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Chapter 281

This slap directly slapped Luo Xiaoman.

She covered her face and looked at Hart Hui incredulously: “What happened to me, President Hart?”


It was another resounding slap.

Hart Hui said angrily: “Idiot, do you know what you did wrong?”

“Huh? What did I do wrong?”

Luo Xiaoman was puzzled.

Cross Yue and the others are also very curious.

They didn’t do anything!


Hart Hui slapped again.

Luo Xiaoman’s face is about to swell.

“Mr. Hart, I really don’t know what I did wrong? Uuuuu…”

Luo Xiaoman cried.

Others present were also very curious.

Hart Hui said coldly: “Do you know Audi’s big benefactor?”

“I know, a one-time order of 200 million!”

Luo Xiaoman and Cross Yue are humane.

“Then let me tell you one thing, the first one this owner went to was our Mercedes-Benz 4s store!”

Hart Hui roared wildly with anger.


Luo Xiaoman and Cross Yue’s faces changed drastically.

Others were also shocked.

“Ah? The owner has really visited our shop? Then why didn’t he buy a car?”

Luo Xiaoman and Cross Yue asked curiously.

“Why didn’t you buy a car? You are not to blame! When someone came to buy a car, you blocked them at the door and refused to let in! How did they buy a car?”

“Yes, I have also heard that the father of the owner was kicked out of the Mercedes-Benz 4s store! He also scolded others for being poor!”


After hearing the news, Luo Xiaoman and Cross Yueru were struck by thunder and thunder.


Today they used the event to drive away many people who came to see the car.

But who would have thought that there was a big gold Lord inside!

The big money owner who buys all the inventory at once!

The two were dumbfounded.

“The stupid thing you did!!! I can’t wait to kill you! Do you know what you did wrong? You killed Lao Tzu!”

Hart Hui roared.

At this time, the Audi 4s shop was noisy.

A group of people came out surrounded by one.

Even the general agent Long Fei was there to laugh with him.

“Gold Lord Dad is out!”

I don’t know who shouted, everyone looked over.

Hart Hui immediately greeted him, bending over like a dog.

Hart Hui ran forward in embarrassment, but Levi was taken aback.

“Hello sir! I was wrong! I am not strict in discipline!”

Hart Hui almost knelt down to Levi.

Long Fei introduced to Levi: “Mr. Garrison, this is Hart Hui, the general agent of Case York Benz!”

Upon hearing this, Levi was expressionless.

Seeing Levi like this, Hart Hui was almost scared to death.

This is really offending the big guys!

“Honorable Mr. Garrison, I already know the ins and outs of the matter. I am not strict in discipline, it is all my fault! I did not expect to have such an unqualified subordinate!!! I apologize to you!”

Hart Hui bent down and bowed.

Immediately afterwards, he pulled Luo Xiaoman and Cross Yue to the front from the crowd.

Levi looked at Luo Xiaoman and Cross Yue slowly…

Luo Xiaoman and Cross Yue also looked over.

At this glance, the two of them almost fainted with fright.

Because surrounded by a group of people is Levi!!!

It turned out that the gold Lord’s father who bought more than 200 cars in one go turned out to be Levi!

He really came to buy a car!

The first choice is their shop!

In the end, I was scolded abruptly by myself…

The blood pressure of the two went up, their eyes went dark, and they almost fainted.

Luo Xiaoman can’t imagine where Levi’s money came from?

Throw out two hundred million in one breath!

Chapter 282

These people are terrified!

Levi’s eyes are terrible, right?

They have all the hearts they want to cry.

Brother, why are you such a big local tyrant so low-key?

Should you wear a famous brand?

But Levi was too low-key.

It’s exactly the same as those you can’t buy.

Everyone can think that he is the real gold Lord!


Very regretful!

But I didn’t buy regret medicine!

At this time, Cross Yue and the others looked at Luo Xiaoman with resentment. If Luo Xiaoman was not behind Levi severely insulting Levi, they wouldn’t have followed them so absolutely!

Luo Xiaoman is already scared to pee!

At this time, Levi said: “I don’t accept an apology!”


Hart Hui was terrified.

