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Chapter 16


Levi whispered.

The Wesley behind him stepped forward and slapped Boyd Qingyue’s face with a slap.

Immediately, Boyd Qingyue was drawn seven or eight meters away.

His cheeks were ripped apart, and several teeth flew out, Boyd Qingyue let out a scream like a pig.

Moran Hongfei was frightened silly.

“You… don’t mess around? I called the security guard…”

Moran Hongfei shivered with fright.


Wesley slapped Moran Hongfei’s face, blood splattered, and almost killed Moran Hongfei’s life.

“Don’t kill me…Don’t kill me…”

Although Moran Hongfei is also a business tycoon, once he encounters such a fight, he is a waste!

“Moran Hongfei, I will give you one night to move out here. I will come to collect it at 8 o’clock tomorrow morning, otherwise I will bear the consequences.”

“My villa does not tolerate any offal pollution!”

Levi said coldly and ruthlessly.

The villa had been inhabited by Moran Hongfei’s gang for six years, even if Levi took it back, it would not be possible to live in it.

He is addicted to cleanliness.


Moran Hongfei thought he had heard it wrong.

This criminal who just came out of prison still wants to go back to the villa?

How can it be?

After speaking, Levi left here.

Moran Hongfei didn’t care about going home, and took the little secretary directly to Garrison Yaoyang.

At the moment, Garrison Yaoyang was in the clubhouse, with a beautiful woman in his arms on each side, happily forgetting about it.

“Mr. Garrison is not good! The big thing is not good!”

After Moran Hongfei rushed in, he told Garrison Yaoyang the matter.

“Mr. Garrison, you have to call the shots for us, look at how we were beaten.”

Seeing Moran Hongfei and Boyd Qingyue being beaten like a pig, Garrison Yaoyang immediately became angry.

“It’s the opposite? What kind of dog is Levi? Anyone who dares to move me?”

Garrison Yaoyang smashed a bottle of beer to the ground.

“You are also useless, even a disabled Levi can’t handle it?”

Garrison Yaoyang glared at Moran Hongfei fiercely.

Moran Hongfei looked aggrieved: “No, Mr. Garrison, there is a big man beside him, who is very powerful. It also means that if the day does not hand over the villa, he will not only kill me, but also you.”

“Very well, isn’t it Levi? Tomorrow morning I will personally take someone to you, I want to see how he moves me?”

Garrison Yaoyang sneered.

Moran Hongfei reminded: “Mr. Garrison, you’d better bring more people. I’m afraid Levi will bring a lot of people.”

A bloodthirsty killing intent flashed in Garrison Yaoyang’s eyes, and he sneered: “Can I take the third Lord?”

“That’s absolutely okay! Third Lord is frightening on the road! Then I can rest assured!”

Moran Hongfei seemed to have taken a reassurance pill.

San Garrison was the overlord on the the city Road, and his few hundred brothers were all ruthless Lords.

San Garrison didn’t know how much blood he had on his hands.

Over the years, San Garrison has helped Garrison Yaoyang a lot.

When those shopping malls were uncertain, San Garrison sent a few younger brothers to carry knives over, and those people were scared to pee their pants.

The other side.

After Sarah, who had been busy all day, returned home, he found that Levi was not at home.

“Where did Mom and Dad go?”

“I don’t know, should I go out to find a job?”

Dale said without raising his head.

“Shall I call and ask?”

Dale stopped Sarah: “From now on, Sarah, you have to focus on work, and Levi’s side, you can play it down a bit and don’t affect you. We will also let him come home less.

Sarah looked at his father incredulously, and asked, “What does Dad mean?”

“Daughter, your status will be different in the future, but you have to become a big man, and you can’t let Levi have an impact on your reputation.”

Edith also said.

Sarah sneered: “Parents, we have to talk about conscience, so I can win the project, I think it was Levi that did it! If he hadn’t gotten the banquet invitation, we wouldn’t have this chance.”

“This is true, he did play a role, but in the end, it was you who was named, and it was your ability! It has nothing to do with him, you know?”

Dale said.

“King’s Landing will assist me, his ability is beyond doubt.”

Dale sneered: “Sarah, you mean to let him eat soft food and help you for the rest of his life? In this case, your parents and I disagree! You can continue to be with him, but his reputation and social status must Pretty much same as you!”

