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Chapter 376


Gao Tianlin let out a harsh scream.

It seems that the roof is going to be torn apart.

How could he sleep with three men?

Are they all naked?

what happened?

Can anyone tell me what happened?

Gao Tianlin was about to collapse at this moment.

The scream awakened the three strong men.

The three of them looked at Gao Tianlin squintingly, and said with a smile, “Baby, are you awake?”


Hearing the names of the three, Gao Tianlin almost vomited out overnight.

too disgusting!

Gao Tianlin quickly jumped under the bed and looked at the three of them vigilantly: “Who are you? How come you are here?”

“Baby you came to our room by yourself, don’t even wear clothes!”

“Now that I have finished enjoying it, I turned my face and didn’t recognize anyone? A scumbag!”

Looking at the contrived appearance of the three people, Gao Tianlin was really going crazy.

What happened to him and these three guys?

You have to leave quickly.

Gao Tianlin hurriedly wrapped the quilt to leave, but was stopped by the three of them.

“Baby did we let you go?”

“What are you going to do? Be careful I clean you up!”

Gao Tianlin endured the pain in his body and warned.

“Baby, let’s see what happened last night?”

A strong man handed a camera to Gao Tianlin.

Seeing the obscene content in it, Gao Tianlin really wanted to die.

He was actually ruined by three men.

“Ah! I’m not alive anymore!”

Gao Tianlin is going crazy.

“Levi! Levi must have framed himself! I can’t spare you Levi!”

Gao Tianlin reacted immediately.

go away!

Gao Tianlin is leaving.

“Don’t go baby, if you want to go, we will publish the video!”

The three brawny men threatened.

Gao Tianlin was scared to death.

If he wants this video to be published, he really doesn’t have to live.

Even his parents would be ashamed to death!


In this way, Gao Tianlin was held down by the three people and was at the mercy of others.

Gao Tianlin clutched the sheets tightly, and shed tears of humiliation.

This is the most humiliating moment of his life!

It’s the biggest insult to a man!!!

Finally, when Gao Tianlin left, he limped, wearing a certain burly man’s clothes.

His tears kept running, and his nerves were so numb that he could no longer feel any pain.

He really wanted to jump off the building.

Such a thing happened unexpectedly.

“Huh? Brother Gao, what’s wrong with you? You limped while walking? Why are you crying?”

Suddenly Sarah’s voice came.

Gao Tianlin was frightened when he looked up.

Levi and Sarah didn’t know when they appeared.

“Yes, brother, why are you a big man crying? What happened?”

“Huh? Why did your mouth break? You still have hickeys on your neck, lipstick on your face, and perfume on your body…”

Levi frowned and said.

Now every word of Levi was to open up his scars to Gao Tianlin and let him recall the pain just now!

These traces are the shame that the three men brought him!

“Brother, did you go there last night? Is this dress yours?”

Levi’s reminder made Gao Tianlin cry madly.

Increasingly humiliated.

He even saw Sarah frowning, looking at him in disgust.

That’s it!

This time is completely over!

There was no trace of the image in front of the goddess.

Levi suddenly got close to him and sniffed, and then said to Sarah: “Do you smell my wife? The smell on him is exactly the same as the smell on the three gay guys we met last night?”

Chapter 377


Gao Tianlin is really going to explode.

Levi is too bad!

Which pot does not open and which pot.

If people know that he was ruined by three men, it is estimated that he can only be freed by death!

Especially let Sarah know that she almost lost her face.

Sarah also sniffed vigorously, and agreed: “It really is! The taste is exactly the same! I remember the taste!”

“Oh, brother Lao Gao, did you sleep with three gay guys last night? Oh my God, you still have such a hobby? I take it, you are really awesome! No wonder 30 Never get married at the age of two!”

Levi’s sudden exaggerated way attracted the attention of many people.

Sarah also added: “By the way, I recognize it. The clothes that Brother Gao wears are those worn by one of the three! I remember clearly, are you real, Brother Gao?”

