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Chapter 2311

They didn’t treat Levi as the same thing at all.

I just refused to admit it.

what happened?

Nothing will happen!

Junjun in the dark is also very angry.

This group of people is too shameless.

Next, she must act to get the new substance in her hands.

The ancestors in the dark have been watching.

“Damn! This group of people in Kangaroo Country are so shameless? I’ll just kill it!!”

The violent female ancestor almost couldn’t help but want to shoot.

“Let’s relax, we are out of season!”

The others immediately grabbed them.

“It looks like you need to snatch new substances! I’m a little worried!”

Several ancestors said.

“Yes, although during this period of time, Junjun is invincible during his training! No one can beat! But the Kangaroo country is like a cloud! We are barely able to make shots…not to mentionAubrey…”

Several ancestors are worried.

“We have been guardingAubrey for so long, and we have never made a move! But this time it seems that we must make a move!”

The female ancestor also said.

the other side.

Levi and the others did not leave.

Instead, live in a manor.

Seeing Levi’s angry look, everyone was persuading him.

“It’s okay! I will kill them at night! Don’t even try to run any of them!”

“It’s not that simple not to return what I owe Levi!”

Levi sneered.

Wesley after they came out.

Everyone discusses.

“Kangaroo country, they bully people so much, they don’t admit it, they turn right and wrong! Can’t bear it!”

“Hmm, what did you look like when the boss was angry?”

“I can’t bear it! I must ask for justice!”

“Well, good! Let’s go together! First grab the new substance directly!”

Everyone hit it off.

They set off together to the Kangaroo Doomsday Seed Bank.

Although the kangaroo country burst into the strong.

But Wesley and they are also masters.

None of them are vegetarian.

It is also a group of strong people on the gods list.

After coming to the Doomsday Seed Bank.

A group of people rushed directly.

But the Doomsday Seed Bank was well prepared, teams after teams of masters appeared from all directions.

Surround them directly.

After a fight, Wesley, Xiao Feng’s expressions changed drastically.

There are so many strong kangaroos?

One by one sturdy and terrible!

The strong on the opposite god list level is obviously stronger than them.

It is estimated that there are more than ten people who can be ranked in the top 30 of the gods!

Their highest is more than 30 Qilin…

Can’t match at all.

Gradually everyone fell into a disadvantage.

Many people are injured.

“This is not the way to go…”

“Withdraw! Everyone withdraw first!”

But when everyone was about to evacuate, they suddenly found that this group of people was blocking the escape route.

The unicorns are in danger!



At the moment of crisis, a series of terrible air currents shot out from the dark.

Abruptly opened up a way out for them.

Everyone fled immediately.

Just as the strong men of Kangaroo Nation were pursuing them, several strong men in the dark again attacked and blocked them.

Wait to come to safety.

Several people are waiting for them.

It isAubrey and her several masters.

Just now, the situation was in crisis, and Aubrey was originally rescued by himself.

But the ancestors were not relieved, and they shot together.

“It turned out to beAubrey and the legendary ancestors! Thank you! If it weren’t for you, we are afraid we will stay here!”

Thanks everyone.

“Go back! You can’t handle it here! Think of other ways!”

Several ancestors said.

“Okay, understand!”

Wesley and they left immediately.

After returning to the manor, he found Levi waiting for them.

“What are you doing by yourself?”

Levi asked.

But seeing everyone hurt, his face changed.

“They did it?”

Everyone was silent and did not speak.

“Well, I see, go out!”

Levi said lightly.

Chapter 2312

He wanted to wait a while before going.

But these dog things hurt his people.

It’s strange that Levi is not angry.

Be sure to turn the Kangaroo country upside down tonight!




This bunch of dog stuff!


Is it irritating to be Levi?

I can save you from fire and water!

It can also instantly turn this place into purgatory!

“Boss, what are you going to do?”

The injured Tylera wanted to stop Levi.

But Levi left with a cold face.

Did not speak.

“Let Master go! With Junior SisterAubrey and the ancestors of Tiance Mansion, Master must be fine!”

Xiao Feng said.

“Yes! The boss is fine! Let him go!”

Everyone felt reasonable.

WithAubrey and several ancestors, Levi was absolutely fine.

They had just been seriously injured, and they were all healing.

But what they didn’t know was that after they left, Junjun forcibly broke into the doomsday seed bank.

As a result, the opponent’s master is like a cloud.

No matter how you perform, you are always close.

Can’t attack for a long time.

She can only evacuate.

Several ancestors were not able to shoot because of their status.

They will only take action when Aubrey is in danger.

But if you take the initiative to go to the Doomsday Seed Bank to take out the new substance, it is a bit wrong.

After all, they represent Tiance Mansion.

If they were directly involved, they would probably be laughed at by the world.

“Evacuate first, Junjun! Wait for us to figure out a solution for you! Hard grabbing still won’t work! If it doesn’t work, we will offer a condition that they can’t refuse! We will negotiate with them tomorrow! What they want, as long as we have it, Just show them all!”

Several ancestors left withAubrey first.

They promised to take out everything to let Aubrey exchange for new substances to save Levi.

Aubrey then left.

Waiting for tomorrow to come to negotiate in person.

Just after they left, a figure suddenly appeared.


With a cold face, he came step by step.

In front of the Doomsday Seed Bank, there are more than one hundred thousand strong people!

Among them, Bogut, Nelson and others are in charge.

The powerhouses comparable to the gods’ list are also on the list.

During this period of time, there are still quite a few people hitting new substances.

Especially when Wesley and the others just killed so many masters, the Kangaroo country was also a little flustered.

Hastily mobilized all the strongest masters in Kangaroo Country here.

Swear to guard the doomsday seed bank.

The power of the whole country comes to guard a place.

It’s really scary!

Plus its own master is like a cloud!

Kangaroo Nation showed all the strong this time, which has a shocking meaning.

This powerful force, even the world’s top forces must tremble!

This time the shock is enough!

No one will underestimate it in the future!

There will be no more ideas for the Doomsday Seed Bank.

This is also the reason why Aubrey could not penetrate.

The ancestors did not dare to say 100% of the new substances can be taken out of these forces.

This is one of the reasons why they don’t do it!

“Now, there shouldn’t be anyone coming, right?”

“Who would dare to come! Just now a bunch of strong people on the list of gods have all been injured and retired!”

“Let’s put it this way, even if the top powers of the gods list come together, they may not be able to get benefits!”

“Whoever comes at this time is a fool!”

Bogut, Nelson and others are still discussing.

At this time, a figure appeared in front of him.

Ye Jun is here.

They also saw clearly.


Seeing Levi, everyone laughed.

Especially Bogut smiled happily.

Today’s Levi is in his eyes, just like a fool.

Dare to come here at this time?

Why are you here?

Sent to death?

“Ha ha ha ha……”

Bogut leaned forward and backward with a smile, his stomach aches.

“Why are you here, Ye Jun?”

Nelson smiled.

The person next to him stepped forward and sneered: “Have you come back to avenge you? Hahaha…”


At this moment, Levi suddenly slapped him into blood mist.

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