“Yes! Otherwise we would not agree!”

Edith also echoed the road.

“I don’t care about you. I’ll go find him!”

Sarah understood that Levi had been driven out.

Finally Sarah called Levi back.

Dale and Edith didn’t wink at Levi.

Levi followed Sarah back to the room.

“Don’t pay too much attention to what your parents say! I believe you here, as long as you give you time, you can definitely do it!”

Sarah said.

Levi asked, “How’s the investment going?”

When it comes to this, Sarah has a sad look: “Hey, don’t mention it. It’s very difficult. I can’t agree on all aspects!”

“Don’t worry, I will accompany you, it will definitely make it!”

Levi comforted.

“Sarah, will you go to a place with me tomorrow?”

Levi asked.

“it is good.”

At eight o’clock in the morning of the second day, Levi appeared here on time.

“Sarah, I will ask for the villa back today. No one else can live in our wedding room!”

Levi said.

Sarah was extremely shocked: “Huh?”

When Moran Hongfei saw Levi, he sneered, “Do you really dare to come?”

“Have you moved away? I want to take back the villa!”

Levi was expressionless.

“Yell, who is this? You want to take back my Garrison Yaoyang’s villa? What a courage!”

Accompanied by a strange sound of yin and yang, Garrison Yaoyang brought a large group of people here.

Enclosed the two of Levi in three circles and three outside circles.

Next to Garrison Yaoyang, there was a middle-aged man wearing a Tang suit with two patina walnuts in his hand, a scar running through his entire face, particularly eye-catching.

This is the famous San Garrison on the Case York Road.

It’s frightening!

After all, this guy didn’t know how many lives he was carrying, and there were so many thugs under his men.

When Moran Hongfei saw that the more than 100 thugs under Sanye had come, his heart was completely relieved.

Sarah was so frightened by the evil gangsters that he quickly leaned on Levi.

Garrison Yaoyang looked at Sarah, with a hint of greed at the corner of his mouth.

He has coveted plum dye for a long time.

He planned to abolish Levi today and slept Sarah in front of him.

“Levi, why are you here?”

Garrison Yaoyang looked at Levi mockingly.

“Take my villa back!”

Levi was expressionless.

“Go back to your villa? What is your villa? This is my villa. I gave him to Moran Hongfei.”

Garrison Yaoyang gave Levi a push: “Last time you made a big man angry, today I have to take revenge together! First interrupt your limbs, and then put her to sleep!”

“Let’s go on King’s Landing, we can’t beat others.”

Sarah was crying.

“Want to leave? It’s too late! Have you asked Sanye’s 100-odd brother?”

Garrison Yaoyang suddenly raised his tone.


More than one hundred thugs stepped forward, waving the iron rods and other weapons in their hands, frightening the two Levi.

Faced with this situation, Levi was expressionless and made a call: “Wesley, transfer a regiment from the Case York Military Region! Pay attention to being fully armed!”

Sarah was in a state of fright, and Levi didn’t hear what he said.

Because Levi’s voice was low, everyone else could hear it roughly.

As for Garrison Yaoyang sneered again and again: “Yeah? Called someone? What else is fully armed. Okay, I won’t bother you, I want to see who you can call?”

San Garrison also looked at Levi with interest.

Sarah has been trembling with fright.

About ten minutes later.

The security guards at the front entrance of the Royal Palace Villa area were dumbfounded.

Because military vehicles full of soldiers drove into the villa area, dozens of them.

There are even several vehicles with heavy weapons such as heavy machine guns and mortars.

“This fucking has more than a thousand people, right?”

“My God, is this a fucking group here?”

Chapter 17

The villa designed by Levi is No. A88.

Now the four villa areas of A88, A87, A89, and B88 are full of soldiers with live ammunition.

Arranged into four phalanxes, they are serious about it, and all the standard weapons in his hand are loaded.

They only waited for an order.

In front of the villa.

Garrison Yaoyang stared at Levi with a sneer on his face: “What? What about the person who shouted? Isn’t it coming?”

Levi snapped his fingers.

next moment.


The ground shook suddenly, and the uniform footsteps sounded loudly.

“What’s the matter? What’s wrong?”

San Garrison’s thugs looked around, everyone panicked.