Sarah looked at Gao Tianlin with a surprised look.

At this time, Gao Tianlin had no face to stay any longer.

“Da da da…”

He lowered his head and left.

Desperate tears crossed his face.

Sarah said in disgust: “Huh? My husband really didn’t expect a big man to have such a hobby, my God. I never want to see him again!”

Levi smiled and said, “Isn’t it, I had to spit out my meal last month!”

Gao Tianlin ran back to his room and burned his clothes.

I ran into the bathroom and took a shower dozens of times, and used up a bottle of shower gel.

Just give up.

He washed away his shame and the traces they brought to himself!

He put on a new suit, and the perfume was sprayed all the time.

It seems to cover up the smell of the three men.

“Levi! It must be you!”

Gao Tianlin’s mind was extremely clear at this time.

Judging from Levi’s series of performances just now, he must know this matter, and he definitely arranged it alone.

Because after entering the room, he lost consciousness somehow.

Levi definitely did it!

He immediately ran to the monitoring room.

Adjusted the monitoring last night.

When he saw that Levi dragged him to the room of three strong men, he was so angry that he smashed the table.

“Levi, I must kill you!!!”

Gao Tianlin is really going to explode.

After reading it, he immediately destroyed this piece of surveillance.

Several security guards in charge of monitoring laughed and said, “Did Brother Gao feel good last night? Such a beautiful woman, tsk tsk, tell the brothers to envy you?”


“Envy your mother!”

Gao Tianlin slapped a person on the face.

He was ruined by three men.

Cool woolen thread!

After coming outside.

Gao Tianlin took a few security guards and quickly rushed to Levi and Sarah.

“Sarah, your good husband! Many guests lost their belongings last night, and it was learned from surveillance that your husband Levi stole it!”

Gao Tianlin said angrily.

He doesn’t care about three seven twenty one now.

Drag Levi to the security room and beat him up.

But need to find a reason.

“Huh? No, you were with me last night.”

Plum dye was surprised.

Gao Tianlin snorted coldly: “Get out! Come, take Levi away for me!!!”

Several security guards were about to act on Levi immediately.

“Gao Tianlin, what are you doing?”

At this time, a majestic voice came.

“Huh? Mr. Cross, why are you here?”

Gao Tianlin looked surprised.

The visitor is the real owner of the resort.

“Someone bought the entire resort, I’ll go through the formalities!”

Mr. Cross said.

Chapter 378

“What? Someone bought the resort?”

Gao Tianlin was taken aback.

Even Sarah was taken aback.

Wouldn’t it be such a coincidence?

Did Levi pretend to buy the resort last night, did he really buy it?

“Yes, the purchase was made last night, and all the procedures have been completed. It’s just that they have to take a rest and let me come again today!”

Mr. Cross’s words made Sarah’s eyes fly out.

She looked at Levi in surprise, wouldn’t it be him?

“Cross Cross Cross…Who is Mr. Cross who bought the resort?”

Gao Tianlin stammered and realized that it was not good.

Mr. Cross smiled and said, “It’s right in front of your eyes!”

With that said, Mr. Cross took a step forward and bowed to Levi: “Honorable Mr. Garrison, according to your instructions, Qingyun Resort has been purchased. This is the contract and procedures. Please check it out!”


The language is not surprising and endless.

Mr. Cross said this.

Gao Tianlin is really going to explode.

It really is him!

He really bought the resort last night?

Two billion, one sentence thing!

Isn’t it awesome?

Isn’t he a trash raised by women?

Sarah also looked incredulous.

Levi really bought it?

She looked at Levi in shock.

Levi smiled and said, “I didn’t read the procedures, which means I have the final say at the resort now?”


“I’m in charge of them too?”

Levi pointed to a group of security guards.

“Of course!”

Levi suddenly raised his tone and said angrily: “Then the security team told me whether anyone lost their belongings last night?”

A word scared the security team and Gao Tianlin almost suffocated.

