The Protector Novel Levi Garrison Chapter 2284

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Chapter 2284

A person ranked more than 8,000 on the quasi god list dare to be so arrogant?

The ranking is still overestimated!

Basically, he is floating on the quasi god list 10,000…

How to fight them?

It’s ridiculous!



Six strong people on the gods list and more than 20 quasi gods on the list are earth-shattering.

“Has Levi seen it? This is the strong man on the list of gods!”

Everyone sneered.

Levi stood still, as if he was frightened and dumbfounded.

In everyone’s eyes, Levi saw the power of the modern gods, realized his gap, and shut himself down.

Cool! ! !

Levi’s former enemies were really laughing.

Finally let Levi know his gap, and finally saw him dumbfounded…

He is no longer arrogant!

He is autistic!

But how did they know that in Levi’s eyes, they couldn’t even compare to an ant.

Even the first in the gods list!

He can easily k!ll it!

What’s more, there are more than nine hundred on the god List! ! !

Just as Levi was about to make a move, a rebuke came: “Dare to move my master! k!ll without mercy!!!”

Bellard appeared!

One punch!

A shock wave was overwhelming.

Directly knock out all the 30 or so people who did it! ! !



Even the more than nine hundred strong men on the god list couldn’t bear it, all of them vomiting blood.

The face is incredible!

“It’s Bellard!!!”

“The forty-fifth strong man on the god List! One of the top existences in this world!”

These people recognized Bellard at a glance.

Every face comes with fear.

That is deep fear and fear from the depths of the soul!

Who is the scariest in this era?

The strong on the god list!

The higher the ranking, the more terrifying!

Bellard is one of them!

“Master Bellard, we were wrong…we have no eyes…”

The crowd knelt on the ground begging for mercy.

Don’t dare to speak more.

Bellard looked smug, enjoying the pleasure brought by this kind of strength and status.

In fact, it is not his turn to take action now, as long as this face is shown, the opponent will be frightened and all knelt on the ground begging for mercy.

Where is it necessary for him to act in person?

After possessing such a position, Bellard looked at Levi for the first time.

Some juniors show off their achievements to their elders, and want to be praised…

“Master, am I pretty good now?”

Bellard asked with a smile.

Levi nodded: “Well, yes!”

“Master is different from before! The current god list and quasi god list are too authoritative! At present, there has not been the slightest error in targeting the strong on the list!”

“Basically the rankings are true! No fake! And it’s still for the whole world!”

“I don’t need to do things now! Just show my status as a god! Everyone immediately surrenders to me!”

Bellard explained.

The meaning is very simple.

As long as he brushes this face, the whole world has to make way for him.

“Yes, yes, yes… Master Bellard is right! It is true! Seeing Master Bellard, we are scared! Where can we dare to do it?”

“Today this matter counts for us! Master Bellard, we must take the treasure to compensate! I just ask you to bypass us!”

Bellard enjoyed the flattery brought by this status.

It is simply not too cool to have this effect in front of the master!

After the advent of the new era, he wanted to tell Levi all the time–Master, I am better than blue because of blue.

Now finally has a chance.

How can he not get excited?

“Who is bullying my master? Looking for death!!!”

Another strong man came.

“This is Yuan Hanwen who is one hundred and twenty-seventh of the god List!”

“Zhai Xiaokong, one hundred and eighty-eight of the gods!”

“This is the 287 of god List…”

“This is the six hundred fifty-four of the gods…”

Levi’s apprentices came one by one.

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