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Chapter 276

Everyone in the Logan family was dumbfounded.

Does the entire company move mean that it has found a new office address?

“Where did they move to…place?”

Doug’s voice was trembling obviously.

“I don’t know exactly, but it should have moved to the city center!”

Nick said.

“Go, let’s go and see! They have to be stopped!”

Doug and his party hurried over.

Finally, they came to Yinhai Square, one street away from Case York Center.

This place is the center of the city!

They suddenly saw that the people from Huating Company were moving to Yinhai Plaza.

At the door are Sarah, Dale and others, they are directing.

A group of people hurried over.

“Sarah, what are you doing here?”

Doug asked.

“Moving to a new company, what happened to Grandpa?”

Sarah smiled.

“Ah? Silver Sea Plaza, are you sure? How expensive is that!”

Doug asked.

Sarah dyed the corners of his lips and smiled deeper: “Grandpa, it’s not expensive, ten million in five years! It’s cheaper than Qianke Plaza!”

“What? Ten million? My God!”

Doug almost fainted.

The Logan family could only watch the Huating Company move, and it was too late to stop it.

This place is more than ten times more upscale than Qianke Plaza!

The Logan family regretted it!

After leaving Yinhai Square.

Doug looked puzzled: “No, how can you say Sarah can find Yinhai Square? And ten million? This is absolutely impossible!”

“I’m afraid that this b!tch Sarah betrayed his body, right?”

Mike said coldly.

“Ah? What do you say?”

Doug watched curiously.

“As far as I know, the owner of Yinhai Square, Dou Yumin, is a scam, and I don’t know how many women have been harmed! As long as he promises to sleep with him, he will promise everything! I think this b!tch Sarah must have slept with Dou Yumin. , Otherwise, how could it be possible to rent to her ten million?”

“Yes! It must be Sarah this b!tch who slept with Dou Yumin!”

“This b!tch is really unscrupulous!”

Everyone in the Logan family scolded.

“It’s a loss of my Logan family! This ba5tard thing! Tell me, how can my Logan family gain a foothold?”

Doug wanted to turn around and went to find Sarah to settle the account.

“Dad don’t get excited, let’s go back first, and think about how to deal with them!”

Alfred said.

Doug was furious: “I said how can this girl get investment recently? Those people gave her money as if they were stupid! So that’s how it is!”

Katie said bitterly: “How beautiful is Sarah, and what a good figure. As long as you sleep with a man, don’t you all listen to her?”

“Haha, it’s a pity that Levi, an idiot, doesn’t know that he has a green hat on his head!”

Nick was humane.

In front of Yinhai Square.

Looked at the Logan family who left in embarrassment.

Sarah shouted: “It’s so refreshing!”

“Yes, it’s so fun today! Did you see the faces of the two grandsons Mike and Alfred just now? They are about to cry!”

“And dad is dumbfounded too!”

Dale was really excited.

This was the first real victory from Doug.

“Dad, all this is due to King’s Landing, the cooperation he talked about! Otherwise, it’s 80 million!”

Plum dyed.

“My good son-in-law! I am fighting for my parents!”

Dale patted Levi on the shoulder.

After Sarah took care of it, Levi returned.

Chapter 277

The Erick Group has been very busy these two days.

Natalie sleeps only six or seven hours a day.

When Levi came, Natalie was in a meeting.

Also called him to listen.

The topic is the issue of product launch promotion and spokesperson.

There will never be any problems with the product reputation.

Just let go of publicity.

“For the publicity ambassador and image spokesperson, I have selected several artists and influencers, especially the influencer Xiao Linger is a Lord of goods, and her live broadcast room has a record of millions of goods! It is better for her to promote! Everyone Any comments?”

Natalie said.

“If you don’t have any opinions, we will unite with the major media to promote it. With our word of mouth, there is absolutely no problem!”

Everyone said one after another.

Levi sounded like he fell asleep.

Natalie deliberately shouted, “What about Levi? Do you have any comments?”

Most of the people present sneered at this technical consultant.

I thought that the former Tianjiao had hard power, but I didn’t expect it to be a mess.

