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Chapter 2285

The people who came to humiliate Levi and kill Sarah were frightened.

It turns out that Levi’s apprentices were so terrible back then?

The per capita ranking is strong! ! !

Almost all apprentices are in the forefront of the god list or quasi god list!

To be honest, according to the current results, Levi has been upbeat.

But Levi is not happy!

what’s the function?

It’s a quick fix!

The most important thing is that the brothers and apprentices of Levi work hard and earnestly.

Cultivation is never ambiguous, and I do it desperately.

But this will be deceived instead.

Obviously it was the quick success of exercise potions that allowed them to improve in a short period of time, and it was easy for them to mistake them for their hard work.

So they will not have any doubts about it.

Just treat it as hard work by yourself!

“There are still us!!!”

Voices came one after another.

Qilin and Wesley appeared one by one.

There are sword evil gods and them!

Today is their agreed day!

Let’s check Levi’s current physical condition together, and then summarize the methods and so on.

“The thirty-nine unicorn of the gods list!”

“The White Tiger of the Forty-three God List!”

The appearance of these people frightened everyone even more.

This time, all those who appeared on the god list were strong, and they were all ranked high.

At least ranked in the top five hundred! ! !


so horrible!

Originally thought that Levi had been abandoned in this era.

But where I can think of it, this group of people maintained Levi in such a way.

With them, who would dare to move Levi a finger again.


too terrifying!

These people all knelt on the ground, shaking, and urinating in terror.

Xiao Feng was scared and urinated.

This time, so many strong people on the list of gods, their souls are all scared.


“Whoever dares to run to move my master and kill Wushe! After chasing to the end of the world, Xiao Feng will definitely kill him!”

“There are us!!!”

The strong people of the major gods expressed their opinions, which frightened these people.

One by one was so scared that he didn’t dare to come again.

Sarah said with lingering fear: “Fortunately you are here, otherwise we are really in danger.”

“With me, what is the danger?”

Levi said disdainfully.

He is ready to shoot.

As a result, the apprentice brothers all came.

Disrupt again.

“You… don’t you know that there were just six strong people on the god list? Can you deal with it?”

Sarah glared at Levi.

“Master can’t say that! Master is still very strong!”

Xiao Feng turned his head and looked at Levi and said, “After the new list of gods is released, I see you are on the list too! Master! More than 8,000 on the list of quasi gods!”

Others said one after another: “Yes! This is already a good ranking! It is already above the middle level!”

Qilin several people immediately interrupted: “What are you talking about? For the boss, more than 8,000 on the quasi god list is not bad?”

“You are too small boss! Even if the boss is in this ranking now! But soon he will move forward step by step!”

Xiao Feng looked at Levi and said: “Master, I believe you will adapt to this era soon! Your strength will gradually improve! I hope you will cross the quasi-sacred list as soon as possible and enter the list of gods!”

Qilin said humanely: “Yes, that’s right! With the boss’s qualifications, if you get good resources, your strength will increase very quickly! It’s not impossible to surpass us!”

Levi shook his head: “No! I don’t need to be on the shit god list! It’s useless if you are on it!”

The dark god who was number one in the god list was easily killed by him.

This kind of weak chicken list also matches?

“Don’t say anything, let’s check the physical condition of the boss, right?”

Tylera suggested.

Soon everyone began to check Levi’s physical condition to see if Maya Industry’s weapons had attacked.

“Huh? Something is wrong!”

Chapter 2286

“How to say?”

As soon as Tylera said this, everyone surrounded him.

I’m nervous.

Thought something happened.

Tylera frowned and said in amazement: “Impossible! How could this be?”

“What’s wrong??”

Everyone became more nervous.

“The boss’s body isn’t in any condition at all, okay! It’s okay at all! It’s like Maya Industries’ weapons have failed!”

Tylera said in surprise.

She scanned Levi’s body with an instrument and found that any place was good.

No special elements were found.

This is against common sense.

“Ah? What’s going on? Impossible!”

“Once injured by the weapons of Maya Industry, special elements will inevitably occur in the body and corrode a little bit. No one can hide it! Even the dark god who is the number one in the gods is no exception!”

“No matter how great the boss is, it is impossible to hide it!”

This made everyone embarrassed.

They are all analyzing and guessing what is going on.

“Now I think it should be Kunlun Industry’s inhibitory agent that has worked! For the time being, it suppressed the reaction of the special element!”

“For Kunlun Industry’s inhibitory agents, we have been working on it for a long time! There is still a certain guarantee in terms of effect! I am sure of this!”

Tylera said.

At this point in the analysis, everyone showed joyful expressions.

“that is really good!”

“If this drug has an inhibitory effect, it can give us enough time to solve the problem from the root cause!”

“Yeah, that’s great! We can have plenty of time to find the ultimate solution!”

“If you don’t look for it, I don’t know, there are many forces that are studying ways to eradicate! Many have achieved good results! I believe that if there is enough time, a solution will be found!”

“So boss, don’t worry, we will definitely keep you alive!”

Levi smiled helplessly: “Actually, you don’t have to worry about me, you waste time for me. I have nothing to do! Isn’t that special element poison if it is plain? This kind of poison can’t hurt me!”

Xiao Feng immediately said: “Master, you are all right now! It is because Kunlun Industry’s inhibitory potions are working! Sooner or later this element will be immune to potions, and the potions will not be able to stop them!”

“Yes, it’s because of taking medicine! So it’s okay! You just listen to us!”

Levi was helpless.

How to explain, they won’t listen.

And he didn’t take any medicine at all.

“Boss, I think taking advantage of this time! You can improve your own strength to see, I think the suppression of special elements is also useful!”

Wesley said.

As soon as the words came out, they immediately got the support of others.

“This method is not bad! Kill two birds with one stone! Not only will the boss’s strength be improved, it will also allow the boss to restrain the special elements by himself!”

Wesley glanced at everyone and said, “So, now is the time for everyone to play together…”


Everyone was taken aback.

I don’t know what Wesley means.

I saw Wesley took out a few books and handed them to Levi: “Boss, this is the exercise and auxiliary method that I practiced! I also brought the medicine and so on! You should be quick to practice! I don’t understand. You can also ask me!”

Everyone understands.

It turned out that Wesley took out his own stunts and handed them to Levi to improve his strength.

Seeing all this, everyone was stunned.

Wesley did not reserve anything, and took everything out.

“I can too!”

Alton expressed his stance and took out his own stunts.

“And I……”

Xiao Feng also took everything out.

Everyone took them out one by one, without reservation.

If this were to be known to outsiders, it would be shocked to explode.

This is the unspoken secret of a group of strong people in the gods, it is their stunt.

In the end, it was all for Levi.

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