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Chapter 2256

This fist Levi flicked without warning, and no one reacted.

The archangel standing at the forefront bears the brunt, his fist enveloped in his retina.

Just dumbfounded! ! !

Levi’s punch came out like a heavy cannon, bombarding the archangel’s chest.


With a dull noise, the body of the archangel in everyone’s eyes suddenly exploded and turned into a cloud of blood!


The blood mist splashed, and the faces and bodies of everyone around were splashed with hot blood!


Underworld god dumbfounded!

Dark angels are dumbfounded!

Everyone present was dumbfounded!

Everyone stood there like walking dead.

Including the dark god was also stunned.



Subvert everything!

Is it normal for Levi to k!ll a person? normal!

Is it normal for Levi to smash a person into blood mist? Also normal!

After all, Levi is not an ordinary person, no matter how weak he is, he is also a moderately strong person in this era.

But the one that Levi smashed into a bloody mist just now was the strongest archangel among the eighteen dark angels, and his combat power could rank among the top ten on the gods list!

What is the concept of the top ten in the gods list?

The top combat power of this era!

The top ten Sarah became a murderer, but in the end it was won by so many people.

Especially compared to Levi’s medium strength, it was definitely one in the sky and one underground.

But such a strong man was blasted into blood mist by Levi’s punch.

This kind of combat power, the words were spread out.

Levi must at least rank in the top three of the gods list.


So shocked!

So that everyone can’t relax!

The dark god’s eyes widened, and his eyes were filled with inevitable shock.

This is simply against common sense.

impossible things!

How could Levi?

Not to mention that his strength stayed three years ago, completely eliminated by the present.

He is still stabbed with a hundred knives. It is still a special weapon of Maya Industry, and his strength is greatly reduced.

It is estimated that more than half of the four thousand people present can k!ll Levi.

But Levi blasted the archangel with a punch!

how is this possible?

Do not believe!

No one wants to believe it!

As if everything in front of me was a dream.

But the blood on the face is hot!

The archangel disappeared on the spot and I saw it with my own eyes!

It seems that this is the truth!



Before everyone could react, Levi punched the second and second angel of the eighteenth dark angel again.


It was like a big watermelon being exploded, splashing red juice.



The three angels were blown up.

Four angels!

Five angels!

Eight angels!

Soon the eight angels were blown up by Levi!

Everyone solves it with one punch, and there is no chance of resistance at all.

With a punch, the dark cage can be broken open!

Not to mention these weak chicken waste!

Isn’t it one punch?

The blood spattered all over the base, and the pungent smell of blood was disgusting.


The people who reacted fled around, looking at Levi as if they were looking at the devil.

There were screams.

Splashing blood!

Some strong men have already begun to fight back.

It was a subconscious reaction.



But Levi struck out with a punch, blasting the enemy in front of him.

The eighteen dark angels took turns to attack.

But the last one died!

The body exploded and burst into blood mist, leaving nothing.

Except for the evil gods, the other eighteen dark angels were all k!lled.

“Levi is not the strength of three years ago! He is super powerful!”

“He doesn’t look injured at all! Maya Industries’ weapons are useless to him!”

Everyone shouted loudly.

The Dark god also gradually reacted at this time.


An absurd and terrifying thought flashed in his mind.

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