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Chapter 306

As soon as Qin Beishan said this, the man’s face changed, and he said angrily: “It really is an old and stubborn! Toast and not eat fine wine!”

Qin Beishan smiled, “Excuse me, what are you going to do?”

“If Old Qin is unwilling, then I personally invite you to go! Offended!”

A cold light flashed in the man’s eyes.

“Yes, old Qin don’t force us! Besides, we just asked you to go back for treatment! What are you afraid of?”

Several others are humane.

Qin Beishan stubbornly said: “No, this is my principle! I will refuse any invitation. If you come to the hospital to find me, I am especially welcome!”

“Everyone respects you as a god! But I think you are a quack! Deliberately putting on airs and playing big cards! Are you really a character?”

“Yes! What to pretend? You are here to give you face! Don’t be shameless!”

“You are just a stinky doctor. Our young Lord asks you to give you a lot of face!”

With that, the man in the lead grabbed Qin Beishan and took him out.

Edith stopped immediately.


As a result, one person kicked Edith’s abdomen, and Edith was in pain, sitting on the ground, sweating.

These seven or eight people left with Qin Beishan.

The hospital security rushed over, but they were all knocked to the ground.

These people got into a few cars and left the hospital quickly.

Levi was discussing with Fu Yuxiang and others, and received a call from Sarah.

“The big event in King’s Landing is not good. A group of people came and beat up my mother, and even moreover took away Mr. Qin!”

After hanging up the phone, Levi was furious.


He took out the phone and said coldly, “Suzaku will find out to me where Mr. Qin is!”

Case York City was merged by two big cities, Case City and York City several decades ago.

Now Case York is actually the new city of Case York!

In fact, the old city of Case York on the fringe are outside Case York.

They prefer to call this place Case City or York City.

At this moment, in a Chinese-style manor in the old town of Sioux City.

This place is big enough to be the size of a small town.

Rumor has it that it was the residence of a general in ancient times.

Named the General Mansion!

In the manor, there is one post at five steps and one post at ten steps.

There are almost two hundred bodyguards guarding.

In a pavilion in the heart of an artificial lake.

Two people are sitting.

One old and one middle school.

The old man has gray hair and looks like he is in his twilight years.

The middle-aged man is holding a folding fan with two words inscribed on it: General.

They are the owners of this manor.

There is a saying circulating on the the city Road: Nan Xiaodu, Bei Laojiu, Thirteen Taibao is invincible.

In fact, there was a saying long ago-the city is in chaos, the general has the final say.

General West Tianqiao, the true king of the Case York underground world!

Du Yuesheng, King of Case York, was a disciple of West Tianqiao.

One can imagine how terrifying West Tianqiao is!

He is the real number one boss on the Case York Road!

Before the merger of Case City and York City, General West Tianqiao was already the king of the underground world of the two cities!

After merging into Case York City, he continued to stay in the old city. In addition, he was very low-key and lived in seclusion over the years.

So General West Tianqiao has gradually faded out of everyone’s eyes.

When it comes to the underground world of Case York, everyone only knows the King of Case and the Thirteenth Taibao.

The newcomer has no idea about the existence of the general.

But in fact, the general is the king of Case York!

There is no chaos in Case York, just a word from the general.

King the city is not worth mentioning in front of the general!

Chapter 307

Sitting in front of General West Tianqiao was his son West Fulong.

Unlike his father, West Fulong is domineering and good at solving all problems with violence.

Had it not been for West Tianqiao’s deliberate restriction, West Fulong would have taken control of the Case York underground world, and Du Yuesheng would have been annihilated long ago.

West Fulong has been dissatisfied with staying in the old city, but there is no way.

At this moment, West Fulong is playing chess with his father West Tianqiao.

At this time, a young man wearing luxury goods came behind West Tianqiao: “Grandpa, father, do you play chess?”

“Anping is here!”

West Tianqiao raised his head and looked at his grandson West Anping dotingly.

In recent years, West Tianqiao has long been whitewashed and formed the West Group, covering dozens of industries.

He regarded West Anping as the heir and loved him very much.

This also resulted in West Anping’s domineering and dull character.

Often cause trouble.

West Anping looked at West Tianqiao and said, “Grandpa, you are not in good health recently, I want to give you a surprise!”

Both West Tianqiao and West Fulong looked at him curiously and asked, “Oh? What surprise?”

