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Chapter 26

Sarah thought for a while, this explanation is fine.

If it wasn’t for the face of a big man, who would come to give her money?

“Right. Levi, are you lobbying for your family?”

Sarah looked at Levi distressedly.

“Yes, it took a lot of effort.”

Levi smiled.

In fact, for him, who would dare not listen to a phone call?

Sarah said, “You have worked hard for King’s Landing. This time I’m all up to you.”

“Yes, King’s Landing has done a lot this time, I thought it would be the case.”

Dale is very satisfied with Levi today.

Edith smiled and said, “I still feel that things are a bit untrue.”

She also looks very pleasing to her son-in-law.

Actively said to Levi: “Levi, you have been wearing your clothes for a long time, take it off and I will wash it for you. I will go to the hospital tomorrow and I want to wash my work clothes.”

“Okay, Mom.”

Levi smiled.

the next day.

Levi followed Sarah to get the project.

Edith brought the laundry to be washed at home to the laundry room of the hospital.

It can be washed and disinfected here.

The most important thing is to save money and be convenient.

Dale didn’t fall behind, and Edith washed all the clothes here to save money.

“Hehe, did you take your home clothes here again to wash? To save electricity and water bills, as for? Your family used to run a big company somehow.”

The woman speaking is in the same department as Edith, named Guo Jia.

The two are candidates for the deputy director of the department and have not dealt with them.

The appointment of the deputy director of the department is about to come down.

Neither of them can’t understand each other.

In particular, Guo Jia often hurt Edith a few words.

“Don’t worry about it! It’s not your water and electricity!”

Edith sneered.

After Guo Jia left.

Edith took out all the clothes in the bag.

When Levi’s clothes were about to be thrown into the washing machine, she found that her jacket pockets were bulging.

“This kid forgot to take things!”

Edith quickly took out the things in her pocket.

There are lighters and a pack of cigarettes.

The lighter and cigarette case are all military green, and Edith doesn’t bother to read the words on it.

But if Dale was here, he would find out.

This is a special cigarette for the military region!

The kind that can’t be bought for a lot of money!

You must have a relationship to get it.

What’s more frightening is that there is a sniper rifle pattern printed on the cigarette box, which even some bigwigs in the military district can’t get it.

Because this is for a certain special forces…

Edith threw the cigarettes into the trash can, frowning in dissatisfaction: “Smoke less! More choking!”

There is also Levi’s wallet.

Edith thought for a while and began to look at Levi’s wallet.

There were scattered cash in the wallet and a wedding photo of Sarah and Levi.

The rest are two cards, a few small chips, and a certificate.

A card was a black bank card. Edith sneered and threw the card aside: “How much money can you have?”

How did she know that this is the world’s limited number of American Express black cards, which have unlimited limits, and have the function of allowing air planes to return.

There is also a card in army green with only a sniper rifle pattern on it.

As for the chip, she is even less interested.

It was the credentials that caught her attention.

The red certificate has three characters written on it, and there is also the August 1 logo on it.

“Who is the officer’s card scaring? You went to jail. Do you think you have gone as an officer?”

Thinking about it, Edith turned over her ID.

Chapter 27

“God of War? Five-star general? Garrison what?”

Just when Edith wanted to see the name clearly, a voice suddenly rang from behind: “Doctor Mann, what are you looking at?”

Hearing this, Edith quickly closed her ID and hid behind her back.

“It’s nothing.”

Edith smiled.

Guo Jia stood in front of him.

She looked at Edith suspiciously.

“Oh, it’s okay.”

Guo Jia left.

But in fact, when Edith opened her wallet and peeked at her ID, she was behind, and she quietly took a photo and recorded it.

Came to a remote place.

Guo Jia dialed the police call: “Hey, I want to call the police! Edith, Department of Cardiac Surgery, City No. 3 Hospital, she stole something! It was an officer ID and a bank card. I also saw a few chips, which are probably classified as confidential documents. . I have evidence, I took pictures and videos!”

“What military ID? Can you see the name and rank?”

Asked the other side.

“It’s the admiral! Well, I’m sure, I have photos and videos.”

“it is good.”

“Ooo Ooo…”

Before long, the harsh sirens sounded, and police cars rushed into the city’s third hospital.

