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Chapter 301

As a representative, Fu Yuxiang expressed humanitarianism to the major hospital systems: “This batch of products was donated to major hospitals free of charge! To support medicine!”


Qin Beishan took the lead in applauding.

The media and others also applauded.

This time, Erick Group won the reputation and the hearts of the people.

Even the company’s market capitalization stocks have soared crazy…

Other industries involved in Erick Group are also selling crazy!

At noon, there were more than 20 first-line artists publicly speaking: for free endorsement and promotion of all products of Erick Group!

This is another blockbuster!

The effect is not just as simple as the order!

And the artist endorsements and Erick Group also influence each other…

Now the reputation of Erick Group is very good, and these artists have also benefited a lot.

Together with the companies behind these artists are also very strong!

Changfeng Entertainment Lane.

After seeing these news, Brown Guihua was furious.


He slapped Xiao Linger’s face severely with a slap: “b!tch! Did you see what you did well?”

Xiao Ling’er covered her face with a dazed look.

“Do you know why Levi didn’t come to apologize? Because he didn’t put you in his eyes at all!”

Brown Guihua slapped Cross Meilan again.

Cross Meilan felt extremely wronged.

“If it weren’t for me to follow your strategy, now my Changfeng Entertainment is resounding in Velador, and our city is worth going crazy!”

Brown Guihua trembled with anger.

“Do we know that Erick Group is so powerful? It turned out that we were the one who sought our cooperation!”

Xiao Linger covered her face and cried.

She also regretted it.

If she continues to promote to Erick Group, this time she will definitely change from an internet celebrity to a star!

“Go, go to the Erick Group to apologize! We may have another chance. After all, when people chose us, they must have taken a fancy to our strengths!”

Brown Guihua immediately said.

How did they know that it was chosen by Natalie.

It has nothing to do with the decision makers of the Erick Group.

Soon, the top executives of Changfeng Entertainment brought ten artists including Xiao Linger to the front of Erick Group.

Natalie sneered when seeing these people: “What are you doing here?”

“Fisher is always wrong with us! It’s because we don’t know Taishan!”

“What are you doing in a daze? Kneel down and apologize!”

Brown Guihua gave an order, and Xiao Linger and other artists all knelt to the ground.

Natalie was in a trance.

She remembered Levi’s words: They were the ones who wanted to apologize.

I didn’t expect it to be realized.

“President Fisher, our Changfeng Entertainment is willing to cooperate with your company free of charge! We will provide as many artists as we want, as many artists as we want, and as many publicity channels as we want…”

Brown Guihua really came to post it upside down.

It’s not just free anymore.

Also give away for free!

“Yes, yes! We were stupid before! Now it seems that Erick Group’s products are the best!”

Xiao Linger said.

Cross Meilan pleaded: “President Fisher will consider it carefully? We are all free of charge! It will benefit your company without any harm!”

Natalie and other senior officials were dumbfounded.

Before one by one, I couldn’t be arrogant.

Now kneel down and ask for cooperation for free?

It is not because of the current momentum of Erick Group.

But it’s not bad to have a bunch of free artists promote…

“No! Erick Group absolutely does not allow to be tarnished by a group of people without art and virtue!”

Levi refused.

Natalie frowned and said, “Levi, your right to say nothing, get up!”

Chapter 302

Although the crisis of Erick Group is resolved.

But in Natalie’s view, this has nothing to do with Levi!

Everything is the decision of the big boss!

Levi was just following Fu Yuxiang.

Now you actually use the decision-making power with your nose on your face?

Really consider yourself a company leader?

“Levi, let me tell you that even though something unpleasant happened with Changfeng Entertainment before, they also apologized, and being a free publicity ambassador is a great benefit to the company!”

Natalie said.

Her idea is that free labor must be used!

What about her character?

These are the results of her long-term education in the United States.

First in economic development.

She won’t care about the others!

“No! These people are of poor quality. This time I came to apologize because of the rise of the Erick Group. Why didn’t you apologize two days ago?”

Levi glanced at Brown Guihua Xiaolinger and said coldly: “You guys get out of here! Erick Group won’t have any cooperation with you!”

