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Chapter 381

Dongtian Group quickly finalized the matter.

Two billion more than expected.

I’m excited to think about it.

“Boom boom…”

Juan smashed the chair a few times.

He has a hideous face and violent veins.

Because the first step for the Cox family to settle in Case York is to win the Dongtian Group.

But he failed here.

Juan raised his head, staring at Levi with cold eyes and smiled: “I want to see how this gentleman puts out four billion? After all, this is not something that can be done by shouting!”

After Juan reminded, everyone reflected.

That’s four billion!

Does Levi really have?

Not to mention other people, even Sarah didn’t believe it.

Where did Levi’s four billion come from?

The staff immediately came to Levi and said with a smile: “Mr. needs you to prove the assets and is able to bid! All the guests participating in the auction have proof of assets, but Mr. You do not. I hope to understand!

Levi took out a black card and said faintly: “Swipe the card!”

Juan and everyone present would not believe that there would be money in that card.

That’s four billion!

What card has such a high limit?

They pay directly from the company account.

Five minutes later, a large group of staff hurriedly rushed in front of Levi.

Levi was about to kneel down with that look.

“Dear Mr. Garrison, the payment is successful! From now on, Dongtian Group belongs to you!”

“This is your card!”

The headed manager bent his body ninety degrees and returned the bank card to Levi.


At this moment, the sound of the audience sucking in cold breath was endless.

“Success… succeeded?”

“Four billion card swiping succeeded?”

The eyes of Juan and others were about to fly out.

When you first came to Case York, you met such a super local tyrant?

Nothing is more surprised than the plum dyed.

Levi’s acquisition of the resort in the morning gave her a great shock.

Now it has spent 40 billion to take the Dongtian Group?

Where does he get the money?

Even if he didn’t have that much money six years ago?

“Mr. Garrison, trouble you to come to the backstage with us and go through the formalities!”

The manager respectfully said.

“Oh, I forgot to say it. I bid for the Dongtian Group for my wife. Let her sign the formalities contract!”

Levi approached.

“What? For his wife?”

“His wife is too lucky, too? A four billion company as a gift?”

The whole audience was shocked.


Sarah even covered his mouth, speechless in surprise.


Full of moving!

After letting the Logan family out, Levi said at the time that she would make her comeback.

Unexpectedly, there was such a shocking event.

Sarah looked at Levi, and his tears came out.

“My wife, let’s go and sign the contract!”

Levi took Sarah’s hand and followed the staff to the backstage.

Several people in Juan looked at Levi’s back, his face was extremely gloomy.

He gritted his teeth and said: “No, this thing can’t be forgotten! Dongtian Group I must get it! And that woman I will not let it go!”

“Three young Lords, what should we do?”

His entourage Wang Austin asked.

“How many people did we bring this time?”

Juan asked.

“Thirty Lords in total!”

Wang Austin replied.

“Well, you take these people to make preparations, and start later on the way! I won’t let them go back to downtown Case York!”

Juan’s eyes flashed with bloodthirsty killing intent.

Chapter 382

Coming to the background.

It took half an hour to finalize all formalities contracts.

From now on, Sarah is the new owner of Dongtian Group!

Even after signing the contract, Sarah’s hands were trembling all the time.


Everything seems to be dreaming.

Sarah touched Levi’s face: “Husband, are we still sleeping?”

“Are you confused?”

Levi approached.

“Does it hurt if I pinch you?”

With that, Sarah pinched Levi.

“Oh… it hurts, you have to test and pinch yourself…”

Levi quickly avoided.

This silly wife!

After Sarah repeatedly confirmed, this is not a dream.

Everything is true.

“I actually hold a company with billions of assets? Husband, are you too kind to me?”

Sarah hugged Levi tightly.

“Husband, where did you get so much money? Are you hiding something from me?”

Sarah’s beautiful brows furrowed slightly, and a trace of confusion flashed in his beautiful eyes.


What Levi was about to say.

Unexpectedly, Sarah’s cell phone rang.

Sarah connected, it was Natalie’s call.

“Sarah is very happy now, right?”

Natalie asked with a smile.

Sarah looked puzzled: “Ah? Natalie how did you know that I am happy now? Are you also at the resort?”

“Oh… Our mysterious big boss has taken a fancy to your talents, and he specially bids Dongtian Group for you! He is also short of manpower now, this is a good opportunity for you! You have to come on!”

After listening to Natalie’s explanation.

Sarah’s expression dimmed.

She looked at Levi with complicated eyes.

I thought he was hiding the secret, but he was still the king.

Unexpectedly, the big boss behind Erick Group bid for it.

Levi used the Erick Group to do these things.

But romantic enough and touching enough!

Sarah did not directly expose Levi, she smiled and said: “You are also great in Levi! You, you must develop in Erick Group in the future! Strive to get a high salary and a good position!”

Levi was stunned.

Isn’t he the boss of Erick Group?

What salary do I need?

After signing the contract.

Levi is about to leave with Sarah.

When they were leaving the house, the two ran into Gao Tianlin again. He was carried out by someone and taken directly to the hospital.

