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Chapter 2262

The Bible organization has been active in the dark. It doesn’t really matter where the nest is.

But why did you move away suddenly?

This must be problematic.

During that time, Levi had been in retreat, and the dark cage isolated everything.

The inside didn’t know what was going on outside.

So Levi didn’t know what happened.

The evil gods said: “In fact, we don’t know the specific reason! But according to our later speculation, we found that the place should have been discovered by someone!”

“Yes! I was discovered! The Dark god ordered it to move away!”

The others nodded.

Underworld god continued: “I have also analyzed some reasons! I judge that the person who discovered this is the god of Tiance Mansion!”

“Yes! This is the most likely to be him! Look, when the master mentioned the gods of Tiance Mansion, the Dark god didn’t feel a bit strange, just take it seriously! There is no doubt!

This situation can only show that the dark god is not surprised that the god commander of Tiance Mansion found the dark prison! And if he believes so firmly, it means that the last time he found it was the god of Tiance Mansion! “

What did the evil god think, he couldn’t help saying: “One more thing! Since then, the dark god has been so stubborn about Velador! He has continuously strengthened his strength, and also wants to integrate the sword and the sword into Velador! Planning to control the Big Summer The top power also started from that time!”

“I know this! The Dark god said that because of the existence of a person, she can’t enter Velador! She is the master of Tiance Mansion! Especially after meeting him, I guess this feeling is even stronger!”

Levi also nodded: “Now it seems that Marshal of Tiance Mansion discovered the dark prison in the first place!”


Levi suddenly thought of what the Dark god said before he died…

He reacted quickly.

It seems that the Dark god regards himself as the apprentice of the gods of the Tiance Mansion?

At the last moment, it was not…

It must be so!

But now it seems that the Dark god does all this, I am afraid it has something to do with the god commander of Tiance Mansion…

After Levi figured out everything, he returned.

“By the way, Master, I heard that Mebel is now dying…Orion Group regards her as the biggest traitor…”

Underworld god provided Levi with an information.

“Huh? She?”

Levi’s face changed.

Mebel is a friend from birth to death.

Helped myself a lot.

There are difficulties now, but because of their own difficulties.

Levi had no choice but to manage.

Even a Orion Group in a mere mere daring to move my friend?

“But Orion Group is backed by Maya Industry…”

One person spoke of Maya Industry with a trace of dread.

Because the Dark god once said-in fact, the biggest threat to the Bible organization in this era is Maya Industry.

So everyone has a trace of fear.

Underworld god glared at the man.

Everyone reacted now.

The current dark god is Levi!

He interrupted Heaven Sword and Earth Sword one after another, who could stand this strength.

Maya Industry is that dog?

Dare to bark in front of Levi?

Levi glanced at them and said, “Well, I’ll go to Star Country first!”

He was just about to feel the changes in this era, and to find clues in the laboratory of the gods.

Levi always felt that the disappearance of the Lab of the Gods was not so normal.

They must still be there.

Something must be planned.

Star country.

Where Mebel was detained, several senior officials of the Orion Group were all present.

“She can’t do it anymore! I won’t even see the sun tomorrow!”

“Is it a pity to die like this?”

“By the way, let her do an experiment! A new group of people just happened to be here, let’s go with them to do the experiment!”

“It can be regarded as a contribution to Orion Group!”

“Yeah! Yes! Just use her to do experiments!”

The recent experiment of Orion Group wiped out humanity.

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