This is in trouble!

Offending this invisible local tyrant is likely to bring destruction to him!

He immediately said: “Mr. Garrison, I promise to immediately expel Luo Xiaoman, Cross Yue and other eight employees! Any company or 4s store related to Mercedes-Benz will never be hired!”


Luo Xiaoman and Cross Yue were about to faint.

This is breaking their money!

The high-paying jobs are gone!

You know that Luo Xiaoman has millions of millions a year!

Everyone else has millions!

This is simply the biggest punishment.

“I announce that the Audi related units will not hire Luo Xiaoman!”

Long Fei took the opportunity to say.

“We at BMW will never hire these people!”

“We Porsche will never hire these people!”

For a time, all car brands on Binhai Street expressed their opinions.

The faces of Luo Xiaoman and Cross Yue were going black.

This is equivalent to them being blocked by the entire industry!

At least there is no way to survive in Case York!

Levi sneered and glanced at Luo Xiaoman: “Women, your vision can be wrong too?”

Upon hearing this, Luo Xiaoman and Cross Yue immediately threw themselves down in front of Levi and knelt on the ground begging for mercy: “Mr. Garrison, we were wrong. Please forgive us once…”

Levi ignored it and left straight away.

The cries of several women from Luo Xiaoman resounded throughout Binhai Street.

“Come here, throw out these rubbish!”

Hart Hui shouted.

Today, a magical scene appeared in front of the office building of Erick Group.

Two hundred new Audi cars were brought in and placed neatly on the square, the scene was quite spectacular.

The key is that the insiders of the Erick Group simply don’t know what’s going on.

Things quickly alarmed Natalie.

Natalie hurried down with a group of executives.

Several trucks are still unloading Audi cars into the square.

Natalie asked quickly: “Lord, what is going on?”

The unloading Lord said: “The person in charge of the Audi 4s store said that a big boss ordered more than 200 Audi cars at one time and asked us to send it to Erick Group. I don’t know about the others!”

“Big boss? Why do you buy so many cars?”

Natalie’s people were even more puzzled.

The point is that you don’t know who bought it!

At this moment, Fu Yuxiang ran out.

“Fisher is always bought by the big boss!”

After listening to Fu Yuxiang’s words, everyone looked shocked.

I can’t understand the style of this big boss!

Why do you buy so many cars?

At this time, an Audi A8 drove over.

The one who got off the car was Kylin.

“President Graham!”

Everyone greeted them one after another.

I saw that almost all the executives of Erick Group were there.

Alton said: “Since everyone is here! I will announce one thing-Erick Group is about to implement a reward system!”

“Reward based on performance! Regardless of whether it is an executive or an employee, as long as the performance is excellent, there will be rewards!

You have seen the prizes too, we won’t be imaginary, we will reward the car directly!

The minimum number of Audi cars parked in the square is 400,000! As long as you work hard, it is very likely that even the more than two million Audi r8 sports cars will be yours! “

Chapter 283

“Of course, when the time comes, the performance will be achieved. If you don’t want a car, it can be converted into cash!”

“I also heard that the big boss has plans to reward the house and mansion in the future. As long as you make profits for the company, the company will give you the future!”

After Kirin announced this.

“it is good!!!”

The entire Erick Group is about to boil!

This thing is so exciting!

Direct reward car, the lowest is still 400,000!

Too proud!

What are the employees looking at?

The company’s prospects are a bit far away.

Right now, these are wages, benefits and bonuses.

Obviously, this reward system just hit the hearts of the employees.

Everyone clenched their fists and vowed to work hard!

In such a company, there is a future!

“Since the company has just been established, there are not many departments that have made performance! Have you seen the results of the technical department? So the big boss decided to award 15 cars to the technical department!”

Alton announced.

At this time, the technical department was completely boiling.

Fu Yuxiang was also very happy, tears filled his eyes.

Others looked at it enviously, and the heart to struggle became more determined!

“We must also bring benefits to the company, and we must also mention the car!”

“I want to get the most expensive sports car!!!”

The employees began to express their opinions.

If the employees are compared to fighters, they are a group of roaring tiger and wolves.