The pace is getting clearer and clearer, and the drums are generally dense, like a thousand horses rushing.

“this is?”

When they saw the four square formations surrounded by soldiers, San Garrison’s thugs were shocked.

Moran Hongfei was stunned.

Garrison Yaoyang was stunned.

San Garrison was stunned.

Everyone was scared silly.

Where have you seen such a battle?


The four phalanx soldiers lined up and surrounded everyone.

One by one, cold muzzles were aimed at Garrison Yaoyang and the others.


What is even more exaggerated is that in the gap, a heavy machine gun is set up, and after adjusting the direction, it is also aimed at Garrison Yaoyang and the others.

They even saw mortars…

“Pattern, patter…”

San Garrison’s thugs threw away their sticks and raised their hands.

Several people were scared to pee.

There was a big smell of urine in the field.

Even San Garrison threw away the walnut in his hand and raised his hand obediently.

San Garrison has been on the road for decades, what scene hasn’t been seen?

The scene of killing more than a dozen people did not blink.

But today’s scene really scared him!


Moran Hongfei knelt directly on the ground: “I didn’t do anything!”

Garrison Yaoyang looked at the cold muzzle, shaking with fright.

“I… I didn’t do anything, either,”

Garrison Yaoyang never thought that Levi would call and call for a whole group…

Sarah was always in shock, after slowing down, she looked at Levi.

At this moment, she felt that Levi was shining.

He has such a big battle with just one phone call?

At this time, a group of people came out from the frontal square.

The epaulettes of the combat uniform of the leader are decorated with two golden bars and three stars.

Surprisingly a large colonel.

“Shane Xiaohui, head of the Iron and Steel Regiment of the Case York Military Region, was ordered to protect General God of War!”

Shane Xiaohui saluted and glanced at Levi intentionally or unintentionally.

In the other direction, crowded around, a man with a star on his shoulder appeared.

A major general also appeared.

“Major General Wesley, the steel group has all been surrounded! Please give instructions!”

Shane Xiaohui ran all the way to the front of Wesley, and saluteed a military salute.

Major General Wesley took off his gloves and said coldly, “Do you know whose residence is here?”

Garrison Yaoyang was so frightened that his whole body was trembling, and he tremblingly said, “Could it be… Is it General God of War?”

Wesley smiled and said, “Exactly, the villas in this area belong to General God of War.”


Garrison Yaoyang took a breath.

I was so scared that I almost fainted.

After hearing this title, San Garrison was so frightened that his face was pale without bloodshot eyes.

If you know that this is General God of War’s site, his mother didn’t dare to come here for ten lives.

“What are you going to do with so many people here? Are you going to assassinate General God of War?”

General Wesley’s eyes suddenly fell on Garrison Yaoyang and Sanye.

Chapter 18



The third Lord of Garrison Yaoyang, Moran Hongfei and more than one hundred people all knelt to the ground.

“Misunderstanding, misunderstanding, complete misunderstanding…”

The scene of more than one hundred people lying on the ground and kowtow is extremely spectacular.

Sarah was almost fainted.

Isn’t this a big change before and after?

So many gangsters were so scared?

“Sarah, go to the villa, don’t disturb others.”

Levi said.

Sarah was frightened by this big scene.

She ran into the villa obediently, she didn’t even dare to look at it.

“Dear chiefs, this matter really has nothing to do with me. I was hired by Garrison Yaoyang for money…”

“Yes, yes, we don’t know!”

The third Lord and the number one hundred people quickly put all the guilt away and threw them all to Garrison Yaoyang.

Garrison Yaoyang was frightened and vomited a mouthful of old blood.

“Let them go!”

What made Garrison Yaoyang and the three people hadn’t expected happened, and it turned out that Levi spoke.

The most terrifying thing is that after Levi spoke, Major General Wesley waved his hand: “Get out of the way, you will all be killed when you meet him again later.”

This does not mean that Levi is…

A terrible fact came to everyone’s mind.

San Garrison and more than a hundred people crawled and left here.

For fear that someone will give a shuttle.

“Garrison… Garrison Shao, I am innocent! It’s all Garrison Yaoyang…”

Moran Hongfei also shirked responsibilities quickly.

Levi smiled suddenly: “How should Wesley treat the traitor?”

