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Chapter 2279


When the name came out in the Tianji Pavilion, Tiance Marshal trembled.

“Is it impossible? How could he be Levi?”

Marshal Tiance naturally didn’t believe it was Levi.

“We said it was just like! Because the only person who loved the Lab of the Gods was Levi!”

Said the old man in the Tianji Pavilion.

Young Master Tiance understood what he couldn’t help but said: “So which senior came to inquire about the Lab of the Gods just now?”


“It’s definitely not Levi! Then I’m relieved! It is estimated that this senior has a heart for Da Family! He thinks ahead and is thinking about Da Family’s future! Didn’t it just teach us on the ice sheet before?”

Marshal Tiance said.

“Although our Tianji Pavilion must not intervene in the affairs of Tiance Mansion, since we have caught up, let us remind… the disaster is coming, and everyone can’t hide it! Prepare early!”

The old senior of Tianji Pavilion said.

Young Master Tiance looked confident: “Don’t worry, I will be there, it will be fine! Everyone has seen my ability! Kunlun Industry is my answer sheet! I will control the situation in Velador!”

“There are also powerful people like Ye Wudao and I will not be hostile to them! I now lower my posture and take the initiative to unite with them! In case of difficulty! I can basically use the top ten powers of Velador!”

Marshal Tiance began to outline his grand blueprint.

It’s just that all the seniors in the Tianji Pavilion are silent

I don’t even know if it’s there anymore.

After Levi left, he did not return to Case York directly, but came to Kunlun Industrial Headquarters.

Levi was stopped by the head office.

“Scan failed!!!”

It turns out that Kunlun Industry has a biological scanning device. Everyone who enters will scan it. People who are not inside Kunlun Industry will not be allowed to enter.


The sirens sounded in bursts.

The purple and red lines all fell on Levi’s body.

That is clearly the aiming device of the weapon.

Once Levi has any changes, I am afraid that many weapons will disassemble Levi on the spot.


Several people surrounded Levi.

“The founder of Kunlun Industry!”

Levi said lightly.

When this word came out, everyone was taken aback.


“Isn’t that the young master of Tiance? There is only one owner and founder of Kunlun Industry!”

“What the hell are you?”

Everyone looked at Levi with disdain.

“Grab him!”

“Dare to impersonate the founder of Kunlun Industry?”

Everyone wanted to arrest Levi.

At this time, a group of people came out.

“What are you doing? Brother? Why are you?”

A surprised voice sounded.

It turned out to be Regina.

“Leader Zhou? Do you know him?”

Everyone asked.

“This is my brother!”

Regina pulled Levi: “Brother, what are you doing here?”

“I have something to do, I need you!”

Levi said.

Seeing Levi and the other two leave, these guards said.

“Yes, I seem to have heard it. It is indeed the founder! But Kunlun Industry was brought up by the Young Master Tiance. What does it have to do with him?”

“Running here now? Say it is the founder of Kunlun Industry? Who will admit it!”

“Levi has been eliminated by the times, now I guess I want to find Kunlun Industry as a backer!”

Everyone talked a lot.

After Levi’s arrival, the senior officials of Kunlun Industry were stunned.

However, due to Levi’s identity, everyone stood up.

“Sir, why are you here?”

The Common Killer also greeted him.

“Yes, why are you here?”

Everyone’s complexion changed.

I am very curious why Levi came here.

“Do you want to know the progress of solving the special materials of Maya industrial weapons? Is there a physical problem?”

Someone asked.

“No, I need your help!”

Ye Jun approached.

“What’s busy?”

Chapter 2280

Everyone looked at him more and more puzzled.

“At present, the science and technology of Kunlun Industry can basically monitor most parts of the world, right?”

Levi asked.

The team leader in charge of science and technology nodded: “No problem! Kunlun Industry can monitor 73% of the world! Ninety% of the area can be accurately monitored…”

“what are you up to?”

Levi stepped forward and controlled it by himself: “Just leave everything to me!”

His purpose is simple-to check whether there are any abnormalities all over the world.

Mainly want to capture the movements of the Gods Lab.

Although they disappeared, there is no reason not to do something.

Now that you have done something, there will definitely be clues left, it is impossible to have no trace at all.


Other senior executives looked embarrassed.

“Let him do it himself!”

“We are all out!”

The Common Killer drove everyone else out.

Leave Levi alone in the main control room.

Levi began to manipulate, looking for clues.

Levi was investigating for an entire hour.

But it really made him find some clues.

In particular, it made Levi notice that there was movement on Velador’s side…

This base still belongs to Kunlun Industry…

At least Levi knew a lot of things he wanted to know.

The senior officials of Kunlun Industry waited outside anxiously.

Someone secretly told the marshal of Tiance.

“Da da da……”

In the corridor, there were waves of footsteps.

Marshal Tiance is here!

Aggressively brought many strong people to come.

“Marshal, are you here?”

Seeing him, many people greeted him.

The Common Killer also greeted him.

“You put Levi in?”

Marshal Tiance asked coldly.



The marshal Tiance couldn’t help but said, blasting out with a punch, smashing the Common Killer into the air.


The Common Killer fell heavily to the ground, vomiting blood.


Marshal Tiance blasted open the door of the main control room again.

“Levi, what are you doing here?”

Marshal Tiance scolded.

Inside, Levi was still looking for clues, just as he hadn’t heard the sound, he ignored the young master Tiance.


“Hurry up and stop for me!!!”

Marshal Tiance stepped forward angrily and stopped Levi.

But it just so happened that Levi also checked.

The arrival of the Marshal Tiance didn’t affect him.

Marshal Tiance scolded angrily: “Do you all know what you have done? This is the most important place in Kunlun Industry! There is no one!”

“You are equivalent to opening the brains of Kunlun Industry to others!!!”

“Do you know what Levi is looking at? My Kunlun Industry’s most secret thing! Look at it for yourself! These data, the detailed parameters of the location of these bases…and these most advanced technology, genetic technology… Confidential things…”

“Let’s see for yourself!”

Everyone sees that Levi is really checking these materials.

At this look, everyone was frightened.

There was a thump in my heart.




Major Tiance’s subordinates stepped forward and slapped the faces of several senior executives in Kunlun Industry.

“Levi, you are really good! Use these relationships to go to Kunlun Industry to peek at the most confidential things!”

Marshal Tiance sneered.

“I think Levi wants to improve his strength, right? He came to Kunlun Industry deliberately to steal the most secret techniques and techniques, and even steal medicine!”

“Levi really didn’t expect it! Are you in the business of stealing? Want to secretly learn my Kunlun industry’s strongest exercises and techniques?”

“You helped him steal! All are guilty!!!”

The marshals of Tiance accused Levi of stealing.

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