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Chapter 2287

These are the secrets of the stunts of the strong men on the list!


It can even be said to be priceless!

I don’t know how many people want it!

It is estimated that if one of these books is spread, it will attract tens of thousands of people to fight for it!

Now Ye Jun has the stunts of dozens of powerhouses in the gods list before he arrives!

The exercises, auxiliary methods, some modern techniques, medicines, and artifacts add up to a thousand pieces.

This group of brothers and apprentices really had no reservations about Levi.

Everything is taken out.

“Boss, you take these things too! You can save your life at critical moments! Or increase your combat effectiveness!”

“Yes, sometimes we can’t be by your side in time! We have to rely on these to save our lives! Otherwise, it will be dangerous!”

They took out some life-saving things.

Now they are really worried about Levi.

I was willing to take out everything.

Try every means to ensure the safety of Levi and make him stronger.

“The boss has so many skills and skills, there is always something suitable for you! We believe that with your qualifications and hard work. You will soon be on the list of gods! We are waiting for you to surpass us!”

Everyone looked at Levi expectantly.

Although the god list is what a weak list!

Levi is already strong enough to override everything.

But he really felt the hearts of his brothers and apprentices…

In any case, they are all on their side.

It’s great to have them! ! !

“But I really can’t use it!”

Levi said helplessly.

He didn’t want to hurt the hearts of these brothers.

But he really doesn’t need it.

Don’t watch these things spread out casually, it will cause a sensation in the world.

But here in Levi, it’s really no different from garbage.

At this time Sarah’s voice sounded: “Don’t give it away! He doesn’t like it! He won’t practice these! What he practiced is what he did three years ago! He also asked me to practice! It is the best exercise! There is no one!”

Hearing this, everyone was taken aback.

Everyone knew what Sarah said.

After all, three years ago, everyone was the beneficiary of this exercise.

At the beginning, Levi gave everything to them and taught them everything without reservation.

They all got a lot of benefits.

Especially Wesley Qilin and the others jumped into powerhouses, keeping up with Levi’s footsteps.

But in this era, it is really unnecessary to mention that exercise.

That’s obviously for laying the foundation!

Especially after each of them has laid the foundation, then practice this basic exercise, it is useless at all.

The effect is very slow!

Not even effective!

In this era where everyone has the opportunity to become a peerless master, practicing this kind of exercise again is simply waiting to be eliminated.

The classic saying: stagnation is regress!

In this era, progress is a little slower, that is, regress!

“Boss, we have to tell you the fact-that exercise is enough to lay the foundation! But it is indeed eliminated! In this era, it will not work at all!”

“Moreover, this kind of basic method can now find tens of thousands of ways, and it is more scientific and reasonable!”

Qilin is humane.

Xiao Feng also looked at Levi eagerly: “Yeah, Master! Things from three years ago have indeed been eliminated! You should look forward! You can no longer guard the things of the past! One of these exercises is just one of them. Thousands of times stronger than yours! Choose one to practice!”

“Yeah! You choose one to practice! We guarantee that your strength will improve! Don’t play virtual! Strength can’t be improved, you come to us!”

Everyone persuaded.

“Forget it, I will accept it for him! I will slowly persuade him to practice! It is impossible to convince him for a while! He has a stubborn temper and a good face!”

The plum made a sound and accepted everything.

Chapter 2288

“Well! Sister-in-law, we will also find a way for you to recover! I hope you will recover your strength as soon as possible! You should also persuade the boss to let him use it quickly!”

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

As long as the plum dye accepts it.

In their opinion, Levi would definitely use it.

He couldn’t save face in front of their brothers and disciples…

“That’s right! Sister-in-law, someone will come to avenge personal revenge in the future. If we are away, you can just report our identity!”

“Let’s keep some tokens to prove our identity! Now there are too many people who don’t know that I have a relationship with the boss! As long as we see the tokens that prove our identity, they probably won’t move!”

Qilin and the others left a bunch of tokens that could prove their identity.

Now they are the strongest of the gods!

In this era, the list of gods is above everyone.

As long as the gods are mentioned, who is not afraid?

“OK, alright!”

Sarah took all the tokens to prove his identity.

“Well, in this case, we can rest assured! Everyone will continue to find a solution according to the division of labor!”

Wesley everyone left again.

Everyone is going to keep busy, looking for a solution for Levi.

After they left, Sarah seriously said to Levi.

“I know you are proud of your temperament, especially now that your apprentice teaches you techniques or something, you definitely can’t accept it!”

“But don’t let them down! Let’s do this! Don’t learn their exercises alone! You can integrate everything they have! Take the best and get rid of the dross! Take your own path Come!”

“I believe you have this ability! You can do it!”

Sarah’s suggestion is very sincere.

Not only did they live up to Qilin’s good intentions, and did not embarrass Levi, but also improved his strength.

Three birds with one stone! ! !

If it had been in the past, Levi might actually do this.

Combine various exercises together.

He did this before, evolving many of his own stunts through taboo techniques.

Even in the dark cage, he integrated the taboo technique and other things he had practiced.

But finally found that this road can be super powerful.

Can’t become the strongest!

It’s the same now.

If Levi went to combine all these skills and skills, he would create something powerful and his strength would rise to a terrifying level.

But it can’t be the strongest! ! !

Sarah looked at Levi and smiled: “Try it, you can accept my method! It’s nothing shameful! If you create it, it will be your own thing!”

“no need!”

“I don’t need these!”

Levi refused directly.

Sarah asked, “Should you continue to practice what you did three years ago?”

Levi nodded: “Yes, that’s right. Just practice my own way! Practice miscellaneous is not necessarily a good thing!”

Sarah shook his head helplessly: “Well, I respect your choice! I hope you can achieve results! Although the hope is slim…”

“When the master met, she still wanted me to practice your exercises… But she also respects my choice… Let me choose! I still choose my own method! So I also respect your choice!”

Levi smiled: “Well, good.”

“By the way, did you see the true face of Master? It must be because she is in my face! Only she will show her true face! It is also because I didn’t embarrass you!”

Thinking about it now, she quickly figured out Levi’s knowledge of the true face of the Dark God.

It’s because of her.

After Sarah confessed some things, he ran to recover.

Levi just wanted to check, but received a message from the Underworld God and the others.

problem occurs……

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