“Be punishable!”

Wesley roared.

Moran Hongfei fainted with fright.

But the end of the betrayal is only a dead end.

Moran Hongfei is dead!

Seeing Moran Hongfei’s end, Garrison Yaoyang immediately begged for mercy: “Brother Levi, we don’t know who you are now. You can spare me for the sake of a family? As long as you go back, the family will definitely be very happy! “

At this time Garrison Yaoyang actually played the emotional card.

Levi was happy: “Once I was interrupted by you and threw my limbs on the street like a dog. Have you ever thought that we are a family?”

“Brother, this is a misunderstanding, absolutely a misunderstanding!”

Garrison Yaoyang was about to cry.

“I heard you have to sleep with my wife?”

Levi approached Garrison Yaoyang step by step.

Garrison Yaoyang was so scared that he couldn’t stand still. He stammered: “Brother, that’s a joke, a joke…”

“You deserve to be kidding too?”

Levi hit Garrison Yaoyang with a punch.

With one punch, Garrison Yaoyang fainted.

“Give it to the Garrison family! Just say that this is the first gift Levi gave!”

Levi was expressionless.

“Understood, General!”

Wesley Road.

“Well, I remember you, Colonel Shane Xiaohui.”

Levi glanced at Shane Xiaohui.

“Salute to the general!”

Shane Xiaohui let out a long roar, and all the soldiers of the Iron and Steel Group approached Levi to salute.

Levi returned a standard military salute!

When Levi entered the villa, he saw Sarah sitting on the sofa shivering.

The scene of a thousand people gathering today really scared her.

So that Sarah didn’t dare to take a look at the situation outside.

“Sarah, don’t worry, it’s okay, everything is resolved. This villa will be ours from now on.”

Levi hugged Sarah.

Sarah raised his head and asked uncertainly: “Really?”

“Yes! Otherwise, let these gangsters live in, we are determined not to live, I plan to overthrow and rebuild!”

Levi approached.

Sarah, who had been slowed down, looked at Levi earnestly and asked: “I ask you a question, you must answer me truthfully!”

“Okay, you can ask.”

Sarah bit his lip and asked, “Do you have anything to do with General God of War, or Major General Wesley? Please answer me seriously!”

Chapter 19

Levi nodded: “It’s related, because I am General God of War, I said at the family banquet.”

Upon hearing this, Sarah immediately turned white and Levi gave Levi a glance: “If you do this again, I will ignore you.”

In her opinion, Levi was bragging like this.

“Well, I have nothing to do with them.”

Levi said helplessly.

“Then why not only did Young Dragon Young come with your call, but also came to a group?”

Sarah asked suspiciously.

“When I came here last night, I stumbled upon Major General Wesley living here, and I concluded that General God of War must be there. Today Garrison Yaoyang called a bunch of people, and I called and told the relevant department that someone was going to attack General God of War. So I came right away. A regiment.”

Levi can only explain this way.

People don’t believe me to tell the truth.

“That’s it! No wonder Major General Wesley said that General God of War lives here. It makes sense to say that.”

After thinking about it, Sarah felt that everything made sense.

“Move back everything you want to move! I can’t live here!”

Levi approached.

“I won’t move. It’s troublesome for my parents to ask when I move home.”

Sarah shook his head.

the city Tianshui Villa.

It is one of the most luxurious villas in Case York.

The Garrison family, which just went public, is located here.

At this time, it was less than nine o’clock.

For people like the Garrison family, it is not yet time to go to work.

So most people are here.

At this time, someone carried Garrison Yaoyang in.

Soon everyone in the Garrison family knew that Garrison Yaoyang was also sent to the nearest hospital.

Charlie, Ramond, Edmund and others all rushed to the hospital.

Charlie asked, “How is Yaoyang?”

“Mr. Garrison, hey, Young Lord Yaoyang has become a vegetative, and I’m afraid he won’t wake up again.”

The doctor after the examination sighed.

“What? A vegetable? My son became a vegetable?”

Edmund looked incredible.

The doctor explained: “Young Lord Yaoyang has been hit hard, which is the main factor leading to becoming a vegetative.”

Charlie asked with a sullen face, “Who sent Yaoyang?”