Xiao Ling’er was going to explode.

Can’t wait to kill Levi.

Obviously Natalie must agree.

He didn’t even agree!

Levi is the enemy of Changfeng Entertainment!

Brown Guihua said angrily: “President Fisher, I didn’t see it, your company turned out to be a small employee in control of the real power?”

Brown Guihua’s counter-ridicule angered Natalie.

After all, there are so many media present.

How bad is the impact if it spreads out?

Isn’t the prestige of his own vice president also gone?

“Levi is on your side, there is no place for you to speak!”

Natalie said angrily.

She casually looked at Brown Guihua and others: “Mr. Brown, I think cooperation is okay!”

“Can’t cooperate!”

Levi’s voice sounded.

“Who do you think you are? Are you the big boss?”

Natalie said angrily.

“Yes, I am the big boss, and the big boss made such a decision!”

Levi stared at Natalie.

When Natalie was about to decide to cooperate with Changfeng Entertainment, Alton’s voice sounded: “Well, Mr. Fisher, the big boss meant not to cooperate with Changfeng Entertainment! Give them a blacklist!”

At this time, the unicorn appeared.

“The low quality of Changfeng entertainment artists, beating passersby, threatening human fans, etc., have been exposed many times!”

“Our Erick Group was taken by Qin Lao. How can we get along with the rubbish? Where can we put our reputation?”

Natalie blushed when she heard Alton say this.

She only seeks benefits, and the others really don’t care.

But Alton’s words made her alert.

Her business philosophy has to change!

The reputation must be good!

Only by gaining popular support will the benefits be maximized!

At this time, the media began to blame Changfeng Entertainment, and exposed the Erick Group’s black Changfeng Entertainment.

In addition, Levi handed the media a USB flash drive.

Inside, there was a video of Xiao Linger beating the staff and throwing garbage at will.

It turned out that Levi sent Suzaku to repair the phone and took out the video inside.

As soon as these videos were sent out, Xiao Linger was abandoned.

There was a lot of scolding online.

For a time, Changfeng Entertainment was in danger.

Especially Xiao Ling’er, these artists’ careers are coming to an end.

No one will dare to sign them in the future.

Levi came to Natalie and said with a smile: “I told you earlier? The ambassadors you hired can’t work! Our product is medicine! Old Qin is the most suitable!”

Natalie smiled disdainfully: “It’s like the old Qin you invited!”

Chapter 303

“I picked it up!”

Levi smiled.

“Hmph, it was obviously invited by the big boss, does it have anything to do with you?”

Natalie sneered.

“Okay, stop quarreling! Let’s go to work, the next task is arduous! Are you still thinking about quarreling?”

Levi smiled.

Natalie only realized that the tasks of the Erick Group have doubled dozens of times in the future.

They will be busier!

But this is what she most wants to see!

Her talents will also be maximized!

After Sarah knew about this, he came to apologize to Levi.

“I’m sorry! But you are also great. Following Fu Yuxiang, I already knew the plan of the big boss!”

Sarah gave a thumbs up and said: “You are so amazing that you saw Lao Qin. Don’t you know how envious your mother is? Her idol is Lao Qin! Now my mother says when she meets people in the hospital that his son-in-law is driving himself. Mr. Qin who picked up! He is so proud!”

Levi smiled and asked, “Do Mom and Dad want to see Old Qin?”

“Yes, of course! Even me! Don’t talk about parents!”

Sarah immediately said.

“Okay, then you go back and tell your parents, prepare a table of home-cooked food and warm a pot of good wine. I will invite Mr. Qin to the house in the evening! Let your parents look down!”

Levi smiled.

Sarah thought he had heard it wrong, and asked uncertainly: “What? Are you going to invite Mr. Qin to the house? This joke is not funny at all!”

“Really, when did your husband lie to you?”

Sarah thought for a while.

Every time by chance, what Levi said would be realized.

I really didn’t lie to myself.

“Well, I believe you for a while, my parents believe that I don’t know if I don’t believe it.”

After Sarah left, he returned home and conveyed Levi’s meaning to the two of them.

