are stabbed, they will undoubtedly die.

But Levi is above the god list!

This element cannot invade his body at all.

Levi reached out and touched the discharged substance, his brow furrowed: “I haven’t seen this kind of poison!”

Levi had a lot of knowledge and learned everything about the evil god of poison.

It’s an exaggeration to say that I know the poison in the world, but I have never seen this kind of poison.

But Levi didn’t need to know.

There is no threat to him anyway.

Huo Yun Cthulhu smiled: “These children are all confused by these bells and whistles! I don’t know that all kinds of things can’t resist Mr.’s punch!”

Levi looked at him and smiled and said: “You have to practice too, even if you improve your strength, so as not to make people laugh!”

Huo Yun Cthulhu’s expression was shocked: “Understood! I will improve as soon as possible!”

Now Huoyun Cthulhu already knew what was the most powerful.

“Then sir, what plans do you have next?”

Huo Yun Cthulhu asked.

“It is estimated that there are a lot of private revenge! But before that, I will kill the dark god first!”

Levi said it was an understatement.

Chapter 2248

Now the Dark God is the existence of the ceiling of combat power in this era.

It is rumored that he wiped out the Lab of the Gods!

This is also the biggest force to be wiped out in the new era!

Also the strongest battle!


Dark God ranks first in the list of gods!

Therefore, when Levi mentioned that it was a dark God conspiracy before, it attracted strong rebuttal and dissatisfaction from many people.

Because the Dark God is number one on the list of gods, in this age where the power is respected, the Dark God is just like faith in many people’s minds.

No one is allowed to say that he is not good at all.

But for Levi and Huoyun Cthulhu, is the number one in the god list a fart?

What is the God of Darkness?

“Okay! Sir, do you need me to go with you?”

Huo Yun Cthulhu asked.

“You should retreat well and improve your cultivation level as soon as possible!”

Levi said.

The evil god Huoyun asked, “How does the gentleman find the place of the dark god?”

Levi smiled and said, “Don’t look for it! He will look for it!”

Levi changed into a new dress to cover up the “scars”.

In fact, the scars have completely healed.

After seeing this, Sarah subconsciously said: “Kunlun Industry’s medicine is really amazing! I’ve heard of it before! I didn’t expect the wounds to heal in such a short time!”

Seeing the wound healed, she didn’t feel surprised, but thought it was Kunlun Industry’s medicine.

In the past three years, Kunlun Industry’s pharmaceuticals are particularly famous, and are among the top in the world.

It’s not just Sarah who thinks this way, others think the same way when they see it.

Including mother Ollie, father-in-law and mother-in-law, etc.

But their eyes are a bit complicated.

The king of the past is worth one million.

But in this era when you can practice martial arts with your full name, one is completely useless, and one day is short, and he will slowly die.

Things are impermanent, good fortune makes others.

However, several elders can only sigh: “This is also very good, you should also rest!”

After Levi pulled Sarah back to the room.

“Wife, do you want to practice martial arts again?”

Levi asked.

“It’s impossible! I’m already useless!”

Sarah has no hope anymore.

“I happen to have a repair method here and the exercises you will practice in the future, I promise to get you back to the top!”

Levi excitedly gave Sarah the method and exercises.

But after Levi left, Sarah threw it on the bedside.

She thought the same as everyone else. In this era, everything about Levi was eliminated.

No more practice!

On an uninhabited island in Western Continent, there is a huge base.

There are no creatures in the waters around a hundred li…

The dark god of the biblical organization is here.

Knowing that Levi chose this way, God of Darkness expressed relief at first.

As long as it is not opened by Levi.

But that night, the Dark God tossed and turned, unable to sleep at all.

He desperately wanted to know who had released Levi.

Soon, the dark god gathered all the people together.

The Dark God expressed his thoughts: “I want to know how he came out? Who helped him! Who else in this world can break the dark cage?”

“At the moment I can’t think of who it is! It’s possible for someone! He is the inventor of the dark cage, he might have a key to open it! But he is dead! I can’t figure out who it is!”

The dark god is a little impatient now.

“This is easy to handle, do you know if you catch him and ask?”

At this time, Underworld God paid attention.

Dark God’s eyes lit up fiercely: “Yes, you’ll know by catching Levi back and asking!”

The dark god is mostly dizzy.

I didn’t expect it for a while.

“Go! Hurry up and get Levi back from me! There are many people seeking revenge on him! Don’t die!”

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