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Chapter 2301

“So, that’s great! They find the dormant cabin, and we destroy it! This thing is scarce everywhere, how long do I think they can last?”

Lawrence also smiled.

Ye Wudao also smiled: “Do you know why I reuse you so much? Because you look like me!”

Lawrence also smiled.

“In fact, Levi can easily kill us! But we just don’t! Because of this, the feeling of hope but instant despair is the most tormented! With physical torture, Levi will die in fear, this That’s what I want!!!”

Ye Wudao’s complexion was grim.

Lawrence was also full of excitement.

The two sides are indeed the same.

late at night.

Ye Wudao appeared where there was a dormant device.

Kirin arranged for dozens of quasi gods to guard.

But these people are like ants to Ye Wudao.

He easily passed everyone and directly entered the base of the dormant cabin device.

This place was explored in advance, and there have been undercover agents among these guards.

So Ye Wudao entered the dormant cabin unobstructed all the way.

After opening, Ye Wudao entered.

Looking at Levi lying inside, he smiled.

“Levi violated the Ye Clan’s house rules! I will torture you slowly! And your daughter, I will capture the Ye Clan! With my Ye Clan’s blood on his body, I deserve to win the Ye Clan honor!”

Ye Wudao said coldly.

He slowly closed the dormancy chamber device.

All effects are lifted.

He also quietly messed up and damaged the dormant cabin.

It’s not obvious on the outside.

In fact, Levi in the dormant cabin knew everything.

But he ignored it.

Ye Wudaozhiliu was in the eye, no different from the ants.

He didn’t even bother to punch someone who was killed by a punch.


Levi ignored Ye Wudao the whole time.

Feeling the temperature rise in the dormant cabin, Levi smiled: “It’s not that cold anymore!”

After Ye Wudao finished all this, he left quietly.

No one found out the whole time…

Because of the dormant cabin, Qilin and Wesley ordered no one to approach.

So no one went to watch it.

Therefore, I don’t know the situation inside.

Time passed day by day.

Wesley, Qilin, they crazily tried to remedy it.

The medicine they found was more or less close to what was produced by Kunlun’s industry.

Tylera and the team finally found a suitable laboratory, but the resources have not yet been found.

And in the process, they were hindered by numerous obstacles, doing anything unsuccessfully, there were external factors interfering.

Tylera probably calculated it. In this case, it will be at least fifty days after the next batch of medicine is produced…

This meant that Ye Jun had to stay for fifty days.

But at this stage, there is no other way.

Can only wait for the miracle…

“What if there is a medicine for direct treatment?”

Everyone sighed.

“The once-and-for-all method is definitely good, but no one has said that a real solution has been developed yet…”

Wesley looked helpless.

Nine days passed in the blink of an eye.

All return.

After all, the dormancy cabin was set up for nine days.

It started today, and everyone is eager to know how Levi is now.

What’s more, everyone has found some methods and medicines more or less.

Have to come and try to see if it works.

“Huh? Where’s the unicorn?”

When everyone arrived, they found that it was someone else guarding the dormant cabin.

It’s not a unicorn.

At this time, Alton returned from another direction.

He also went to find a way.

“Kirin, do you know that your mission is the most important thing! It’s okay, if there is something, you only ask!”

Several people in Wesley realized that something was wrong.

“Are you okay lately?”

Qilin asked the others.

“It’s alright……”

Everyone shook their heads.

Chapter 2302

Qilin breathed a sigh of relief: “Look, you guys have been worrying too much! It’s okay at all!”

“Let’s go and see!”

Several people in Wesley entered the dormant cabin anxiously.


After coming inside, everyone was dumbfounded.

The dormant cabin device simply stopped operating.

“Someone has turned off the hibernation chamber device a long time ago!!!”

“Eight days!! The dormancy cabin device has been stopped for eight days!”

Wesley roared hoarsely.

The unicorn is like thunder.

I thought it would be okay to call his subordinates to look at it, but no one knew that the device was shut down just as he left.

“No, the inside of the dormant cabin device has been destroyed!”

Someone exclaimed.

“Why didn’t the boss react at all? It should be said that he can wake up as soon as the hibernation chamber device is turned off?”

“See for yourself! The dormant cabin can’t be opened at all!”

“That is to say, the boss has been lying in it for nine days? Not to mention the elemental attack, even the boring can make people suffocate!”

“Look at the boss now, will something happen? You guys don’t move! It’s been so many days!”

Bad news!

One bad news followed by bad news!

Everyone glared at Qilin fiercely!

If he was there.

Can it be like this?

Qilin was silly.

Sitting on the ground, like a puddle of mud.

His mind is blank!

If something happened to Levi because of this, he would blame himself for a lifetime! ! !

Even commit suicide on the spot…

“We can’t blame Qilin. It must be a problem with the guards! First, this place is hidden and few people know. Second, it is impossible to enter easily, even the strong. There are traitors in the guards…”

Ron analyzed.

“I killed them!!!”

Qilin was completely angry.

“Look at the boss first…”

Everyone forcibly broke the dormant chamber device and released Levi.

Just as they were about to check Levi’s situation, a voice sounded.

“It’s so noisy, and let people not sleep!”

Levi stood up and looked at everyone speechlessly.

“Boss, are you okay? Are you okay?”

One by one looked at Levi in shock.

“What can I do? Do you expect something to do with me?”

Levi glanced at everyone speechlessly.

“Boss, haven’t you seen any health problems in the past few days?”

Everyone asked.

“No, don’t you think I’m fine? It’s okay at all!”

Everyone was shocked.

Levi really didn’t look like something was going on.

This can’t be pretended

Everyone can feel the breath of Levi…

Surging as before.

So he is really fine.

“But just in case, let Tylera check it out for you first. Let’s rest assured!”

Wesley suggested.

“Well, let’s check it out.”

Levi didn’t want to be surrounded by them saying that something was all right.

Just let them check it.

Tylera immediately brought equipment and checked Levi’s physical condition.

Half an hour later, Tylera said in amazement: “Strange! Really strange! Without the restraint of the medicine for nine days, the body of the boss is actually fine! Is there any trace of elemental effect?”

“Everyone who doesn’t know thinks that they don’t have any weapons of Velador Maya Industry…”

Hearing this, everyone else was shocked.

“Impossible! How could it be okay? This is absolutely impossible!”

No one believes it.

Levi smiled helplessly: “Now you know I’m okay? Because the toxins on the weapon can’t penetrate my body at all…”

“Huh? Impossible! Boss…”

“If you really can’t invade your body, it’s really against the sky!”

Everyone was shocked and suspicious.

“I seem to know the truth…”

Tylera suddenly smiled.


Everyone gathered around.

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