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Chapter 2253

In the past, Levi felt that the god of Darkness was foreign.

But today he seems to understand that this guy belongs to Velador.

Also has a close relationship with the gods of Tiance Mansion.

All of this has something to do with him!

He didn’t even expect that the Bible Organization already controlled one-third of the world’s power.

This is also terrible.

The threat of the Bible organization is second only to the laboratory of the gods, right?

This dark god has a lot to come!

The Dark god seemed to think of something and looked at Rufus vigilantly.

“What do you want to do? Can you ask me about my identity?”

The dark god said immediately.

Others also bowed their heads.

Obviously they also want to know the identity of the dark god.

Levi smiled and said, “Okay, it doesn’t matter! I don’t want to say that I don’t want to know! Now I tell you, what are you going to do with me?”

One of the Eighteen Dark Angels immediately said: “k!ll it, I have tolerated him for a long time!”

“Yes! k!ll it! I put up with him three years ago!”

Many people still hate Levi.

Tolerated his arrogance for a long time.

I wanted to k!ll it a long time ago.

Levi silently wrote down these people.

Underworld god glanced at Levi: “Let him go back! We already know what we want! There is no need to k!ll him!”

Levi at this moment was of no value in his eyes.

He didn’t bother to k!ll.

“Yeah, it’s not Levi before, now he wants to k!ll as much as he wants! I don’t even bother to do it!”

“Yes, it’s better to let him go back! Levi has many enemies! Let him appreciate the cruelty of this era!”

“Also, he has been injured by a Maya Industry weapon. It will be a matter of time before death! It is cheaper to k!ll him now!”

Many people felt that Levi should be let go.

“But k!ll him directly, aren’t we more refreshed?”

“Yes, k!ll him! Even if he has no power anymore! But this person has scheming and wrists, maybe he will become a threat to us!”

So this group of people was divided into two waves, and they strongly discussed whether Levi should die or live.

The two sides quarreled violently.

As if they were the gods in charge of human life and death.

They could decide Levi’s life or death with a single thought.

It felt like Levi was an experimental mouse.

Let anyone play and be k!lled at any time.

Levi watched them arguing, he was really happy.

When did his wheel of life and death be mastered by a group of chickens?

It couldn’t be like this three years ago, and no one can control it three years later!

But Levi thought it was funny and didn’t interrupt.

Watching a group of weak chickens decide their own life and death is not uncommon.

The two groups of people broke into the blood and began to disagree.

Seeing Levi’s heart tickled, he wanted to join.

He thinks he should k!ll himself!

Just as everyone was arguing fiercely, the voice of the Dark god sounded: “Enough! Don’t make any noise!”

Everyone stopped and looked at the dark god.

Waiting for the decision of the dark god.

“Well, god of Darkness, everything is up to you! Levi is about to die or live! You decide!”

Everyone looked forward to the dark god.

The Dark god is also thinking about this issue.

I want to k!ll Levi, but I don’t want to k!ll…

Very contradictory.

“I can’t make a decision for a while! Why don’t you lock up Levi first? Take a long-term plan!”

Said the dark god.

“do not!”

Everyone opposed it.

I want to make a decision right away.

The evil god suggested: “Why not do this! Let’s vote to decide? More votes to decide the life and death of Levi!”

“Agree! Vote! Fair and just!”

The other side also agreed.

The Dark god smiled: “It’s really exciting to vote for a person’s life and death!”

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