Ramond whispered: “Dad, they are two face-to-face guys. They left after sending them away, but left a word…”

“What? Say it quickly!”

Charlie released a wave of coercion.

Ramond said immediately: “This is the first gift from Levi!”

“What? A gift from Levi?”

“Then everything is caused by Levi?”

Edmund almost overturned the table: “Levi, I’m going to kill you!!!”

“Tell me where Levi is now, I’ll chop him off!”

Edmund was murderous.

“The third one, wait! Levi is warning us! If you have the first gift, there will be a second and third gift! I didn’t expect that one day I would be warned by Levi! Haha…”

Charlie sneered a few times with his hands on his back.

“Dad, I have asked Van to find out what’s going on. I believe there will be results soon.”

Ramond said.

As soon as the voice fell, Van was already out of breath.

“Grandpa, Dad, and Third Uncle, I have found out. Yaoyang and Levi fought because of the Royal Palace villa. Yaoyang was beaten by Levi.”

Van said lowly.

“What? Can Yaoyang still not be able to clean up a Levi? Didn’t he often mix with the third Lord on the road? Why can’t a Levi solve it, and he was beaten as a vegetable?”

Charlie asked.

Chapter 20

“It’s strange to be here, and San Garrison took the little one hundred and ten with Yaoyang. But Yaoyang was still beaten. Now San Garrison doesn’t mention this matter, and he advises us not to offend. Levi.”

Van said everything he found.

“What? There is still this situation? Doesn’t it mean that the third Lord is afraid? If you can make the third Lord be afraid, it means that Levi has some strength?

Ramond said.

Charlie nodded: “Yes, according to this, San Garrison was appointed to be afraid of others. What’s the matter? Levi just came out of prison, does he have this strength?”

Levi’s sister-in-law Colleen’s mind turned very fast, and she smiled and said, “Grandpa, I think it’s 80% of Levi’s acquaintances with some Taoists in prison! Although San Garrison is fine, it’s comparable to the real boss That’s far away.

It is very possible that the criminals Levi knew would suppress San Garrison! Didn’t Levi warn me during the listing banquet before?

Let us either apologize and confess within a month, or we can use all our strength and means to wait. He is probably dependent on it! “

After Colleen’s reminder, Charlie immediately said: “It’s not possible! It must be so! Levi met the boss in prison, so he dare to come and yell at us!”

Ramond touched his chin and thought: “It seems that we despised this little beast before. Does this little beast have something now?”

“I don’t care what kind of big people Levi knew, but he beat my son like this, I must take revenge!”

Edmund has been dazzled by hatred.

Van said: “Uncle San, revenge is certain! But we have to figure out the situation, such as who is behind Levi? What does he rely on? Even though we are not afraid, if we suffer less, we will suffer less!”

Charlie nodded: “Yes, Van is right. Levi thinks that he can suppress Sanye and do whatever he wants. Humph, ridiculous. Sanye is not even a F*rt to our Garrison family! I belong to Garrison family. How many people can the strength of Case York be the enemy?

Furthermore, my Garrison family’s contacts are all over the three realms of business, politics, and military, and there are even many friends on the road. Even if Levi is behind the strongest boss on the the city Road, don’t want to touch my Garrison family’s hair! “

“Yes, Levi thought that he could do whatever he wanted with a big man, and I will kill him after I find out!”

The bloodthirsty killing intent flashed in Edmund’s eyes.

Garrison Nanhui, the second child of the Garrison family, couldn’t help but say: “I always feel like something is going to happen. Levi is calm and calm and can calculate every step! He is definitely here this time, so we better be careful.”

Van smiled: “Uncle San, you worry too much. Have you ever heard a word? In the face of absolute power, all conspiracies are useless. With the current strength of my Garrison family, I am not afraid at all!”

“Yes, the third child, you think too much!”

Charlie also said.

But Garrison Nanhui sighed: “It’s better to be careful, I always feel that something is wrong!”

He has a strong premonition, who has always been taciturn.

Levi is not easy!

at night.

Levi and Sarah returned home.

Dale yelled at Levi: “What do you mean? Are you going to kill Sarah! If you don’t want to stay at home, you can get out!”

“What’s wrong with Dad? What’s wrong with King’s Landing?”

Both Sarah and Levi looked dumbfounded.

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