In the face of Natalie and Fu Yuxiang, it is not easy for everyone to attack.

“I don’t think it will work!”

Levi came to the way of yawning.

“No way??”

Everyone stared at him.

“Why not?”

Natalie wanted to see if Levi had any ideas, so he specifically asked him to attend the meeting.

“Our product is a medical device! Is it useful for celebrities and Internet celebrities to promote it?”

After listening, Natalie looked disappointed.

The six years of prison wiped out Levi’s talents.

Product promotion is to look for obvious Internet celebrities with high traffic, so that more people can know, and the reputation of celebrities can be guaranteed.

Only partners and sellers can buy with confidence.

To ensure maximum benefits.

“Well, the meeting is over!”

What else did Levi want to say, Natalie directly announced the end of the meeting.

Levi was stunned, what does this woman mean?

Natalie glanced at him with a sneer and said, “Don’t attend any meetings of the company in the future!”

The other seniors looked at Levi disdainfully.

The whole company thought he was messing around.

Levi smiled helplessly.

Let Fisher Qing go to the trouble first!

After get off work, Levi suddenly remembered something.

Plum dyed car!

Must buy a new car.

The next day, Levi came to Binhai Street where 4s shops gathered.

He was a frequent visitor here six years ago, so he is familiar with the road.

I don’t know what’s going on today, there are so many people here.

Many people are shooting, there are also props, and there are many beautiful and handsome guys, who seem to be doing activities.

Levi ignored them and walked to the Mercedes-Benz 4s store.

“Mr. Stop!!!”

A few waiters at the door immediately stopped Levi.

“Huh? What’s the matter?”

Levi asked.

“Sir, what are you doing?”

The waiter asked.

“Of course I came to buy a car?”

Levi said.

“Oh, sir can’t do it today, do activities here!”

The waiter looked at Levi contemptuously.

Since this is the largest Mercedes-Benz 4s store in Case York, all customers who really buy a car have made an appointment in advance, and the 4s store will pick it up.

They have been selling for seven or eight years, and they can see that Levi is unable to buy a car.

People like Levi usually come to join in the fun, such as to see the car, take pictures and so on.

They can’t handle dozens of such people every day?

Everyone is bored, just refuse directly in the name of the activity.

Chapter 278

At this time a few men in suits and shoes came.

The salesperson immediately greeted him: “Mr. Cross, are you here?”

“Yes, I’m here to buy a car! Why? Do I have to make an appointment to buy a car?”

One of the men asked.

The salesperson immediately smiled: “No, Mr. Cross, please come soon! Come whenever you want!”

Cross Yue said with a smile.

Because today there is another list of hundreds of thousands.

It’s not possible to say millions.

“Huh? Wait a minute! Why can they buy a car?”

Levi asked puzzledly.

“Huh, because they can afford it! And you can’t afford it!”

Cross Yue said straightforwardly.

Several other salesmen also looked at Levi jokingly.

This kind of person will not buy a car.

They don’t need to waste time.

Levi said with a sullen face, “Call out your leader!”

“Hehe, do you still want to see the leader? The leaders are busy!”

Cross Yue sneered.

“What’s the noise outside? What happened?”

At this time, a woman in her thirties walked out of it, dressed in professional attire, looking a bit majestic.

“Manager Luo doesn’t want to buy a car, he still has to go in forcibly!”

Cross Yue immediately pointed to Levi.

When Luo Xiaoman’s gaze fell on Levi, he was shocked, and then he smiled and said, “Yeah, isn’t this President Garrison?”

Levi faintly remembered this Luo Xiaoman, who was a small salesman six years ago, and she did all the chores of buying a car at that time.

At that time, he bowed his knees, and almost knelt down for him every time he saw Levi.

Now they are all managers.

“Well, it’s me, I’m here to buy a car, your people won’t let me in!”

Levi approached.

Luo Xiaoman smiled: “I think she did the right thing! Why do you want to receive you because you have no money to buy a car? Isn’t our time precious?”

“Who told you I didn’t have money to buy a car?”

Levi smiled.

As long as he is willing, he will buy one of the hundreds of 4s shops on Binhai Street.

