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Chapter 41

“Huh? Is it you?”

Levi also recognized West Jingxuan.

West Jingxuan was a classmate of his high school, but West Jingxuan was at the class level. At that time, there were countless suitors in school, like a goddess of the masses.

West Jingxuan once pursued Levi, but was rejected by Levi.

After that, West Jingxuan was only admitted to a professional college.

I never contacted Levi again.

But she had always known about Levi.

Especially after hearing the news of Levi’s imprisonment, she was very fortunate that she failed to confess that year, otherwise she would be ashamed.

Now facing Levi, she is very complicated.

But it is more exciting.

Finally there is this opportunity.

She wants Levi to see how good she is now!

Let Levi regret it!

“When was you released from prison?”

West Jingxuan asked.

Levi replied: “Half a month ago!”

“Hey, you used to be a business upstart in Case York City. It was glorious for a while. What a pity, you went to jail, otherwise you are now the top ten rich man in Case York? You were so good before, and I was stupid. I confessed to you, but you refused. You said that if I confessed to you now, would you agree to it? Huh…”

West Jingxuan sighed.

“What? Manager West, how good you are now! You are not only the manager of the Oriental Garden Sales Center, but also the sales champion! You earn millions a year! There are houses and luxury cars! You still look so beautiful and completely. It’s a goddess, how is he worthy of you?”

“It is estimated that he regretted his death, and refused to confess it at the time! Now he has just come out of prison and is eager to get along with you!”

“Now he is compared with Manager West, one is in the sky and the other is underground! He is not worthy of you at all!”

These little sales ladies are human beings and have never seen anything.

When West Jingxuan said this, she immediately understood that West Jingxuan wanted Levi to regret it.

So they actively cooperate.

Hearing this, Levi glanced at West Jingxuan’s badge, and it was indeed the manager.

Being able to be the manager of the Oriental Garden sales center shows that West Jingxuan is indeed very good.

West Jingxuan smiled and said: “My degree of education can only be sold out, and now I have made a little achievement. Now I barely earn about one million a month! Of course, it’s not comparable to the previous one, but it’s better. From the current you, I…”

West Jingxuan did not say the rest.

The meaning is simple: now you are not worthy to lift me shoes!

Seeing Levi’s wretched appearance, West Jingxuan exclaimed her heart.

The best classmate who has ever been mixed up turns out to be like this.

God’s will.

Levi smiled and said, “You can really mix!”

West Jingxuan thought of something and couldn’t help saying: “By the way, on the 7th, our classmates reunion, can you come? But you must not feel inferior. In case you go to the party, it’s not a bad thing for a classmate to mix well and help. Don’t miss this opportunity.”

“Classmates reunion? I will attend.”

Levi nodded.

“That’s great.”

On the surface, West Jingxuan was very happy.

But in fact, he was very disappointed with Levi.

In her opinion, Levi’s participation in the class reunion was to flatter others.

West Jingxuan smiled and said, “By the way, are you buying a house? But even if I give you a discount, a set will cost 20-30 million. You definitely can’t afford it. You want to buy a house for one or two million. Ability! But where are there one or two million houses in Case York City? You have gone to the city center!”

Chapter 42

Levi stared at West Jingxuan and said, “Sorry, I’m going to buy a house here!”


Cross Xia and others laughed out loud.

This seems to be installed to the end?

West Jingxuan also laughed: “Old classmates, we buy more houses here with full money, but less mortgage loans. And even if you have a mortgage loan of at least several million? It looks like you have at most one million. Mortgage, this is not good at all!”

Levi said coldly: “I also buy the full amount!”

“Buy it in full? Are you sure?”

West Jingxuan was shocked.

This guy can even say such things in order to save face in front of him?

West Jingxuan was also angry.

She wants to see if Levi can buy a house?

She wanted to see Levi make a fool of herself.

She has already thought about it, and tonight she will tell her high school classmates about his embarrassment today.

The next sentence shocked them even more.

Just listen to Levi’s faintly said: “Immediately pick a set of your most expensive apartment here!”

As soon as Levi said this, the audience was silent.