Levi sneered.

Dare to make ideas about Sarah, not letting you die is the greatest kindness.

After Levi got into the car and left, Juan appeared.

“The man has already left! The man is abolished, and the woman is for me!”

“I also want to force them to modify the contract and turn the Dongtian Group into my Cox family!”

There was a cruel arc across Juan’s mouth.

Even his comrades heard a chill: “San Young Lord, do you mean that we don’t spend a penny to bring the Dongtian Group?”

“Can’t we? We just arrived in Case York, the best way to stand up is to be more aggressive and cruel! Only then can there be deterrence, so that Case York are afraid of our Cox family!”

Juan said coldly.

“Go, let’s follow!”

On the way, Sarah soon fell asleep.

Although the effect of the drug had passed, I still felt very tired and closed my eyes when I got into the car.

At this moment, Levi saw several cars following him in the rearview mirror, and he smiled.

Are you looking for death?

It didn’t take long.

Suddenly a car approached oncoming, blocking Levi’s path.

The several cars behind also accelerated to approach, besieging Sarah’s Audi in the middle.

Chapter 383

Thirty people rushed down from several cars.

Holding iron rods in their hands one after another, they rushed menacingly.

In order not to disturb Sarah’s rest, Levi got out of the car.

Wang Austin came to Levi aggressively, and he sneered: “Is that courage? How dare you come down when you see us?”

Levi lit a cigarette, vomited a smoke ring, and slowly said, “Get out of the way, don’t disturb my wife’s rest! Otherwise, your end will be miserable!”


Upon hearing this, Wang Austin and his brothers all laughed.

“I don’t talk nonsense with you! Brothers give me abandon him!”

Wang Austin gave an order, and several brothers rushed up yelling.


Levi kicked the first person.


Immediately, the man flew out more than ten meters, hit the ground heavily, twitched, and there was no movement.

Stopped everyone with one kick!

“Stop him for me!”

Wang Austin said angrily.

At this time Levi also moved.

Two punches will blow the left and right people away.

He deceived him and grabbed Wang Austin.


He lifted his knees, and instantly hit Wang Austin’s face.


Wang Austin let out a scream.

He was totally unrecognizable and bloody…

Next, Levi carried out a brutal attack on these people.

After a minute, everyone lay motionless on the ground.

Their legs and feet were all scrapped.


Simply too powerful!

Wang Austin and the others didn’t expect that Levi would not only be lavish, but also such a terrifying skill.

He and 30 of his brothers were all Lords who had fought black fists, and they were cleaned up within a minute.

What was even more frightening was that Levi lifted the cars blocking the road with his hands in front of them.

These cars weigh several tons!

Is that human being?

Wang Austin’s eyes are about to fly out.

Their eyes were full of fear.

I didn’t expect to encounter such a perversion when I first came to Case York!!!

At this time, James brought a few people to Levi.

“Sorry, Mr. Garrison, I’m late!”

James apologized.

“It’s okay, just a bunch of little friends!”

Levi approached.

“By the way, James, you stay here, there will be people coming in a while. Remember, come a few, and abolish a few! Of course, leave a message.”

After Levi’s instructions, he drove away.

Seeing the car, Sarah was still asleep.

Levi showed a petting smile.

If he woke his wife up, he would have to bury these people alive.

Juan was already very anxious at this time.

Thinking of Sarah’s beautiful face, he felt hungry and thirsty.

What’s more, what about the entire Dongtian Group?

“A little bit faster, I guess Wang Austin and the others have already dealt with it!”

Juan called Wang Austin, but no one answered.

“Should you be cleaning up the guy named Levi?”

Juan sneered.

five minutes later.

Juan came to the court.

He smiled when he saw the falling cars.

“Levi, do you dare to offend me? You are going to die!”

Juan quickly came to the court.

But instantly dumbfounded.

Because Wang Austin and the thirty good hands were all lying on the ground, their hands and feet were abandoned.

“what happened???”

Juan was dumbfounded.

He searched around and didn’t seem to see Levi’s car.


At this time, the car door next to it opened.

A few strong foreign men walked out of the car, like hills.

The headed James stared at him with interest.

Chapter 384

“Who are you? Levi and Sarah?”

Juan couldn’t help asking.

“Mr. Garrison told me, let me treat you well.”

James gave a cruel smile.

“You…what are you going to do?”

Seeing the brawny men approaching, Juan panicked.

His little arms and legs…


Suddenly, James slapped him severely in the face.

This slap almost killed Juan’s life.

It buzzed in his head.


The more terrifying is yet to come.

James suddenly banged his leg with a piercing sound of bone cracking, and Juan’s leg was broken.


The other leg was also broken.



Later, both arms were also broken.

Juan screamed hysterically.

I thought it would be unlucky enough to come to Case York to run into a wall, but now it is even more useless.


The few subordinates he brought have also been abolished.

Only one person is left intact.

“Remind you, not everyone can come to Case York!”

James left a word and left.