Many police officers rushed in, wearing body armor one after another.

Soon, Edith, who was stunned, was taken to the police car.

By the way, all the exhibits were also taken away, including Guo Jia’s video shooting and photos.

Edith was taken directly to the Municipal Public Security Bureau.

She had already cried like a tearful person.

Due to the military officer’s certificate, even Fu Xuejian, the city’s public security chief, was shocked.

He picked up the officer’s card and looked at it carefully.

“There should be no fake! Real military card! General God of War? It’s terrible!”

Fu Xuejian took a breath.

Others said: “We are still not sure about the director. For the sake of safety, let’s ask someone from the military to help.”

Fu Xuejian sighed: “I just told my good friend, Shane Xiaohui, head of the Iron and Steel Group of the Case York Military Region, and he will be there soon.”

“Director, we have checked the chip and these cards, and our authority is not enough!”

“Wait! Go and interrogate that woman again!”

Fu Xuejian said.

In the interrogation room.

Edith was trembling all the time, and even her tears were almost dry.

“Say! Where did the certificates and cards come from?”

Edith trembled: “It’s… my son-in-law’s!”

“Nonsense!!! Do you know what credentials this is?”

Edith’s brain was blank: “I…I don’t know…”

“This is an officer’s card! It’s an admiral’s card!”

The interrogator angered.


Edith’s brain was blank, and her whole body was struck by lightning.

“There are military secrets in the wallet. You are suspected of leaking. If you don’t explain it honestly? The charge is too great!”

“Say! Where did you get your wallet credentials?”

The interrogator suddenly raised his tone, almost roaring.

Edith was going to be frightened stupidly.

“I, I, I…really my son-in-law’s…uuuuu…I didn’t steal…”

At the same time as the interrogation here, Shane Xiaohui has hurried to the Public Security Bureau.

“Where are the documents?”

Shane Xiaohui trot all the way.


After picking up the ID, Shane Xiaohui looked through it carefully.

A minute later, Shane Xiaohui said solemnly: “It’s true!”

“This is really General God of War’s military certificate! Where did you get it?”

Shane Xiaohui asked.

Fu Xuejian said: “It seems that a woman stole it.”

Shane Xiaohui’s complexion changed. Thinking of something, he couldn’t help asking: “What is the name of that woman?”

Chapter 28

“Okay. Immediately ask what is the woman’s name?”

“Edith? It’s definitely called Edith!”

Fu Xuejian quickly gave Shane Xiaohui the answer.

Hearing this name, Shane Xiaohui immediately pulled Fu Xuejian to a remote place.

“You caught the wrong person this time, Edith is the mother-in-law of General God of War!”

“What? My God!”

Fu Xuejian was terrified.

“Listen, old Fu, now that the news is blocked, just as if today’s matter has not happened. Don’t spread it out! Then I immediately contact Major General Wesley and let General God of War deal with it.”

Shane Xiaohui gave the solution.

“Okay, I will listen to you.”

Fu Xuejian’s body was trembling all the time.

Levi, who was busy with Sarah, received a call from Wesley. After understanding the matter, he personally came to the police station.

After taking away the wallet, Levi didn’t say anything.

Fu Xuejian breathed a sigh of relief.

“General God of War, I will deal with Ms. Edith, and I will make her treat her as if nothing happened.”

Fu Xuejian took the initiative.

Levi nodded.

“Ms. Mann, you can go!”

In the interrogation room, Edith cried with joy when she heard these words.

“Ms. Mann was a misunderstanding before! The officer ID you got is a fake! You are fine! But you have to tell your son-in-law that you can’t do this kind of fake certificate in the future! If you bluff and deceive with a fake certificate, you will be legally liable! “

Edith nodded repeatedly: “Comrade, I understand! I must tell!”

“Let’s go, your son-in-law is outside to pick you up.”

Edith came outside.

Seeing Levi waiting, his anger stopped.


Edith yelled with anger: “Don’t call my mother! I’m not your mother! You almost ruined me!”

Edith had never entered a police station in her life, and she did not expect it to be this way for the first time.

“You don’t want to be with Zi in the future, I’m afraid you will ruin her! What kind of deed you learned in jail, you even applied for a false certificate!”

Edith said angrily.