“Do you know that Qin Beishan came to Case York?”

West Anping asked.

“I know.”

“I have invited Qin Beishan to my house! Let this medical hero give Grandpa a good check-up and check his body! Give my parents a good look!”

West Anping said excitedly.

After listening to West Tianqiao and West Fulong, they looked surprised: “What? Qin Beishan invited? As far as I know, no one can ask Qin Beishan to move? Not even Shane Wanshan!”

West Anping smiled and said, “Yes, this old stubborn really does not move! You actually asked Grandpa to go to the hospital to register in line! What status are we, how can we go?”

West Tianqiao realized something and couldn’t help saying: “So what?”

“If you don’t eat the soft ones, I will come to the hard ones. Now this old guy has been caught by me!”

West Anping smiled.

West Fulong nodded: “Yes, this kind of old stubborn arrogance is used to it, the air is really big! My son is doing it right!”

West Tianqiao frowned, “It’s a bit troublesome! I’m afraid of bad influence, after all, this is Qin Beishan!”

“Dad, what are we afraid of? What are we not doing? Just invited him to see a doctor! We should be respected or respected! It’s just that the way he was invited is a bit extreme!

West Fulong is domineering and feels nothing.

Instead, I feel that doing so is enough respect.

West Anping nodded: “Grandpa, what my father said is right! It was for him to come to see the doctor, and we won’t hurt him. He will definitely be happy if we give him a high medical fee at that time!”

West Tianqiao nodded: “That’s right! Besides, what am I afraid of? What happened to me inviting him? There are no people from the West family that I can’t invite!”

Soon, the old man Qin Beishan was taken to General West’s mansion.

“Hey, old man Qin, quickly show my grandpa to see his body! If the effect is good, I will be rewarded for my grandpa!”

West Anping sneered with his pockets in his pockets.

It’s just that Qin Beishan looked at him indifferently.

“Oh, what do you mean? I hate that we don’t give money in advance? So, let me give you a sum of money right away, and then give you a lot of money after the treatment! I can build a private hospital for you!”

West Anping sneered.

West Fulong also came to Qin Beishan: “Old Qin, I am sorry to invite you in such a presumptuous way. But as long as you diagnose for my father, the benefits are indispensable!”

Qin Beishan shook his head: “Don’t see a doctor! No one can see any disease!”

As soon as the words were said, the air stagnated.

Chapter 308

“What did you say, old man? Say it again!”

West Anping said angrily: “Do you know who we are? My grandfather is West Tianqiao, the number one man in Case York, nicknamed General! I invite you to give you face!”

“Yes, my father, West Tianqiao, is under West Fulong! In Case York, he has a certain status! Although he lives in seclusion now, his father had the final say in the past.”

West Fulong said with a smile.

At first it sounds very humble, but in fact it is extremely arrogant!

Qin Beishan looked at the two of them dismissively.

No matter how you have a background, you can compare to my old friend General God of War?

“Old Qin rest assured, as long as you have completed the diagnosis of my father-in-law, I will definitely send you back! Not only will you get a high amount of revenge, you will always be a friend of my West family!”

West Fulong said.

If these words were heard by others, they would definitely be shocked.

Because the city doesn’t know how many people want to be friends with the West family!

Don’t look at West Tianqiao now living in seclusion, but there are countless celebrities who visit every day.

They just want to make friends with West Tianqiao.

But those who can truly become friends of the West family can count them with both hands.

Qin Beishan shook his head: “I don’t need so many friends! You quickly put me back, otherwise your West family will be in trouble!”

Hearing Qin Beishan’s advice, West Fulong and West Anping looked at each other, and they both laughed.

There are three major forces in Case York that cannot be moved.

The richest man Shane Wanshan, Case York Chamber of Commerce and General West Tianqiao.

No matter who, it is impossible to bring down these three forces.

“Oh? Does Mr. Qin still use divination? When is my West family in trouble?”

Accompanied by an old voice, West Tianqiao walked slowly with his hands on his back.

West Tianqiao looks no different from ordinary people, but he has an aura of no anger and prestige, which spreads like a mountain on the top.

Qin Beishan suddenly felt a pressure.

What kind of character has Lao Qin never seen?

In terms of momentum, this one is definitely the best in front of you!