You said I have no money?

“Hahaha, Levi, you don’t want to pretend to be a calf, don’t I know what your strength is? You just got out of jail and you rely on your wife to support you. You still want to buy my Mercedes-Benz? Do you deserve it?”

Levi sneered: “That’s how you treat customers?”

Luo Xiaoman sneered: “What about me, it’s so realistic! You were worth billions of dollars six years ago, and I served you as a cow. But now you are nothing, why should I give you a smiley face?”

“Hurry up! This is not where you should be! Poor!”

Luo Xiaoman scolded.

She just feels that her body is extremely refreshing.

It’s never been so refreshing.

You must know that in order to get the order, she really worked as a bull for Levi before, wishing to lick all his leather shoes clean.

Now that Levi was in a state of despair, she was ashamed.

Others also sneered and said: “Yes, this is not a place where poor people come here! You, at most buy an electric car, get out of here!”

Levi ignored them and turned to the Audi 4s store next door.

“Hahaha, you have gone the wrong way. The Audi and BMW are next door, maybe even more expensive than ours!”

Luo Xiaoman laughed loudly.

“Manager Luo, do you want me to follow along?”

Cross Yue asked with a smile.

“No need! He can’t afford a car!”

Luo Xiaoman entered the store.

When I came to the Audi 4s shop, I entered smoothly.

“Sir, what car do you want to see? Let me introduce it for you!”

Xiao Wen, the salesperson, asked with a smile.

Chapter 279

Levi directly took out a black bank card and handed it over: “I want all the cars in your store!”

Xiao Wen was stunned, and asked uncertainly: “Can you say it again, sir?”

“I want all the cars in your store! Right away, right away!”

Levi approached.

After listening, Xiao Wen was shocked and tremblingly took Levi’s black bank card.

“This… is this the world’s limited express black card?”

After Xiao Wen saw the bank card, she was struck by lightning.

She has learned about this card, not only unlimited, but also many privileges.

For example, on an airplane, if you use an American Express black card, the flight can return for you.

Now Xiao Wen has already believed it!

Encountered the legendary big local tyrant.

Xiao Wen immediately informed the manager of this 4s store.

Soon the manager ran out with dozens of employees.

“Hello sir, our store has a total stock of 248 vehicles, and the total price is 180 million!”

The manager said tremblingly.

“Two billion, swipe your card!”

Levi said.

The manager cried out of excitement, as did the others.

The performance of most of the year was completed in one day?

“Help me pick a car worth more than one million, get the license plate and go through the formalities, I want to drive back, and all other cars will be sent to Erick Group!”

Levi approached.

The manager personally chose a 1.7 million Audi RS7.

The body is red, which is suitable for plum dyeing.

The manager arranged for someone to get the formalities and license plates.

He also called Long Fei, the general agent of Case Audi dealership.

At this moment, Long Fei is drinking tea with Hart Hui, the general agent of Case York Benz dealer.

After receiving the call, Long Fei asked, “What’s wrong?”

“President Long, tell you a happy event! A customer just bought all the cars in my shop! More than 200 cars, 200 million, swiped his card on the spot!!!”

After hearing the content on the phone, Long Feicang jumped up.

I have never seen such a arrogant Lord!

Because Audi is not one of the top luxury cars, millions of millions at every turn.

Most Audi cars are still around hundreds of thousands of millions.

It was really terrifying to receive a 200 million order.

“Mr. Long, let me tell you one more thing. This customer was just kicked out of the 4s shop next door! The idiots of Mercedes felt that the local tyrants couldn’t afford the car, so they wouldn’t let him in! Hahaha… …”

When Long Fei heard it, he also smiled.

If it weren’t for the idiots from Mercedes.

Can there be a list of two hundred million?

The stupid gang of Mercedes is here to give money!

“Old dragon, what is so exciting?”

Asked Hart Hui, the general agent of Mercedes-Benz.

Long Fei told Hart Hui the matter.

“Congratulations! I really want to meet such a local tyrant!”

Hart Hui was very envious.

A big order of 200 million!

Long Fei smiled and said, “Old Hart, I want to thank your employees for speaking of it!”