The security guards looked at each other, looking at Levi and Gao Tianlin.

Realizing that something was wrong, Mr. Cross roared: “Speak, tell the truth!!”

The security captain immediately said: “There is no such thing! It was Gao Tianlin who directed us to do this, and the purpose was to beat Mr. Garrison!”


Gao Tianlin fell to his knees.

“I was wrong! Mr. Garrison, Sarah begs you to bypass me! I won’t dare anymore!”

Gao Tianlin was crying.

Levi smiled and said, “Come on, send Gao Tianlin to 1409!”

As soon as he heard the room number, Gao Tianlin went crazy.

His eyes were scarlet, and his body trembled.

“No no no no…”

“Don’t, I beg you!”

Levi said with a cold face: “Send it to me!”

“Do not!”

Gao Tianlin turned around and ran, but he limped too slowly.

He was immediately held down by the security guards.

That room was like a purgatory on earth to him.

In the sound of struggle, he was finally sent to 1409.

“Huh? What happened to Room 1409?”

Sarah asked curiously.

“Where do those three men live!”

Levi whispered.


Sarah didn’t dare to ask any more questions.

Levi’s eyes flickered with cold light.

Even if he drugged his wife, the punishment was all light.

The matter of Gao Tianlin came to an end, and the auction of Dongtian Group was about to begin.

In the arranged meeting room, everyone went in one by one.

Sarah followed Levi into the venue.

Inside, it turned out that the big guys got together.

Sarah even saw business leaders from other places and provincial cities.

Too many people are staring at the fat of Dongtian Group.

“Can the beauty make friends?”

At this time, a group of people went straight to Levi and Sarah.

Chapter 379

The leading young man smiled at Sarah, completely ignoring Levi next to him.

Sarah smiled: “Sorry, I already have a husband.”

“Having a husband doesn’t affect your understanding of me?”

“Introduce yourself, Juan Cox, Jia Cox, the provincial capital of Jinling!”

The man handed over a business card.

When the man spoke, the audience was horrified.

“What? Juan, the third young Lord of the Cox family, the provincial capital? Why did he come?”

“The provincial capital Cox family is equivalent to the level of the Case York giant Xiao family! They also look at the fat of the Middle East Tian Group?”

“How can we fight this? Just give up!”

These business tycoons have retreated one after another.

They also know that recently many big bosses from the provincial capital have come to Case York to eat meat and soup.

I didn’t expect to encounter it here.

Juan is very satisfied with this effect.

People from their big families in the provincial capital came to these places, feeling a kind of private visits.

It was like the emperor came to a remote town.

“Does the lady think my identity is enough now?”

Juan smiled triumphantly.

These young Lords in the provincial capital have long heard of the beauty of Case York.

The Sarah I saw today was shocking.

Prettier than the stars he has ever seen.

As for whether it is married or not, it doesn’t matter, he just needs to taste it.

“not enough!”

Levi said a word, and took Sarah to sit in the designated position.

Juan looked at Levi’s background and sneered: “Okay, I’ll talk about it after the auction! Woman, you can’t escape my palm!”

After everyone is seated.

All the officials responsible for the bidding of Dongtian Group also arrived.

After introducing the Dongtian Group and its prospects, the auction officially began.

“1.5 billion bottom line, start bidding!”

The host shouted.

“1.530 billion!”

Chairman Wan Yun raised the sign.

“One and a half billion!”

Chairman Longyuan immediately raised the sign and shouted.

The price quickly climbed to 1.7 billion.

Everyone is tentatively increasing the bidding price.

“Too boring! Increase ten million at a time, how about playing?”

Levi said a little impatiently.

Sarah smiled and said, “Let’s just look at the world without participating in it. It doesn’t matter what prices they bid for!”

Sarah glanced at Juan’s direction and said with a smile: “And the result is predictable, it must be the young Lord from the provincial capital!”

“is it?”

Levi just smiled contemptuously.

“Two billion!!!”

At the next moment, Juan finally raised his card.