“I have a lot of respect for Old Qin. I wanted to send Old Qin back in order not to cause unnecessary trouble. But if Old Qin said this, I would like to see someone in West. Will the West family be in trouble? “

West Tianqiao said coldly.

Qin Beishan persuaded: “This gentleman still advises you to send me back, otherwise it is really difficult, and some things are beyond my control!”

“Hahaha… I heard that Mr. Qin can’t invite anyone! Today, I will be the first person to be West Tianqiao! See if Mr. Qin can stay with me for ten and a half months!”

West Tianqiao was determined.

He’s going to risk a big deal and see what he can do?

West Fulong and West Anping looked proud!

The West family is so domineering!

Get ruthless, ignoring all the rules!

What the richest man, the Shane family and the Case York Chamber of Commerce, the West family would not take it seriously!

The West family was also the family that caused Dean the most headache!

They are powerful and not as stable as the Shane family and the Case York Chamber of Commerce.

Once it broke out, it would be a disaster.

But it’s not moving!

Qin Beishan smiled: “Then we will wait and see!”

At this moment, Case York have already exploded.

Someone forcibly took Qin Beishan from the Case York First Hospital and injured dozens of doctors, nurses, and security guards!

Immediately aroused public outrage!

People from all over Case York are looking for where Qin Beishan was caught!

Shenjia and Case York Chamber of Commerce are also actively looking for it.

Because this is their great opportunity!

If you rescued Mr. Qin Beishan, you would really have a relationship with Mr. Qin, and the benefits would be unlimited.

Chapter 309

The official didn’t even intervene in this matter.

Of course because no one called the police.

But there are other reasons.

Qin Beishan and Levi came to take care of it, and the others were not qualified.

After half an hour.

The major power families found news: Father Qin Beishan is in General West’s Mansion in the Old Town of Case City at this moment!

The person who took the old man Qin Beishan was West Anping, the grandson of General West Tianqiao!

In the the city Villa.

Shane Wanshan put on his clothes and immediately said, “Go, let’s go to West’s house in the old city!”

The Shane family’s motorcade was driving fast.

Soon after, I went to the old city and stopped in front of the General House.

At this moment, a long convoy came in another direction.

The people who got off the car were Lei Qianjue and Han Xiaokun.

People from Case York Chamber of Commerce!

The Shenjia and Case York Chamber of Commerce are the fastest.

“Then let’s go together! Rescue Old Qin and talk about it!”

Shane Wanshan Road.

“Okay, together!”

Several people from Lei Qianjue agreed and came to the general’s mansion with Shane Wanshan.

The gate of the General’s Mansion is now closed tightly, without a guard.

Shane Wanshan waved his hand and Shane Qingfeng stepped forward and knocked on the door.

“As soon as the trouble is reported, it is said that Shane Wanshan of the Shane family and the four major families of the Case York Chamber of Commerce Lei Qianjue, Han Xiaokun, Yu Buqun, and Qin Zhenglin are asking to see the general!”

Shane Qingfeng said.

Inside the general’s mansion, after hearing the sound, they took a breath.

They underestimated Qin Beishan’s weight.

So soon, the two big mountains of Case York came?

Shane Wanshan came in person?

After learning the news, West Fulong immediately told West Tianqiao the news.

“Huh? They are all here?”

West Tianqiao was slightly surprised.

“What should father do?”

West Fulong said.

A sneer appeared at the corner of West Tianqiao’s mouth: “Except Dean, Cox Hang, I don’t look at anyone! Shane Wanshan and the others are at best as famous as me, but they are not in my eyes at all! A group of talented people!”

West Fulong nodded: “Father understands!”

Outside the general’s mansion, Shane Wanshan waited more than ten minutes.

Finally the door opened.

A young man came out from inside, it was West Anping.

West Anping arched his hands and said, “Seniors, please come back! Grandpa is ill and can’t see you all!”

“Anping, can you talk about it? We have something extremely important to discuss with your grandpa today!”

Shane Wanshan insisted.

A flash of coldness flashed in West Anping’s eyes.

“Come, see off!”

As soon as the sound fell, the sound of footsteps sounded around.

In an instant, hundreds of guards appeared around, surrounding Shane Wanshan and others.

“go away!!!”

Hundreds shouted together.

Shane Wanshan looked at each other.

They understand that West Tianqiao didn’t take them seriously at all!

Now unless you tear your face and force Lao Qin to be rescued!