“Huh, nonsense! What kind of character is Qin Beishan? He moved by Levi’s invitation?”

Dale sneered.

“Yes! Levi was not qualified six years ago! Today the richest man in Case York and the bigwigs of the Case York Chamber of Commerce were rejected by the old gentleman!”

Edith also thought it was impossible.

Sarah asked, “Do my parents cook?”

“What else? Levi is joking with you, you take it seriously!”

Dale said.

Sarah thought about it, as if Levi was really joking.

What is Qin Beishan!

The dean of the medical world!

Sarah and his parents no longer think about it, and do their own thing.

Soon it was eight o’clock in the evening.

There was a knock on the door.

Sarah ran to open the door.

Seeing that it was Levi, Sarah didn’t speak and turned to enter.

“Hey, wife, why are you going in? Come out to greet the guests? Where are your parents, shout out too!”

Levi’s voice caused Sarah to stagnate.

She turned around and saw someone.

She was immediately struck by lightning.

“Hello, Miss Logan, Qin Beishan is bothering you!”

Qin Beishan smiled and said.


Sarah’s eyes went black and almost fainted in fright.

Qin Beishan!

It’s really Qin Beishan!

He actually came!

Hearing the movement outside, Dale and Edith and his wife also walked over.

“What’s the matter? Are there any guests?”

Dale and Edith looked over.


It didn’t matter at all, it frightened the two of them.


Dale slipped and fell directly on the ground.


Edith was so frightened that she fell directly to the ground, making a bang.

It turned out to be the old man Qin Beishan!!!

Chapter 304

Living Qin Beishan!

The three of them repeatedly confirmed that it was Qin Beishan!

Qin Beishan actually came home.

Seeing the two fell, Levi and Bei Shan helped them up.

This made Dale and Edith flattered.

Qin Beishan personally helped them up?

They can use this for a lifetime!

In fact, what helped them to get up was the key weapon of Velador’s two great nations!

There are only two of them in Velador who can receive this kind of treatment!

“Mr. Logan, Mrs. Logan, Qin Beishan is bothering you!”

Qin Beishan said with a smile.

This scared Dale and Edith.

How can they be?

Let Qin Beishan call it that way.

Levi frowned: “Parents, why are you so excited? Didn’t I let Sarah inform you?”


Hearing Levi’s words, the couple almost knelt on the ground.

Sarah was notified and asked them to prepare a table of dishes.

But who would believe that Levi could invite Qin Beishan?

This is incredible.

“Don’t you guys fail to do it?”

Levi’s brows twisted into a word Sichuan.

Does this make him faceless in front of Old Qin?

Dale, Edith and even Sarah all lowered their heads, not daring to look at them.

Sarah also blames himself.

She didn’t believe what Levi said.


Levi sighed.

Dale and Edith felt hot on their faces.

“Old Qin…”

Levi didn’t know what to say.

“Xiao Garrison is fine, understand.”

Qin Beishan had already guessed it.

“Parents, Sarah, you hurry up and prepare the dishes! Could it be that Mr. Qin just stood up like this?”

Hearing Levi’s reminder, the three of them reacted.

Invite Qin Beishan into the house, and the three of them will prepare food.

Fortunately, there are vegetables and meat in the refrigerator.

But Dale was in trouble because he didn’t have a good drink.

“Dad, it’s okay, I brought two bottles of special wine for the military region!”

Levi secretly said. Fortunately, he was prepared, otherwise he would be embarrassed.

The three were busy working together, and soon a table of home-cooked dishes would be ready.

Looking at Qin Beishan on the table, Sarah and the three always felt unreal.

This is Qin Beishan!

The Chinese medical hero, the soul-level figure, the existence of the gods in ancient times!

It’s in your own home?

It’s incredible!

The three of Dale secretly took photos, and later they couldn’t imagine how big a sensation these photos would bring.

Although Qin Beishan is a god-level figure, he is very down-to-earth, especially for home cooking and wine.

This kind of human fireworks is his favorite!

After drinking three rounds, Dale finally couldn’t help but ask: “Why did you agree to my son-in-law’s invitation, Mr. Qin? We think this is absolutely impossible!”