Hart Hui looked dumbfounded.

“This local tyrant went to your store first, but your store employees blocked the local tyrant out of the door, thinking that he couldn’t afford a car, and calling him poor! The local tyrant came to my store as a last resort! Otherwise, what am I? Have this opportunity? Haha…”

After Hart Hui listened, he was completely stunned as if he was struck by lightning.

After a while, Hart Hui’s face was bruised, and his face was full of horror.

Murderous in his eyes!

“Luo Xiaoman, you fucking doomed! Do you know what you did wrong?”

Hart Hui was furious with thunder.

Chapter 280

“Well, I won’t talk to you anymore! I’m going to meet this golden Lord’s father!”

Long Fei got up.

Hart Hui immediately followed.

“Go, I’ll go with you, I want to apologize! It’s not just about the list, the key is to provoke this kind of character, I don’t know how I died!”

The two general agents hurried to Binhai Street.

At the moment, Levi is drinking tea in the VIP room of the 4s shop, surrounded by seven or eight people serving, and there are fans specializing in it.

Someone was about to beat his leg just now.

In the Mercedes-Benz 4s store, Luo Xiaoman and Cross Yue asked: “Did you see that poor man came out?”

Cross Yue smiled: “No, it’s been more than half an hour! I must have come to see the car to join in the fun, I won’t buy it at all!”

Luo Xiaoman smiled and said: “Isn’t it, I have been in this business for so many years, and the person who actually buys a car will not take more than ten minutes! Only those dicks will watch it for a long time, and finally don’t buy it. “

“Yes, yes, I can tell at a glance that he is so poor that he won’t buy it!”

Cross Yue smiled.

At this moment, several employees of Mercedes-Benz 4s shop came in noisily.

“What’s the noise? In what manner?”

Luo Xiaoman said with an unhappy expression.

“Manager Luo, don’t you know? Something big happened in Binhai Street!”

A few humane.

Luo Xiaoman and Cross Yue asked curiously: “What happened?”

“Now the entire Binhai Street is boiling! The Audi 4s store next door actually sold all 248 cars in stock at one time, a big order of 200 million in total!”

“This is definitely the first time in history! Now everyone is watching!”

After hearing such a major incident, Luo Xiaoman, Cross Yue and others immediately came outside.

Sure enough, hundreds of people surrounded the Audi 4s store.

The 4s shops of other car brands have come to watch.

I want to get acquainted with this local tyrant, but it’s a pity that they can’t come out from sitting in the VIP room.

Luo Xiaoman and Cross Yue also came to the front to join in the fun.

“What kind of local tyrant? I ordered all the inventory at one time? Or choose Audi? Why not choose our Mercedes-Benz or your BMW?”

Luo Xiaoman asked the manager of the BMW 4s shop.

The BMW manager smiled and said: “I don’t know, but I heard that this gold owner has been to your store before, and he came to the Audi store later!”

Luo Xiaoman and Cross Yue looked at each other.

Didn’t you meet such a local tyrant?

No one is impressed.

After all, more people came to see the car today.

The one who impressed me the most was Levi.

But he is definitely not.

I don’t know what’s going on, the two have a bad feeling.

“I heard, the city Audi’s general agent, Long Boss, came here personally! Just to get to know this gold Lord!”

“Now the Audi 4s shop has made a profit, and the bonus is 20 million!”

The colleagues looked enviously.

Why don’t Luo Xiaoman and Cross Yue envy them?

If this list is signed by their shop, Luo Xiaoman can get tens of millions of bonuses!

Too envious!

At this moment, an Audi A8 drove over.

A middle-aged man in a long gown got out of the car and rushed directly into the 4s shop.

Many people know him, it is Long Fei.

Then a Mercedes Benz drove over.

After stopping, one person came down, Hart Hui, the general agent of Mercedes-Benz.

Seeing Hart Hui coming, Luo Xiaoman and Cross Yue immediately greeted them.

“Mr. Hart, why are you here?”

Luo Xiaoman asked with a smile.

When he saw Luo Xiaoman, Hart Hui slapped her face fiercely: “Idiot!”

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