Levi touched his nose: “Mom, the certificate is real, I didn’t fake it.”

He also cried out to the effect that this kind of thing happened.

“You still said? The police comrades said clearly that it is a false certificate. You have a professional? Are you afraid that you are not helping the false certificate to bluff and deceive? I tell you, you must not hurt your son! I personally give you a face. I won’t tell Dale and Sarah about today’s affairs! If there is another time, just get out!”

Edith is really going to explode.

“Okay, Mom.”

Levi sent Edith back to the hospital.

Back at the hospital, Edith thought everyone would look at her with strange eyes.

But business as usual, no changes.

How is this going?

It’s impossible to be unresponsive to such a big movement just now?

“Dr. Mann is okay? I was scared to death just now, you are fine!”

“In the past, I did not do the right thing, I hope you will not remember the villain in the future. The position of the deputy director is none other than you. I have no ability to fight with you! I have reported it to the courtyard, and quit!”

What surprised Edith most was that Guo Jia took the initiative to apologize and withdrew from the campaign for deputy director.

Guo Jia has been fighting with herself for several years!

Quit unexpectedly?

What happened to this?

I went to the police station.

How could this be?

It seems that Guo Jia is afraid of herself.

The same goes for others.

She can feel it!

By the way, ask Levi!

Edith called Levi again: “What’s wrong with Levi? Are you hiding something from me?”

Chapter 29

“Mom, I didn’t hide it from you, the certificate is real!”

Levi approached.

“Huh, who are you coaxing?”

Upon hearing Levi’s words, Edith quickly died.

She concluded that it had nothing to do with Levi.

It should be that the police station greeted the hospital in order to eliminate the bad influence.

In the next few days, the project went smoothly.

However, the National Day is approaching and the project has to be stopped.

“Levi, can you help me pick up my cousin, her name is Xiao Qin, at Case University, I have already sent you her number.”

At this time, Sarah was busier than usual and didn’t have much time.

“Okay, I’ll pick it up!”

“But shouldn’t it be Mann Qin?”

Levi asked curiously.

“Xiao Qin and her mother’s last name.”

Sarah answered.

After leaving the construction site, Levi called Wesley: “I want a car for Wesley. Just keep a low profile.”

It didn’t take long before Wesley sent the car.

It turned out to be the president of a Maserati.


Levi shook his head helplessly, and drove to the main entrance of the East Campus of Case University.

He waited for a long time at the gate of the East Campus, but Xiao Qin did not show up.

After waiting for another half an hour, Levi dialed Xiao Qin’s phone.

“Hello, are you?”

There was a nice voice on the other end of the phone.

“I’m Levi, your brother-in-law. Your sister asked me to pick you up!”

“Ah? Didn’t my sister say that she can’t pick it up when she’s busy? I’m still thinking about going back by myself for a while.”

Xiao Qin said in surprise.

“Where are you? I’ll pick you up!”

Levi asked.

“Ah, I’m in the VIP666 box on the fifth floor of the Emperor KTV!”

“Well, you wait, I’ll pick you up.”

In ktv, Xiao Qin hung up, and a companion immediately asked, “Who is Xiao Qin calling?”

“It’s my brother-in-law, coming to pick me up.”

Xiao Qinxiu frowned, with some dissatisfaction.

“Oh, I know who it is. The rap!st Levi, Cox Hang knows all about him.”

“Haha, isn’t it, Xiao Qin, you let him pick you up?”

“You don’t dislike shame!”

Faced with the ridicule of his companions, Xiao Qin also regretted it.

Just now I almost agreed, so I should refuse.

“Xiao Qin, don’t call anyone to pick it up. I’ll take you back later, and you will see my car. The new BMW x5 just mentioned.”

The talking boy, Zhuo Yiji, is in the same class as Xiao Qin and has been pursuing Xiao Qin.

The family is engaged in hotel business, the rich second generation.

He also hosted the party tonight.

His plan was simple-after getting Xiao Qin drunk, he took him to the hotel to sleep.

Today, Xiao Qin wore a small suspender and short shorts, exposing large areas of snow-white skin, especially a pair of snow-white long legs together, which is simply embarrassing.

“But my brother-in-law has already come.”

Xiao Qin said helplessly.

“Here, let him go back, we finally got together.”

