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Chapter 2276

How could he still be alive?

This is impossible!

“Alarm! Alarm! Level 1 alarm!!!”

The first level alarm was sounded at the experimental base.


But under Levi’s punch, the entire base’s facilities were completely destroyed.

“Don’t run!”

Levi warned.

A few hundred meters away, when someone ran away, Levi stretched out his hand and grabbed it.

The person directly exploded into blood mist.

Several people ran away and were blasted into dregs by Levi’s volley.

Everyone is honest now and dare not run away.

One by one was silent.

Soon after, the group of senior officials of Orion Group and experts such as Logan Dazhong reacted.

“What about people?”

They rushed into the metal fort and looked for it.

From this look, everyone almost didn’t pee!

Inside is the purgatory on earth!

That’s a miserable one!

Just by looking at these, everyone can think of what a tragic battle was experienced last night!

Of course it is a unilateral massacre! ! !


Logan Dazhong was anxious, spouting blood.

He really couldn’t imagine what kind of powerhouse could slaughter tens of thousands of mutant monsters in a short time.

He can’t k!ll any of them! ! !

Although these mutant monsters have limited combat power, they can’t match the power of Logan Dazhong.

But they can’t be eliminated at all, and their defense power is even more terrifying than the strongest of the gods.

Thousands of them are even more impossible!

Let me put it this way!

Shut a thousand strong men and tens of thousands of mutant monsters into the metal fortress.

The final winner is definitely the mutant monster.

Although it may be against these strong players, mutant monsters can’t k!ll them, but they can consume the strong players alive.

The mutant monsters can’t be destroyed at all, and they have unlimited physical strength.

But who would have thought that one person would k!ll all the monsters of so many variants.

Everyone is going crazy one by one.

“Levi!!! Levi is not the strength of three years ago at all! He is even stronger than the number one in the gods list now!”

“Three years have passed, times are changing, everyone’s strength is skyrocketing, but he has improved even more terribly! We are all scum!”

“I now suspect that he is the one who knocked off the Heaven Sword with two fingers!”

Everyone reacted one by one.

Know how powerful Levi is now.

Mebel cried with joy. Not only did Levi not die, he became extremely powerful now.

This is the best news for her.

“If you can move, roll over!”

At this time, Levi’s voice came from everyone’s ears, which exploded like thunder.

Everyone knew that in front of Levi of this level, there was absolutely no escape.

One by one obediently walked over.

However, some people wanted to use the communicator to send out signals secretly, to send out Levi’s true strength.



But his communicator exploded in an instant.

An invisible force shreds people directly…

Blood splashed on everyone around.

Everyone was shocked now.

No one has other careful thoughts.

After all, life is important, and even worse, I was frightened.

No one has any other ideas.

Everyone came to Levi and knelt down one after another.

“Spare! Be spared…”

These people are all lying on the ground, kowtow fiercely.

With the current Levi’s finger, the Orion Group can be destroyed.

He is too strong!

Logan Dazhong was even more excited: “I have never seen a strong man like you! I am willing to follow you to seek a higher martial arts realm!”

Mebel looked at Levi excitedly.

“Hehe… aren’t you trying to k!ll me? Are you trying to torture me?”

Levi casually slapped one to death.


At this time, Logan Shiji in the iron cage not far away slapped frantically.


Levi walked over.

Opened the cage.

Recognize Logan Shiji.

“Laboratory of the Gods…”

Logan Shiji said.

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