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Chapter 2281

“Yes! Levi came to steal the exercise potion!”

“Yes! He already understands what this era is like, knowing that he has been eliminated!

The former kings are definitely not reconciled! Want to return to the top again!

The best way is to get the strongest promotion method of this era! Improve your strength to the highest level in a short time! “

“So Levi, you just started to make the idea of ​​Kunlun Industry, just steal it?”

Everyone is targeting Levi.

Hammering Levi is here to steal…

When the senior officials of Kunlun Industry heard this, they all felt reasonable.

Just now, Levi’s behavior was abnormal, and he stayed alone in Kunlun Industry’s most secret main control room for a full hour.

It has to be doubted what he is doing.

After listening to the analysis by Marshal, they all understood.

Levi is here to steal a way to improve his strength…

At this time, when everyone saw the box of medicine Regina was holding, they instantly understood.

Inside and outside…

But how did they know that the medicine Regina took was used to suppress the special elements in Levi’s body.

But at this moment, everyone regarded it as a potion given to Levi to improve his strength…

But Common K!lling god did not agree.

He knew Levi well.

The Lord who would rather stand dead than live on his knees!

Even if he was down, he would never be able to steal.

What’s more, he is so arrogant that it is impossible to practice even if someone else gives him it, let alone steal it.

Hearing this, Levi just sneered: “Is this rubbish in my eyes?”

“Ha ha ha ha……”

Most of the people present laughed.

The marshals of Tiance laughed especially exaggeratedly.

“Junk stuff? Kunlun Industrial’s stuff is not the top in the world! But it is easily ranked in the top five! Do you think this is rubbish? It really laughs at me…”

Marshal sneered.

The others also looked angry.

Levi said that everyone couldn’t bear it.

This is an insult to Kunlun Industry, but also an insult to them!

“Speaking of Kunlun Industrial’s garbage, don’t take a picture of yourself with soaking urine? Don’t you know how many catties you are? Levi, you are the most unqualified person to say this!”

“The rubbish in your mouth, haven’t you come to steal it?”

“I’m stealing these things? It’s nonsense! I’m looking at others…”

Levi dismissed it.

Marshal looked at Levi and shook his head helplessly.

Not long ago, the predecessors of Horizon Pavilion also said that the great power of the sky is a bit like Levi…


Where does it look like?

Levi, who is stealing now, is a bit superior?


What a shame!

“Remember that you are the person who proposed the establishment of Kunlun Industry. With so many people familiar with you, I will give you a face and will not be held accountable! But let’s not take it as an example! If there is a next time, I will never be merciless!”

Young Master Tiance said coldly.

“The marshal is generous! This can let Levi a horse!”

“Levi, you just have fun, right? Don’t you thank Marshal?”

Everyone praised.

Marshal glanced at the audience again: “If anyone brings irrelevant characters in the future, he will violate the regulations! Severe punishments!”

At this time, when Levi saw Common K!lling god’s face frustrated, the corners of his mouth were full of blood.

He stepped forward and asked, “Who did it?”

“I… it’s okay… I accidentally hurt myself by practicing…”

Commoner was panicked and naturally did not dare to tell the truth.

But Levi’s gaze fell on the young marshal Tiance: “He did it, right?”

“I hit it! He put you in, broke the rules, I hit it, what’s wrong?”

Marshal admitted directly.


The two looked at each other, and the atmosphere of tension was on the verge of breaking out.

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