But Shane Wanshan dare not.

Not to mention the loss of both sides, and even the loss.

They can only leave depressed.

Zhuque also found out the news and told Levi.

“General West Tianqiao? Is it great?”

Levi asked.

“Very powerful! The real number one person in Case York! Even the king of Case York, Du Yuesheng, is his disciple! The real strength can be comparable to the richest man, the Shane family, and even the leader of Porter must be courteous for three points!”

Suzaku said.

“Cox Hang still has this number? I don’t even know.”

Levi looked surprised.

“General West Tianqiao is entrenched in the old city and lives in seclusion. Many people in Case York don’t know it.”

Suzaku explained.

Wesley and Alton stood on both sides and said, “What should the general do?”

Chapter 310

“Is Mr. Qin safe?”

Levi’s eyes flickered with cold light.

“It’s safe now! It was West Tianqiao’s grandson West Anping who took Qin away and wanted to check his grandfather’s body!”

Suzaku explained.

Levi suddenly slapped the table: “Is it so domineering?”

“General, I have an idea…”

Wesley said.

“you said…”

“Old Qin definitely doesn’t want things to be a big deal, so let’s settle it on a small matter. Isn’t West Tianqiao Du Yuesheng’s teacher? We asked Du Yuesheng to come forward and tell West Tianqiao to obediently send people back to apologize!”

Wesley Road.

“Well, yes! Old Qin doesn’t want to cause too much trouble!”

Levi nodded.

“Bring Du Yuesheng to me now!”

After Levi gave the order, Alton immediately went to handle it.

At this moment, Du Yuesheng, who was playing antiques with his friends, was taken away somehow.

After arriving at Levi, Du Yuesheng was frightened after learning about the incident.

Who is it good for Lord to offend?

I just want to offend this one!

Levi took out a piece of paper and wrote three words on it: General, Garrison.

“Go and give this piece of paper to West Tianqiao and tell him to send Lao Qin back immediately, and then hand over the assailant!”

Levi approached.


Du Yuesheng took the piece of paper tremblingly and left immediately.

In front of the General West family’s mansion, hundreds of guards were guarded.

Because after Shane Wanshan and the Case York Chamber of Commerce left.

There were dozens of celebrities in society, and they all wanted West Tianqiao to put Lao Qin back.

Even West Tianqiao sighed.

Qin Beishan’s prestige is really not covered!

This is equivalent to stabbing a hornet’s nest!

But West Tianqiao was not afraid, there was no one in his eyes.

All were driven back!

“Is there any news from Leader Porter?”

West Tianqiao asked.

“Father, no! The police have never appeared before, they are equivalent to acquiescence!”

West Fulong said.

West Tianqiao nodded: “Okay, as long as Porter Leader is silent, I don’t care!”

Several groups of people who came at this time were all driven away.

Du Yuesheng just arrived.

He was frightened by the battle at the General’s Mansion.

“Who? Leave quickly! Otherwise, the sword will have no eyes!”

The guard at the door saw Du Yuesheng and immediately angered.

“Student Du Yuesheng, please see the teacher!”

Du Yuesheng immediately revealed his identity.

“It turned out to be Brother Du, please come in! Father let you in!”

West Fulong came out to greet him in person.

Came to the interior hall of the General’s Mansion.

West Tianqiao was sitting and drinking tea, next to Qin Beishan.

“Why is Yuesheng here?”

West Tianqiao asked.


But Du Yuesheng knelt down in front of West Tianqiao all of a sudden.

This sudden scene shocked West Tianqiao.

“The more you are, why are you?”

West Tianqiao asked.

Kneeling Du Yuesheng lowered his head and said tremblingly: “Teacher, students don’t… dare not say…”

“What can’t you say?”

West Tianqiao was puzzled.

West Fulong and West Anping are also puzzled.

Only the old man Qin Beishan expected something and couldn’t help smiling.


West Tianqiao’s face changed and suddenly raised his voice.

Du Yuesheng was taken aback, trembling, he took out the piece of paper written by Levi.

“Teacher, someone gave this to you! He ordered you to send Mr. Qin back immediately, and you all apologized in the past, and you have to hand over the few people who beat them in the hospital!”

Du Yuesheng gritted his teeth and said it.

“What? There are people who are so arrogant? How dare to ask the West family to apologize? Are you tired?”

West Anping and West Fulong said coldly.

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