West Jingxuan and others looked dumbfounded at him.

“What did you say? The most expensive unit? Are you sure?”

West Jingxuan asked in a deep voice.

Xiao Qin became impatient at hearing, and said angrily: “Are you deaf? The most expensive apartment!”

Only then did West Jingxuan react.

Humph! The most expensive apartment, right? Let me see what you can buy?

“Okay, follow me!”

West Jingxuan brought a few people to the real estate model, pointed to a room and said: “This is the most high-end apartment in the Oriental Garden Community, with a large flat floor of 500 square meters! An underground garage and an underground storage room are also given away…a price Fifty million!”


After West Jingxuan gave a detailed introduction, she looked at Levi triumphantly.

Cross Xia and others looked at Levi mockingly.

You have chosen a set of 50 million!

This time we see how you can afford it?

Levi nodded in satisfaction: “It feels good!”

“I feel good too.”

Xiao Qin also nodded.

West Jingxuan smiled.

Levi really knows how to pretend!

A room with a set of 50 million is sure to be good. Is this still necessary?

Can you afford it?

West Jingxuan sincerely wants to embarrass Levi today, and will drive him to a desperate situation.

“Let’s go, let’s take a look at it on the spot? This is a finished room, you can move in directly!”

West Jingxuan said with a smile.

She would not let Levi leave.

Where does she want to get the next scene.

Levi took out a bank card and said, “Don’t read it, just swipe the card!”

At this moment, everyone present was dumbfounded.

“What? Swipe the card directly?”

Cross Xia was the first to react after a full stunned for a minute.

“Swipe your card directly? Are you sure?”

West Jingxuan’s voice was obviously trembling.

Levi handed the card over: “Hurry up! I have something else!”

The moment West Jingxuan accepted the card, she was frightened.

Because she recognizes this card, the black American Express card!

Known as unlimited!

Is he really okay?

With a sense of anxiety, West Jingxuan began to swipe her card.

After Levi entered the password, the payment was successful.

A one-time payment of 50 million!

West Jingxuan, Cross Xia and others were shocked.

Did he really spend 50 million to buy a house?

Everyone has an unbelievable look.

Even with West Jingxuan’s current ability, it would take at least ten years to make so much.

But 50 million was brushed out by Levi lightly?

Chapter 43

What is going on with him?

Sarah couldn’t get mixed up at all now, she knew it.

Then it can only be Levi himself.

He is still strong.

Maybe he was released from prison long ago, and he has developed again.

She doesn’t know how much Levi Heikari’s quota is, but her experience tells her that billions are not a problem.

Levi today is definitely no worse than he was six years ago!

At this moment, Levi seemed to be shining.

West Jingxuan regretted it!

If I hadn’t been like that just now, maybe I would be with Levi.

After all, she now has this self-confidence better than Sarah.

The purchase contract will be printed soon.

When signing the signature, Levi thought for a while and said: “This house is a transition, and the villa is already under construction. So let’s sign your name!”

Levi looked at Xiao Qin unexpectedly.

Xiao Qin was stunned.

In a daze, Xiao Qin signed, and Levi bought her this apartment.

West Jingxuan, Cross Xia and others are going crazy.

A random set of 50 million was actually bought for my sister-in-law…

How rich is he?

This time, the big bosses of Oriental Garden were all shocked, and they ran over and regarded Levi as a guest.

This time alone, West Jingxuan’s bonus was 1.5 million.

It was her biggest list for sale.

But her heart is bitter.

It is very likely that the wrong thing is billions or tens of billions.

Big boss Cui Jingming took the initiative to hand over his business card: “Mr. Garrison makes a friend…”

“Don’t forget your friend, get rid of her!”

Levi looked at Cross Xia.

He wants to teach people who are inferior to dogs a little bit.

Cross Xia lay on the ground and wept bitterly, but the result could not be changed.

In the end, the two of Levi were sent out by seventy or eighty people.

Levi turned around and glanced at West Jingxuan and smiled: “Don’t worry, I will attend the class reunion.”

“it is good.”

West Jingxuan’s mood immediately fell to the bottom.

