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Chapter 2303

“I found that the boss has residual medicine in his body, and there are a lot of them! I understand why the boss hasn’t had an attack in the past nine days! The residual medicine still has an inhibitory effect! The effect of this medicine is even better than we thought!”

Tylera explained.

Levi looked helpless.

That’s because these boys forced him to take medicine all day long, and he couldn’t vomit anymore.

You can only drink it.

But his body can’t tolerate these foreign substances now.

So it remains in the body.

He must be forced out every short time.

This time it hasn’t had time to be discharged.

Tylera found it.

I mistakenly thought that these medicines suppressed it.

“That’s great! The boss has always had good luck! This is so lucky!”

Everyone looked ecstatic.

“Now with the medicine and method we found, it is absolutely no problem to keep the boss from attacking for a period of time!”

Tylera said in surprise.

“This is really great!”

Levi smiled bitterly: “I’m really fine! You don’t have to toss about it!”

“Boss, just listen to our arrangements! By the way, you have practiced these exercises recently, and it also has a restraining effect!”

Everyone did what they should do.

“On the one hand, we continue to suppress, on the other hand, Tylera produces medicine…”

Looking at this group of good brothers, good apprentices, and good subordinates.

Levi was a little touched.

They really do everything for themselves!

But what he said now, these people didn’t believe it either.

After waiting, just make up for them.

“What? Levi is okay? What’s the matter?”

Ye Wudao and Lawrence were shocked when they found out.

For nine days, Levi stopped abruptly without taking any medicine.

“How is this possible? How can there be nothing wrong with the weapons of Maya Industry? Even if I was stabbed, I would definitely die!”

Ye Wudao’s eyes were full of disbelief.

“Yeah! It’s not possible! It stands to reason! What they saw was a corpse that was extremely decomposed! It turned out to be okay?”

Lawrence didn’t believe in all this either.

They clearly cut off all Levi’s life.

As a result, Levi changed his fate against the sky!

Nothing at all!

How can this be?

No one wants to believe it!

“Impossible! There must be a reason! Maybe they are alive!”

Ye Wudao said.

Lawrence nodded: “There is such a possibility! But then I see how he can survive it! It will take dozens of days for Tylera to produce the medicine!”

Although Tiance Young Marshal did not ask about it.

But what is the matter.

He knows it all.

“Levi’s fate is too hard, right? It’s all right? Nothing at all?”

After knowing the situation, the Marshal Tiance was stunned.

“what’s the situation?”

He had the same idea as Ye Wudao, he was hit by a weapon of Maya Industry, and he was dead.

Tiance Mansion has nothing to do!

“Tylera said that there seems to be residual medicine in Levi’s body, which has always been inhibiting!”

Someone explained.

“That means Levi will still have an attack next time?”

Asked the marshal Tiance.

“Yes, yes, yes! Absolutely! Let’s wait! Some people estimate it will only take three days!”

Other humane.

“Okay, then let’s wait and see! I don’t believe it! Levi is fine!”

No one believes in evil.

Must wait for Levi’s injury to strike.

In fact, Tylera is also very nervous here.


The residual medicine and various methods would last Levi for three days at most.

What should I do in three days?

That is a problem!

Three days soon arrived.

Everyone is watching Levi on this day to see if he will have an attack.

Everyone is so nervous to sweat…

At this moment, the Evil Sword God and others came back.

“Good news! Great news!!!”

The sword evil god said excitedly.

Chapter 2304

The Sword Evil God was panting for breath.

Obviously went a long way.

It is estimated that after learning the news, they came non-stop.

Tell everyone the good news as soon as possible.

“what happened?”

Everyone got together one after another.

Even Levi came along with great interest.

Want to know what’s good.

“We have found a solution to the Mayan industrial weapons!”

The Sword Evil God breathed heavily and said something shocking.

“What??? Found a solution???”

Everyone present was shocked.

Their eyes are about to fly out!

Because this thing seems to everyone, it is absolutely impossible to achieve at this stage!

But now some people say yes.

How can you not be shocked?

“What’s the solution? Say it! Say it!!!”

Everyone is excited.

Tears filled his eyes one by one, unprecedented excitement.

Who is not shocked about this?

Even Levi was a little curious.

What is the solution to the weapons of Maya Industry?

He has checked that special element, but he has never seen a toxin.

Neither he nor the poisonous god could develop an antidote.

“What? Say it!”

Levi also urged.

“The way is that someone has discovered a substance that can dissolve this special element! After repeated experiments, this new substance can dissolve the special element of Maya industry!”

The Evil Sword said excitedly.


Everyone was shaking with excitement.

“There is this kind of substance? It’s amazing, isn’t it? The first time I heard that there is a substance that can dissolve the special elements of the Mayan industry!”

“Where did you find it? Who found it? Hurry up! The boss has hope of surviving! It’s great! The boss is lucky, the boss is not dead!”

The Evil Sword explained: “It is the doomsday seed bank of Kangaroo Nation. They found this rare substance in the deep sea near the Kangaroo Nation! One test found that it has a dissolving effect on Maya Industry’s weapons! It’s amazing! !”

“But this kind of deep-sea material is extremely scarce! They have spent a lot of time searching in other seas, and almost nothing! The total may be only a few hundred grams. It is regarded as a treasure by the Kangaroo Nation, and it is stored in the Doomsday Seed Vault!”

The evil god of poison then said a piece of news that made everyone’s heart cool.

The solution is there.

The new substance has been found.

But it’s too scarce.

It is regarded as a treasure in the Doomsday Seed Vault.

Once placed in this place, it is difficult to do.

It’s hard to get!

The faces of the people who had just been excited turned gloomy.

Still a problem!

The Evil Sword God said helplessly: “After learning the news, we contacted Kangaroo Nation as soon as possible, and wanted to get this substance at any cost! But they rejected it on the spot!”

“Yes, we negotiated in good faith! They asked them to make terms, but these people didn’t get in! They didn’t give us any chance at all! They just drove us away!”

“We didn’t have time to think of his way, so we ran to find you first, tell you the news, and see what you can do?”

Hearing this, everyone felt cold again.

How is this whole?

I was given hope and despaired instantly.

People treat this substance as a treasure.

It must be difficult to get!

You have to come up with things that people like and feel beyond the new material value.

“Don’t be discouraged, everyone! Now that the new substance has been found, the next step is the question of getting it!”

“Think about it, everyone, or discuss with the Kangaroo country! They must have weaknesses! They must have something in need! We just need to take it out!”

Wesley looked at the people and said, “This is a solution to the boss’ situation, once and for all! We will do whatever it takes! Understand?”

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