Today, major news came from the upper circles of Jiangnan Province: The provincial capital Cox family wanted to split the meat in Case York, but they screamed and screamed. The three young Lords and dozens of his subordinates were all abandoned and thrown out of Case York.

This news is quite explosive.

Many people originally wanted to come to Case York to grab money and occupy the territory.

After the news came out, many people were given enough warning.

Although the Case York Chamber of Commerce and the Shane family have fallen, there are still strong people in Case York.

For example, Erick Group has developed rapidly.

It is said that the person who abolished the three young Lords of the provincial capital Cox Family was from the Erick Group!

For a while, the Cox family didn’t move, and seemed to be watching.

Other family forces are also watching.

Levi took Sarah straight to the Dongtian Group.

Dongtian Group learned that the new owner was coming, and all the senior executives of the company came out to greet them.

And also arranged for the media, and immediately held a press conference.

After Sarah arrived, he first performed a succession ceremony and then attended a press conference to tell the media about this matter.

Today’s Logan family is still miserable.

“Leave all!!!”

The management of Yinhai Plaza forced the Logan Group out of the office building.

Everything inside was thrown out.

Erick Group called again to urge, and there was only one day left.

If the deadline is exceeded, liquidated damages will be paid.

That’s a billion!

Companies with debts keep pressing.

The Logan family looked for Sarah for a full night, but couldn’t find it.

Overnight, Doug’s hair was all white.

“What can we do? Are we really going to jail?”

Doug said.

Others also wore dark circles under their eyes, and were extremely haggard.

They also have nothing to do.

A piece of news was broadcast on TV at this time.

“Huh? Isn’t that Sarah?”

Katie exclaimed.

“What? Sarah?”

Everyone looked at the TV, and as expected, they watched Sarah.

This news is the press conference of Dongtian Group.

The content is the news that Sarah became the chairman and president of Dongtian Group.

“According to valuation, the market value of Dongtian Group is between 5 billion and 6 billion. I believe that under the leadership of Ms. Sarah, Dongtian Group will reach a higher level!

The reporter smiled.

“What? Sarah became the chairman of Dongtian Group?”

“How is it possible? Dongtian Group has a market value of more than 5 billion!”

Chapter 385

“How did Sarah do it? I’m not dreaming, am I?”

The Logan family is going crazy.

They never thought of this day.

After Sarah was expelled, he was supposed to be a beggar on the street.

It turned into a value of billions.


Doug regrets it!



He slapped Alfred and Mike’s faces with two slaps.

“It’s all a bad idea from the two of you! I want me to remove the Dale family from the genealogy! Otherwise, are we going to be tainted now? To her, these tiny gains are not counted at all What.”

Doug said angrily.

Alfred and Mike were so wronged that they dared not speak.

Obviously Doug is the Lord.

Now they are to blame.

Why did you go?

“Sarah is too good? How did she do it?”

Katie was extremely puzzled.

“It is estimated that some big guy slept? I can’t think of any other means besides this!”

Mike said coldly.

“Yeah, this b!tch! It’s really vulgar!”

“Fortunately, it’s not my Logan family, otherwise we would be ashamed!”

“Yeah, it’s really a shame to rely on sleeping with the boss!”

The Logan family babbled.

Doug nodded: “We all know what methods Sarah used, but they can’t hold them back. Now they are all the Lords of Dongtian Group. Can you do it?”

“Now, follow us to find her! Only she can solve our problem!”

The Logan family went straight to the Dongtian Group.

With good luck this time, I happened to see Sarah at Dongtian Group.

Although everyone in the Logan family hated her, they smiled and said, “Sarah, we finally found you! It was your grandfather who was wrong before. It was your uncle and uncle’s idea. I have already taught them severely. .

Sarah, as long as you agree to come back, I will restore your identity immediately! You see grandpa’s face, help the Logan family, right? Take a look at what grandpa is like? “

Indeed, although he only had two or three days, Doug was a lot haggard, his hair was all white, and there were many wrinkles.

“Sarah, you are now the owner of the Dongtian Group. The crisis of the Logan family is a matter of one sentence, and it will be good for your future!”

Doug and others pleaded.

Looking at everyone in the Logan family, Sarah really couldn’t bear it.

“What are you doing? Wife, we should go home!”

Just when she was hesitant, Levi appeared.

As soon as he saw Levi, the Logan family’s popularity didn’t hit anyone.

This guy is going to be bad again.

“Sarah, let’s talk about it, it has nothing to do with Levi.”

Doug said quickly.

Levi took Sarah’s hand and was about to leave: “Didn’t I tell you to ignore this group of people? Have you forgotten it?”


Plum dye bit his lip.

“You are not from the Logan family now. Are you involved in the woollen yarn for other people’s affairs?”

Levi is very distressed. When can the kind-hearted personality of his wife be changed?

“What the fuck do you mean, Levi?”

Seeing Sarah was about to be taken away, Nick was anxious.

“You guys get out, it’s impossible to help you!”

Levi was determined.

“Hahaha, well, let me tell you one thing, do you know how Sarah became the president of Dongtian Group?”

Nick asked.

“How did you become?”

“Being to sleep with someone else!”

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