She seems to have missed billions?

Xiao Qin looked at Levi admiringly: “Brother-in-law, do I have a house now?”

“I still live with your sister now!”

Levi corrected one sentence.

“Then I can live there too.”

Xiao Qin even plans to move out of the dormitory so that she can see her brother-in-law every day.

Soon, it was the third day.

It’s Sarah’s birthday.

On this day, everyone stopped their work and celebrated the birthday of plum dyeing.

Before Levi had time to tell Sarah that he had booked a spot in the revolving restaurant in Case York Center, Edith said: “Sarah, today’s birthday party has already been arranged, and I will definitely give you a big surprise later! “

Dale also smiled and said: “Yes, the location is set at the Kempinski Hotel!”

Seeing the mysterious appearance of his parents, Sarah couldn’t help saying: “Kempinski? It’s too expensive. A meal costs tens of thousands of dollars! Just celebrate my birthday!”

Dale smiled and said: “Sarah, this is not our order, someone ordered it. It is still Kempinski’s most luxurious set meal, which costs more than 100,000 per table.

Upon hearing this, Sarah looked at Levi subconsciously.

Edith snorted coldly: “Don’t worry, it’s not him! He wants to celebrate your birthday, and he doesn’t have the ability!”

Xiao Qin was about to talk about the revolving restaurant in the sky, but was stopped by Levi.

It didn’t take long before a Mercedes-Benz G was parked in front of Sarah’s house.

From above, a man in a white suit, holding flowers in his hand, went straight to Sarah’s house.

Chapter 44

When the door opened, Sarah recognized the person.

Bai Qiusheng, the son of Dale’s old classmate, is said to have gone to France.

“Uncles and aunts are getting younger and younger! When I came back from France, I brought nothing, some foreign wines and cosmetics are disrespectful!”

Bai Qiusheng greeted politely.

He also gave Dale a few bottles of luxury tobacco and alcohol, and brought luxury cosmetics to Edith.

This makes Dale and Edith happy.

They are all foreign luxury goods.

How face is it to take it out to brag?

Look at his son-in-law again, it’s useless.

There is no substantial benefit at all.

“Sister Sarah, you are as beautiful as ever!”

Said that Bai Qiusheng was about to give Sarah a veneer, and Sarah subconsciously hid behind him.


Levi stood in front of him.

“Sorry, this set in Velador doesn’t work!”

Bai Qiusheng ignored Levi and looked at Sarah with a smile: “Happy birthday to sister Sarah! But surprise, in the evening! I promise you will like it!”

Sarah nodded: “Huh? Thank you!”

Bai Qiusheng looked at Dale and said with a smile: “Uncle and aunt, tonight, my parents will also come to the birthday party.”

“Ah? Really? That’s great!”

Dale heard a surge of excitement.

Since their family was in decline, the former classmates actually had very little contact.

In particular, Bai Qiusheng’s parents are big coffees in the system.

For example, Bai Qiusheng’s father, Bai Wenwen, is a division-level cadre of the Industrial and Commercial Bureau, with a very hard background.

Bai Qiusheng’s mother Kong Yuehua is a division-level cadre of the Education Bureau.

With this background, Bai Qiusheng has been the focus since he was a child, and later went to university abroad and has been working in France.

In the eyes of countless people, Bai Qiusheng is the strongest brother-in-law.

If someone’s daughter married Bai Qiusheng, it would be so cool.

It’s not that Dale and Edith have never thought about it.

But afterwards, the old classmate Bai Wenwen would not contact them once, let alone clinging to them.

I didn’t expect to come to Sarah’s birthday dinner tonight.

this is a good chance.

Have a good relationship with Bai Wenwen and Kong Yuehua.

Now Dale felt his bones were hard.

If Bai Qiusheng and Plum were dyed together, it would be the icing on the cake and a strong alliance.

Dale and Edith looked at each other, and they both had the same idea.

But it’s impossible to have Levi’s scourge.

I hope Sarah can figure it out!

After all, they could also tell that Bai Qiusheng came to dye plums for his birthday, just because he was dyed with plums.