Sarah and Edith nodded.

Qin Beishan took a deep look at Levi and said with a smile: “First of all, Xiaoye picked me up today. We are familiar with each other. Secondly, I learned that Xiaoye is the founder of the core technology of these medical devices. People admire it!”

“We understand! Mr. Qin, you deserve to be a Lord of medicine! I toast you!”

Dale toasted.

In their opinion, it was Lao Qin who was down-to-earth and willing to give face to such a small person as Levi.

I think Mr. Qin is great!

After eating and drinking, Qin Beishan wants to leave.

“My parents are dyed, I’ll see Mrs Qin off!”

“Okay, you must pay attention to safety! Drive in Sarah’s car!”

Finally, Levi carried Qin Beishan to Lufeng Mountain Villa.

This is where Wesley, Suzaku and others live.

Chapter 305

“Old man, I can live anywhere! I don’t need such a luxurious place!”

Qin Beishan smiled.

“Old Qin, your safety must be considered, there can be no problems!”

Levi arranged Qin Beishan and his assistant here.

This place is considered a major military zone, and Qin’s safety is okay.

Erick Group became an instant hit.

The products have caused a crush on the Case York Chamber of Commerce.

The Case York Chamber of Commerce was too slow to react at this time.

The medical device market has almost been replaced.

Even the core technical talents have to run away, planning to go to Erick Group.

“In this juncture, let’s not move! Wait until the commander-in-chief takes over the ceremony!”

Several people in Lei Qianjue were very depressed, but they could only endure it.

The rise of Erick Group even felt the pressure on the richest man, the Shane family.

The last time I felt this kind of pressure, it was the Garrison Group that Levi temporarily replaced.

But everyone’s focus is still on Qin Beishan.

He will also participate in the ceremony, so he has to stay in Case York for a while.

There are still many people invited.

But they were all rejected.

In the following days, Mr. Qin naturally couldn’t be idle either.

He made a special visit to the First People’s Hospital of the city City.

And it’s not an expert number, just a general doctor number.

The registration fee is 12!

This is a great blessing to the citizens of Case York!

Many patients with intractable diseases have come to see Mr. Qin.

Qin Beishan also specially made Edith an assistant.

This makes Edith’s position in the hospital rise, and the director’s affairs are like a nail in the head.

After learning the news, Levi smiled helplessly.

He wanted Qin to rest.

It seems that he can’t be idle at all, just like going to work normally.

This is why Qin Lao is the country’s most important weapon!

For several days, Qin Beishan fought hard on the front line and saw many patients.

Here, no matter whether it is rich family owners or poor peasants, they are treated equally.

Many people from other places come here especially.

Even Edith has become a celebrity.

On this day, Qin Beishan was sitting in the office.

Suddenly a group of people came outside, with a fierce aura, revealing a sharp murderous intent.

Everyone is not good!

Especially their eyes are even more terrifying!

Many people in the corridor evaded them when they saw them.

These seven or eight people rushed directly into Old Qin’s office regardless of the long line.

“What are you doing? If you ask Qin Lao to see a doctor, register and queue up!”

Edith reprimanded.


The leading man slapped Edith’s face with a slap.

Edith staggered and sat down on the ground.

There is even a bloody handprint on his face!

This scene took place and scared the patients in the office away.

Qin is always someone who has seen big scenes. He looked at a few people and said angrily: “Who are you? Why are you beating people?”

The leading man raised his hands and said politely: “Old Qin is sorry, I’m bothering you!”

“What are you going to do?”

Qin Beishan asked.

Judging from his experience, these people are not simple.

“Old Qin, don’t be nervous, we are here to invite Old Qin to see a doctor!”

The man smiled.

“If you are sick, come to the hospital for registration. I’ve been in Case York these days!”

Qin Beishan Road.

“No, no, old Qin, my young Lord said, I want to invite Mrs. Qin back! If he comes to see a doctor, it doesn’t fit his identity!”

The man said.

Qin Beishan refused: “Sorry, I won’t go to the doctor unless I come here!”

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