When Zhuo Yiji saw Xiao Qin’s red face, his heart became more impatient.

“Come on, play games and drink!”

Xiao Qin’s girlfriends had also been taken care of long ago, and they yelled to play games.

In fact, it was to get Xiao Qin drunk.

It didn’t take long before the box door was opened.

Levi walked in.

“Uncle who are you? What are you doing here?”

Several boys stood up and shouted sharply, all trying to show off in front of the girls.

Levi ignored them, but searched in the box.

Finally, his eyes fixed on Xiao Qin’s body: “Xiao Qin, I’m here to pick you up.”

“Hahaha, Xiao Qin is your brother-in-law, he is very famous. I have heard friends say that your brother-in-law is a celebrity, raped his sister-in-law, and wanted to kill his adoptive father and mother. I saw it today!

Zhuo Yiji laughed.

Chapter 30


The others burst into laughter.

At this moment, Xiao Qin felt dull on her face and wanted to find a seam to get in.

She complained in a low voice: “Why did my sister call him to pick me up? It really embarrassed me!”

Xiao Qin was reluctant to look up at Levi.

Levi ignored the ridicule of a few kids.

“Xiao Qin go?”

Levi asked.

Xiao Qin raised her head and plucked up the courage to say: “You go, I don’t need you to pick it up, I will go back by myself.”

“Your sister asked me to pick you up, hurry up and leave.”

Levi was a little impatient.

“Xiao Qin said to let you go, what are you doing standing there? Deaf! Get out of here! What are you? Also match Xiao Qin?”

“Yes, Xiao Qin, our brother Zhuo will give it away! It’s your ass! Disappear quickly!”

Several of Zhuo Yiji’s classmates and younger brothers almost pushed Levi.

“Hurry up with me! Otherwise I can’t tell your sister!”

Levi couldn’t see the tricks of these little puppets, where he stood, his eyes fixed on Xiao Qin.

“Go, I don’t even know you, I will go back by myself!”

Xiao Qin said angrily.


At this moment, the box door was violently blasted open.

One person was kicked and flew in.

“Fan Xiang, what’s wrong with you?”

Recognizing that they were their classmates, everyone hurriedly stepped forward to help them.

There was also a girl behind, her face red and swollen, and she had obviously just been beaten.

“What’s wrong with Brown Ying?”

Xiao Qin couldn’t sit still, and rushed to the front.

Brown Ying cried and said: “I was harassed just after I went to the toilet, and Fan Xiang helped me out, so I was beaten, oooooo…

At this time, a few young people who looked like a mess came in.

“Oh, I didn’t expect that there are so many beautiful chicks here, all of them are school girls! We are going to die tonight!”

As soon as these gangsters saw Xiao Qin and the others, their eyes became straight.

Looking unscrupulously at the pair of big white legs.

“Did you hit my classmate?”

Zhuo Yiji stepped forward and asked in a cold voice.

There were a dozen male classmates behind him, staring at four or five punks angrily.

Relying on the large number of people, they are naturally not afraid of these punks.

Coupled with the presence of girls, their courage soared.

“Yes, I played it, what’s the matter?”

The first gangster with silver hair looked at Zhuo Yiji with interest.

“Either apologize or we beat you!”

Zhuo Yiji wanted to perform well in front of Xiao Qin.

“Hahahaha, my brothers laughed at me to death, and how many students dare to beat us? Can they take advantage of the crowd?”


Several punks laughed together.

“Go, call the brothers, tell the boss, they say there are a dozen school girls here! Come here!”

The next moment, Zhuo Yiji and the others were dumbfounded.

Because dozens of punks came all of a sudden, with sticks and knives in their hands, waving very scary.

They blocked the box door and looked at Xiao Qin and others jokingly.

Have these students seen this kind of scene?

Scared to pee directly.

Even Zhuo Yiji’s legs trembled.


The silver-haired gangster patted Zhuo Yiji’s face and sneered: “Crazy, wasn’t it crazy just now?”

“Brother, I… I was wrong…”

Zhuo Yiji immediately became soft.


The silver-haired gangster slapped his face.


Other gangsters were a few more kicks, and Zhuo Yiji immediately became popular.

In the box, there was dead silence, no one dared to speak.

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