Next, it was Bai Qiusheng and Dale and his wife chatting.

The three Levi sat there without saying a word.

“Now my company has just started in France, and the future is very good…”

Bai Qiusheng talked about his experience in France.

Dale smiled: “Qiusheng, even if you don’t do anything, you can rely on your parents!”

Not long after, a Passat arrived.

Dale’s family went to meet him personally.

A man and a woman got off the car, Bai Qiusheng’s parents.

Bai Zhengwen wore a formal suit, his hands behind his back, his hair was combed meticulously, his body was majestic, and the cadres were full of style.

Kong Yuehua’s clothes were a little more casual, but she also had a fierce temperament, which was cultivated in the system.

“Text, sister-in-law, you are here.”

Dale said enthusiastically.


Chapter 45

Bai Wenwen looked at Sarah and said: “The project of the West City Ecological Park, I heard from the old Boyd of the Urban Construction Bureau, it is really amazing, come on.”

“Thank you Uncle Bai.”

Sarah nodded.

Kong Yuehua was not so serious, and said with a smile: “Sarah’s ability lies there.”

Edith took the opportunity to say: “I also hope that my elder brother and sister-in-law can help me a little…”

Bai Wenwen has a lot of power, especially in the business field.

Bai Wenwen glanced at Levi, and said coldly: “We can help, but it seems nondescript! What do others think about the words?”

Everyone does not understand the suggestion. Bai Wenwen is suggesting that Sarah has become a daughter-in-law.

Kong Yuehua smiled and added: “However, our family style has always been very strict, we must not mess around, everything must be innocent.”

Kong Yuehua meant that Sarah could marry his son, but he had to break up with Levi.

Dale immediately said: “Understand, otherwise, you won’t be able to cultivate such an outstanding junior as Qiu Sheng!”

“Let’s go, it’s almost time, let’s go directly to the hotel!”

Bai Qiusheng smiled.

“Well, let’s go.”

Bai Zhengwen nodded with a serious face, showing a very big frame.


At this time, Levi’s voice suddenly sounded.

“What’s wrong? Are you okay?”

Everyone looked at him in unison.

Levi said to Sarah, “Sarah, I actually booked a birthday banquet in the restaurant. I’ll take you there!”

Hearing this, Edith said impatiently: “Huh, what about your birthday banquet? The Qiusheng was arranged at the Kempinski Hotel! A table of more than 100,000! What did you order?”

Bai Qiusheng smiled politely and said, “Mr. Garrison doesn’t need to go. If I don’t go to this table tonight, I will lose hundreds of thousands. I will give you your loss. A few thousand is enough. ?”

Bai Wenwen swept his stern gaze over, as if he was very dissatisfied with Levi.

Levi smiled: “My loss is greater than you!”

“Oh? Where did you book it? I booked the VIP 888 box of the Kempinski Hotel. The minimum standard is 120,000.”

Bai Qiusheng is very curious.

Others also looked at Levi.

“I booked the revolving restaurant in Case York Center!”

Levi approached.

“What? That place? You need to make an appointment one month in advance, not to mention the need to pay a deposit, and the market is priceless.”

Bai Qiusheng was stunned.

“Well, I have also heard of it. Most of the top rich and first-line celebrities go where to eat. A meal can cost hundreds of thousands, and hundreds of thousands are also common.”

Bai Wenwen said.

Bai Qiusheng asked uncertainly: “Where did you really book a table?”

“It’s not a table, I have taken the entire restaurant!”

Levi said lightly.


But as soon as the voice fell, everyone laughed.

Even the serious Bai Wenwen laughed, but it was full of mockery.

“What are you talking about? I didn’t hear clearly. You took the entire restaurant? Do you know what you need to do? Regardless of identity, money alone can cost millions a day? Are you coaxing me? “

Bai Qiusheng laughed out loud.

Edith and Dale kept their faces cold, Levi would be so embarrassed every time there were too many people.

It’s too annoying.

“You think it’s a lot of face, but in the eyes of others, you are just a clown.”

This time he didn’t even believe Sarah.

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