Natalie saw the spirit of the employees working hard, she secretly sighed: This mysterious boss is really terrifying.

You can win people’s hearts in one go!

In the future, the additional benefits brought by the company will far exceed these rewards!

The scariest thing is that the boss never showed up.

At this moment, Levi was rushing to Yinhai Square.

He bought more than two hundred cars at Binhai Street, definitely not because of anger.

He is here to reward employees.

Thirty cars were transferred to the villa where the Wesley people lived.

There are ten more for James.

In front of Yinhai Square.

Sarah stood depressed by the side of the road.

Because just now her little broken car broke down.

The maintenance department came and said that the car needs more than 10,000 to be overhauled.

Her car was originally 30,000, so repairs really didn’t make it worthwhile.

“It’s time to buy a car!”

Sarah muttered to himself.

At this time it is the rush hour, and it is too difficult to take a taxi on the roadside.

At this time, suddenly a car stopped next to Sarah, the window was rolled down, and a young man took off his sunglasses and said with a smile: “Beauty, where are you going? I’ll see you off!”

“I do not need it, thank you!”

Sarah directly refused.

“Don’t get me wrong, beauty, I’m not a bad person! I also work in Yinhai Square, in Dafeng Group next to your company! Get to know, I am Xiao, the Deputy Head of Purchasing Department of Dafeng Group!”

Saying that Xiao got out of the car and handed Logan Zidy a business card.

He has been observing plum dye for a day today, and just took the opportunity to strike up a conversation!

He also brags to his colleagues that he must take Sarah.

Sarah dyed politely and took the business card.

“Miss Logan, please, where, I’ll see you off!”

Xiao glanced at the car and said with a smile: “This is the new Tesla model I mentioned, landing 800,000. The car is very comfortable and suitable for Miss Logan!”

“No, I’ll just take a taxi!”

Sarah still refused.

“I’ll see you off, all neighbors, what are you afraid of?”

Said that Xiao was going to reach out and pull Sarah.


At this moment, a loud whistle sounded from the side of the road.

Chapter 284

Sarah and Xiao were stunned.

They looked at the car one after another.

Audi rs7!

Almost two million landed!

It is several grades higher than Xiaoyuan’s Tesla.

At this time, the car window rolled down, revealing a familiar face of Logan Ziyan.

Levi said, “My wife hurriedly got in the car, what was she doing in a daze?”

Sarah reacted and drove immediately.

Xiao was stunned.

Is this woman’s husband so rich?

Drive a two million car?

And this woman is married?

But it’s okay, I will sleep until her sooner or later!

Xiao’s eyes flashed bitterly.

After sitting in the car.

Plum dyeing is full of curiosity.

The interior of this car is too luxurious, right?

Worthy of being a two million luxury car!

“Where did you rent the car, Levi? You get a lot of money a day, right?”

Sarah never thought that Levi would buy a car.

Levi smiled: “Wife, this is the car I bought for you! Didn’t I tell you that day?”

“Huh? Really?”

Sarah was shocked.

“Well, this is the contract procedure, you can see for yourself!”

Levi handed a bunch of contract formalities to Sarah.

She was dumbfounded when she saw it.

This car is indeed his own.

“Thank you husband!”

The plum dyed so much that he was only moved, and he took the opportunity to kiss Xia Levi.

When Levi wanted to respond, Sarah immediately shouted: “Red light, red light!”

“Hey, the driving must be regulated!”

Levi reluctantly continued to drive.

Sarah’s car was soon known to the Logan family.

Dale and Edith deliberately came to see them.

“Parents, I bought a car for you too, I’ll send it back in a while!”

Seeing his father-in-law and mother-in-law, Levi sighed secretly and forgot the two of them.

Later, Levi called Fu Yuxiang and asked him to send two 400,000 cars from the reward car.

After half an hour, the two Audi cars were delivered to the Oriental Garden, and the procedures were complete and they could be driven at any time.

Dale and Edith didn’t bother to eat, and immediately went downstairs to watch the car.

Facing the new car, the two couldn’t put it down.

Sarah is also working on his new car.

At this time Natalie came back from get off work.