A direct increase of 300 million shocked the audience.

This price beats back at least half of the people present.

Juan glanced around the audience, the warning in his eyes was obvious.

The meaning is simple: don’t fight with me!

“Two and one billion!”

But some people still bid the price.

“Two-two billion!”

If the big guys have budgeted more than 2.5 billion, it is unnecessary.

“Three billion!”

At this moment, Juan called out another offer.

The audience boiled again.

Everyone looked at Juan.

“It is worthy of being a young man from the provincial capital, the shot is so scary!”

“I said that Juan was the final winner, we couldn’t fight it!”

Everyone talked about it.

The executives of Dongtian Group are also very excited.

The price exceeded expectations.

Sarah smiled and said to Levi: “I said he will win, right?”

But the next moment, Sarah’s smile disappeared.

Because Levi held up the sign!

He wants to bid?

Chapter 380

Sarah wanted to stop it, but it was too late.

When Levi raised the sign, everyone in the audience focused on him.

“Three billion and one piece!”

After Levi shouted the price, the audience was stunned.

After Juan shouted a price of 3 billion, all the big guys on the scene gave up.

Everyone knows that Juan belongs to Dongtian Group.

Unexpectedly, there will be people bidding and calling!

The most important thing is that only one dollar has been added!

This is clearly provoking Juan!

Dongtian Group is anxious.

How can there be an increase of one dollar?

The key is that they didn’t set the number to increase each time, and everyone defaulted to 10 million.

All the people from the Cox family in the provincial capital looked over.

They can’t figure it out, but there are still people in Cox Hang who dare to provoke them?

Juan sneered when he saw Levi and Sarah.

Dare to provoke him?

court death!

“3.1 billion!”

Juan increased the price by 100 million, and he looked at Levi defiantly.

I think how long will you be able to follow?

“3.1 billion and one piece!”

Levi continued to bid.


Juan exploded in anger.

This is obviously deliberately provoking him!

The others also looked at Levi in shock.

They were all wondering, why is Levi so courageous?

Even dare to provoke the provincial capital!

I don’t know how to die later.

Sarah was also worried.

In particular, the Cox family has a profound back view, which is definitely not something they can offend.

Levi is playing with fire.

But the arrow was on the string, and she couldn’t stop it.

“Three and two billion!”

Juan continued to increase the price with a cold face.

According to the family budget, 3 billion was successfully won.

But there is such a stunned green, an increase of 200 million for no reason.

He vowed to kill Levi after the meeting, and then put plum to sleep in front of him.

Levi did not change his face and said, “3.2 billion and one piece!”

“you you you…”

Juan was so angry that the other Cox family members were about to jump up.

This is the fucking provocation!

Everyone present frowned.

This kid is doing things absolutely!

“Okay, how long do I see you with?”

Juan raised the sign and shouted: “3.5 billion!”


The price was shouted, and the audience took a breath.

Even Dongtian Group is very excited.

This exceeded expectations too much!

Juan looked at Levi jokingly.

3.5 billion is already the biggest price the Cox family can afford. After all, the Cox family has to spend money in other areas.

He just looked at whether Levi dared to follow, and if he didn’t follow, he won’t lose the Dongtian Group.

If Levi followed him, he wouldn’t bid any more, he wanted to see how Levi put out 3.5 billion?

At this time, everyone in the audience focused on Levi alone.

Sarah next to him was very nervous.

I saw Levi slowly raising the sign and shouting: “Four billion!!!”


“Four billion???”

When Levi shouted out the price, the audience was completely silent.

Everyone thought that Levi would add a dollar.

But who could have imagined that it has increased by five hundred million!


Juan and the Cox family were dumbfounded.

I thought it was only Levi who embarrassed him deliberately, but didn’t expect him to come for real?

Sarah is about to collapse.

Is Levi crazy?

Four billion?

Where does he get the money?

Just kidding?

“Well, in the end, Dongtian Group bid for Mr. Levi at a price of 4 billion!”

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