The Protector Novel Levi Garrison Chapter 2313

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Chapter 2313



The blood mist exploded in front of everyone!

Especially Bogut, Nelson and the others are the closest!

The blood splashed all over their faces.

Everyone was surprised by the hot liquid!


The audience became silent!

No one thought that Levi would suddenly do something.

Although the person who was slapped to death by Levi was weak, he was at the bottom of the quasi god list.

But it was still quite shocking to be photographed as blood mist in an instant!

“k!ll him!”

Bogut who reacted immediately gave the order.

Dare to k!ll in front of them, Levi is looking for death!

“Yes! k!ll him!”

Nelson and others also shouted.

Dozens of strong men all rushed up.




Levi blasted out with fists and slaps, and dozens of strong men turned into blood mist on the spot!

There is no resistance at all…


Everyone was dumbfounded this time!

They looked at Levi in disbelief.

It is not surprising to k!ll a strong man!

But he k!lled dozens of people…

“Go! Come on! I don’t believe it! Even Levi dare to offend our majesty?”

Bogut was a little angry.

Send more and more powerful men to rush up.

Levi walked step by step.

But no matter how many powerhouses rushed, they turned into blood mist under the slap of Levi!


Everyone looked solemn.

It might have been said that the strong one sent out is not as good as Levi.

But now?

Most of those sent out are better than Levi!

“The opportunity was given to you! I’m useless!”

Levi sneered, slapped to death one after another.

“not good!”

“not good!”

“Levi is hiding his strength!!!”

Bogut and Nelson reacted quickly.

Levi’s current strength is definitely not shown by the more than eight thousand quasi gods.

At least it has to be at the forefront of the quasi god list!

“Really? Then I’ll k!ll him!”

One of the guardians of the Doomsday Seed Bank, who was comparable to the gods’ list, showed a hideous smile and walked towards Levi step by step.

In his opinion, no matter how strong Levi is, he can’t compare with the strongest of the gods.



It’s just that he was shot and exploded by Levi like a watermelon in an instant.

Everyone was stunned at this moment.

The strong of the gods were k!lled like this?

How strong is he?

Bogut and Nelson’s brains are blank.

Can’t react at all.


The other big powers slaughtered Levi one by one.

The dignity of their Kangaroo country would never allow Levi to be so provocative.

These powerhouses comparable to the gods’ list have all come up.

“You just injured my apprentice brother and them?”

Levi asked coldly.

“That’s right! That group of waste dared to grab the deep-sea matter! If it weren’t for them to run fast! They are all going to die here!”

“What? Do you still want to stand up for that group of trash?”

This group of strong gods did not pay attention to Levi at all.

“Oh! Then all die!”

Levi’s voice fell.

Then started the killing.

This group of strong people on the gods list has transformed from being unmatched into shock, horror, and despair…



One by one, the powerhouses of the god list were photographed into flesh by Levi.

Their terrifying combat effectiveness, in front of Levi, was no different from ordinary people.

They were all slapped to death.

There is no combat power at all.

In an instant, hundreds of strong men all turned into mud!

But the more people fall, the more shocked the Kangaroo country!

They are going crazy one by one!

This is the strongest in their country!

These are the guardians they are proud of!

But at this moment, all were slaughtered.

The most important thing is that the man in front of him slapped him to death…

No matter how strong, it is a slap to death.

“That’s it?”

Levi glanced at everyone in Kangaroo Country.

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