Seeing the appearance of several people, I couldn’t help but smile: “Uncles and aunts, what are you doing, Sarah?”

Dale proudly said: “My son-in-law bought us the car!”

Natalie took a look at three Audi cars.

“Isn’t this our company’s car?”

Natalie’s subconscious way.

“Huh? What’s the matter?”

Sarah asked.

Natalie told the three people about the big boss buying a car as a reward.

“Today the technical department awarded more than a dozen cars. Fu Yuxiang has the right to distribute. He is very good to Levi. He brought Levi into the company himself. Otherwise, how could Levi work in Erick?”

Sarah asked: “So these three cars were given to Levi by Fu Yuxiang’s love?”

“It must be! Keep this matter confidential. If you let other employees of the company know it, it will definitely be chilling. After all, Levi can get three cars at once if he has nothing to do for a day!”

Natalie asked.

To be honest, she was also not convinced.

Why does Levi get three cars without doing anything in one day?

One of the cars is still two million?

She is not convinced!

Not to mention the employees are convinced!

After listening, Dale’s expression quickly faded.

I thought it was the son-in-law’s arrogance, and he completely rose up, so I bought three cars to win them honor.

Chapter 285

Unexpectedly, it was given by others.

Although the car is in hand, it can be uncomfortable to drive.

After all, it was not bought by the son-in-law.

And be more secretive, try to keep quiet.

This is too frustrated!

“Uncles and aunts, don’t be angry, after all, Levi is also kind! Don’t worry, I agree with it too!”

Natalie said.


After Natalie agreed, Dale and Edith felt quite comfortable.

But he was quite dissatisfied with Levi.

It is easy to be ashamed if this is made public.

Fortunately, Natalie reminded.

Levi, who was eating, didn’t know what was going on. When the three of Dale came back, he asked: “Do you like your parents?”

“Don’t do such a shameful thing in the future!”

Dale said angrily.

“Yes, we have received your thoughts, but this kind of thing shouldn’t happen in the future, I don’t want to be ashamed!”

Edith was also very angry.

Levi looked dumbfounded: “What’s the matter?”

“Did Fu Yuxiang agree to send this car?”

Sarah asked.

“Yes, he sent it!”

Levi nodded.

Because it is so!

“That’s right!”

The three of Sarah stopped talking, making Levi feel inexplicable.

The next day.

The three of Sarah drove to work early.

After Levi went out, he met Natalie.

Natalie glanced at it and smiled: “You still have a sense of measure, you are not so greedy!”

“Huh? What?”

Levi asked.

“I thought you were going to drive an Audi too!”

Natalie sneered.

After speaking, Natalie drove away.

Levi smiled and ran out.

He runs to and from get off work these days.

He is used to it in the army.

Instead of running now, I feel uncomfortable.

The Oriental Garden is located in the top area with many parks, which is a treat for runners.

Several parks jointly set up a runway several kilometers long on the periphery.

“Get out! Get out! It’s blocked! I want to run to another place!”

At this time, Levi rushed to a team of security guards, and they were still holding well-trained police dogs in their hands.

Rushing all the way, running, or playing, all are expelled!

Levi saw a large number of people behind the security guards, some were carrying cameras, some were holding props such as light barriers, and some were holding computers…

It seems to be the posture of the star team…

The most conspicuous thing is that a beautiful woman was carried by four men, as if she didn’t want to walk at all.

The woman also complained angrily: “You go slower, it’s on me, a bunch of idiots!”

Not only that, the woman also threw the banana peel to the side of the road…

Someone nearby recognized the woman and said in surprise: “Isn’t this Xiao Ling’er, an internet celebrity? She is very polite in her live broadcast or in her small video. How come she is like this in reality?”

“Yes, Xiao Linger’s character is a positive energy girl, why is the quality so poor in reality?”

Everyone is very puzzled.

“Hehe, many Internet celebrities are like this, each of them is of poor quality in reality! What you see on the screen is just packaged!”

Everyone sneered.

Levi was a little angry.

Net celebrities also use privileges?

Also clean up passers-by?

Isn’t the park a public place?

At this time, a group of security guards came to Levi: “Get out of the way! What are you looking at?”

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